Your Guide For Cooking With Thyme

How to use Thyme |

Thyme is one of the most favored herbs in many different cooking styles. The flavor and smell of thyme enhances the cuisine it is used in, and gives dishes a delicacy that’s not easy to achieve with any other herb. However, it is essential that the herb be used in the proper way, and to the best …

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Make Your Own Curry Powder

Make Your Own Curry Powder |

The more I cook and fall in love with its creative process, the less I want to rely upon ready-made, store-bought ingredients. I no longer buy ready-to-use marinades or dressings, preferring to find out what is in them and put a mix together myself. Aside from the love of cooking and the curiosity to know …

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Easy Plant-Based Pasta Sauce Recipes

Pesto Pecan Kale Sauce |

Premade plant-based pasta sauces can be difficult to find, but cooking from scratch can be so time consuming! Well, look no further than these three delicious, quick, and easy recipes for healthy, vegan sauces to add to your favorite pasta dishes. A food processor will greatly assist in making these sauces, but a blender will …

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Using Your Breadmaker to Make Pizza

Make Pizza in Your Bread Machine |

A bread machine is one of the most convenient items in the home kitchen. But did you know that you use it to help you make pizza dough? Read about how to use this time saving device to do just that now!

Saving In The Kitchen

Foodal's guide to saving money in the kitchen with food stretchers and freezing tips. #foodal

We occasionally link to goods offered by vendors to help the reader find relevant products. Some of these may be affiliate based, meaning we earn small commissions (at no additional cost to you) if items are purchased. Here is more about what we do. To be honest, learning how to save money in the kitchen used …

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Make a Delicious German “Bowle” for Oktoberfest

Make a Delicious German “Bowle” for Octoberfest |

Do you love to serve homemade boozy punch at parties? Try a delicious German Bowle, for Oktoberfest or at any time of year, made with fresh seasonal fruit. From melon to cranberry, cherry cola to a spooky option for Halloween, we’ve got you covered with our roundup of the best recipes. Read more now.