Sweet, Sweet Sugar: 5 Myths & the Real Facts Explored

Sweet Sugar Myths and Facts | Foodal.com

Do you know the truth about added sugar and artificial sweeteners? Or have the food manufacturers fooled you into believing these 5 myths? Learn about the disguises sugar may take in your foods, and discover ways to change your diet today that just may help to improve your health tomorrow. Read more now.

Munchies Between Mealtimes: Should You Starve or Indulge?

An attractive lady is caught late at night with the refrigerator door open and eating food with a guilty look on her face. | Foodal.com

When it comes to eating in between mealtimes, is it better to snack or should you wait until your next big meal to eat, even if you’re hungry? In this article, we will explore how to know when it’s best to eat. We’ll also share a common method recommended by nutrition experts to help you decide whether to snack, or not to snack. Read more on Foodal.

The Truth About Food Dyes and Your Health

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Artificial food coloring has been added to processed food and drinks for decades. They’ve been banned in many countries outside the US, but the FDA still allows them in our food supply. Made from a variety of ingredients you’d never willingly consume, food dyes may be harmful to your health, potentially causing health-related issues like hyperactivity and cancer. Read more on Foodal.

10 Little-Known Facts About Tea

Little-Known Tea Facts | Foodal.com

Want to learn some interesting tidbits about tea? If so, read this and you’re sure to find out something that you didn’t know about your favorite drink. Herbal teas, green, oolong, and black- What’s the difference? Find out more on Foodal.

What YOU Should be Drinking for Your Health

What YOU Should be Drinking for Your Health - Tea and Coffee | Foodal.com

Coffee as well as tea are often overlooked when people think about nutritious liquid refreshments. This is mainly due to their caffeine content, along with commonly believed myths about them…

Ten Little-Known (and Interesting) Facts about Coffee

Ten Little-Known (and Interesting) Facts about Coffee | Foodal.com

Coffee is undoubtedly one of the most popular drinks in the world. However, there are some little known tidbits about this brew that not many people know. Read this article and find out the exact details of what goes into each tasty cup.

Fair Trade: An Overview

All About Fair Trade Coffee and Tea: An Overview | Foodal.com

Are you confused about what Fair Trade coffee and tea actually signifies? If so, give our guide a read and get the scoop on the Fair Trade movement.