What YOU Should be Drinking for Your Health

Increasingly, we are hearing about the dangers of soda for our health.

What YOU Should be Drinking for Your Health - Tea and Coffee | Foodal.com

Due to ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, phosphoric acid, and artificial coloring and flavors, soda consumption has been linked to diabetes and obesity.

In addition to the negative effects, it is absolutely devoid of any nutritional value. Because people like to consume flavorful drinks, it is important to have beverage options that not only taste good, but offer some nutritional benefits as well.

While drinking pure water is essential for health, people often want to substitute it with drinks that offer more of an experience.

Though fruit juice often comes to mind as a healthy beverage, it is often not as healthy as people think, due to the added sugar.

For this reason, healthier drink options are needed for adults who are looking for alternatives to water. So what else is there if you take out juices, frescas, and soda? The best options are coffee and tea.

Common Misconceptions About Coffee and Tea

Coffee and tea are often overlooked when people think about nutritious liquid refreshments. This is mainly due to their caffeine content along with commonly believed myths about them.

While caffeine has been shown to increase blood pressure or cause jitteriness, in moderate amounts it does not affect most people in that manner.

Caffeine actually has been demonstrated to increase stamina and intensity when working out, reduce headaches, and stimulate the brain and nervous system, which can improve concentration and make you more alert.

Another myth about coffee is that it raises the risk of cardiovascular disease, contributing to heart attacks and an irregular heartbeat.

However, not only has moderate consumption not been proven in studies to increase this risk, but according to some research, it has actually been shown to reduce the risk of stroke.

Addiction to caffeine is another misconception related to coffee and tea consumption. People are concerned that this addiction can be detrimental to health.

However, recent scientific research using brain scans has shown that moderate caffeine consumers are not physically dependent. The appearance of addiction is most likely due to the routine of drinking coffee or tea daily, for the enjoyment of the aroma and taste.

Health Benefits of Coffee and Tea

Though there are misconceptions that come to mind when people think about the dangers of coffee or tea, there are actually many health benefits.

In addition to the pleasant aromas, mouth-watering flavors, and the overall satisfying experience that a warm cup of coffee or tea gives you, there are several excellent health-related reasons why you should add these drinks to your daily routine.

Coffee and tea both contain polyphenols, which are antioxidants. These antioxidants are powerful free radical fighters, meaning they may help to protect us from damage that free radicals can cause in the body.

Smoking, pollution, and UV light contribute to oxidative stress that wreaks havoc on our cells, but this damage can be minimized by consuming antioxidants.

Antioxidants have been shown to protect against heart disease and cancer. Surprisingly, coffee contains more antioxidants than some fruits and vegetables.

Though caffeine has a bad rap, as mentioned above, it can actually be beneficial. Caffeine intake stimulates the release of dopamine, which gives us a feeling of pleasure.

It also contributes to problem solving and increased alertness. One study showed that it boosted brain power for about 45 minutes.

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, otherwise known as NAFLD, is found in seventy percent of people who are diabetic and obese. Coffee and tea have been found to reduce fatty liver when four cups are consumed daily.

Enjoy Coffee and Tea Daily

Next time you’re reaching for a drink and you want something that offers great flavor in addition to contributing to your well-being, reach for a cup of coffee or tea.

When combined with a healthy diet and frequent water intake, coffee and tea are not only enjoyable, but healthy as well. Two to four cups daily are considered moderate and safe for most people, so go ahead and reach for a cup now!

About Tiffany Boutwell

Tiffany Boutwell is a Certified Nutritional Consultant, Holistic Health Practitioner, and owner of Natural Apple Holistic Health. Tiffany believes chronic illness stems from improper nutrition, and that a diet rich in whole foods can help people to be free from the undesirable effects of the Standard American Diet. She resides on a farm in Kentucky with her family where she enjoys reading, yoga, and writing. Tiffany has authored an e-cookbook and health articles in various publications.

37 thoughts on “What YOU Should be Drinking for Your Health”

  1. For me, whenever I drink tea, I get this immediate soothing feeling, that makes me know it is doing something good. This is opposed to soda, that actually hurts going down. I drink regular and herb teas and they are full of good nutrients. They relax me and energize me at the same time.

    I also drnk alternative coffee from chicory, which is quite tasty with milk and sweetner.

  2. I’ve always enjoyed both tea and coffee. I’ll drink 2-3 cups before 4 pm and switch over to tea for the later part of the day. It’s refreshing to read an article which claims coffee isn’t the devil reincarnate!

  3. “[P]eople often want substitute drinks that offer more of an experience.” This is totally me! I love water and think it’s wonderful and refreshing, but I tend to drink soda because it’s an “experience” to me. I often have a drink at my workplace, sitting on my desk, to allow me to escape for a few moments. I’m trying to get away from soda, and get into coffee. It’s a taste to be acquired, for sure!

  4. I must admit that I drink soda knowing that it is bad for my health. I think that if I start getting into the habit of drinking something healthier, like tea, then I won’t resort to drinking soda as often. Drinking water is a must because that is what my body needs. Though sometimes drinking plain water gets to be a bit bland.

  5. The articles here on Foodal have definitely given me a new outlook on coffee. It is exactly these myths mentioned in here that have stopped me from drinking it more often; this is very interesting knowledge, and I’ve certainly never though about starting the day with some joe as a health drink! Tea, on the other hand, is something that I can enjoy often and feel good about having. I like to have a cup in the mid-afternoon, and I find that it really helps to rejuvenate me and keep me running for the rest of the day. On the other hand, having it in the evening makes me feel more relaxed, and is a great way to unwind. I’m not sure if the same is true for both drinks, but I have heard that indulging in herbal teas is good for weight loss, as well.

  6. Tea is my lifeblood, both regular and herbal. I pretty much drink it morning, noon and night (although I do switch to herbal in the evenings) so I always love to hear about its health benefits. Reminds me of that quote, “A cup of tea is like having a bath on the inside.”

  7. I’m trying really hard not to drink soda; the only times I drink it is if we’re out on a road trip and we can’t stop by anywhere “fancy” to eat that doesn’t serve the sugary water. My go-to drink is definitely tea or water, or sometimes my probiotic juice that’s low in sugar. Growing up in an Asian family, I drank tea all the time so I can drink the leafy goodness like there’s no tomorrow; however, my husband isn’t too keen on it. So I think as a result he goes more for the nasty stuff like Redbull or Coke before he tea. He even picks these over water!

    I’m trying to convince him to change his diet though, but having no luck so far. Any idea or suggestions?

  8. I love coffee, but unfortunately can’t drink it as it upsets my stomach. However, I drink tea daily. My favorite is green tea. It’s so soothing, I get a little caffeine and it makes me feel like I am doing something good for my body with all those antioxidants! As bad as coke is for you, I do enjoy one occasionally. I used to drink them much more, but cut back to save on the calories. I never had a problem staying thin before having my baby, now I’ll save any calorie I can! Now, I just have coca-cola as a treat when we dine out.

  9. I find my routine ( coffee in the morning and tea before I go to bed) very comforting. So far, after my last executive check-up, everything is all clear! and I have been doing this routine for more than 10 years!
    I’ve heard all about these misconceptions from my mom. But I begged to differ.

  10. My problem is I don’t like the taste so I add sugar and end up on a jittery sugar high. Also I am concerned about staining my teeth. Any alternative ways to make it taste good? And anyway to avoid the stains?

  11. I understand water is essential to the body, but I do admit I’m one of the ones who needs some type of flavor. I’ll add sugar to water, or if there is nothing sweet in the house I’ll make coffee and add tons of sugar to it. I have a problem I know. I’m currently 8 months pregnant; so I’m miserable right now because they advise you not to indulge. Thanks to you I now have science to back me up in why I need it. I thought this post was very insightful. Maybe you can make a post regarding kicking sugar habits? Lol.

  12. Yeah, people need to pay attention to what they put in their body. Dumping soda into themselves is like liquid garbage. Tea and water is it for me. Sometimes juice, fresh made and smoothies. Not into caffeine and don’t even consider de-caffeinated products. I don’t believe that actually can be done, I think there are still traces of it in there. Now that’s just my opinion. I’m so sensitive to it I just prefer to skip all of that.
    White sugar is like a drug. Sugar in products, listed “sugar”, this is one of the most addictive things that they ever made. You don’t want to consume it. Honey, molasses, or maybe agave is better. A lot of people sweeten things with fruit. Sometimes I use dates or oranges. You can blend up some oranges or juice them fresh. Use this to sweeten things. Honey you want to make sure that it is real raw honey. It will turn cloudy towards the end of the jar. The ones that stay clear down to the bottom. You have to wonder what keeps it that way.

  13. Coffee contains more antioxidants than fruits or vegetables? Get out of here! Seriously? That is good to know. I typically drink one to two cups about 4 to 5 days a week. However, I don’t like it without some type of flavor and/or sugar. I’ve tried them all.
    Right now I’ve resorted back to 1 tbs of sugar and 3 tbs of half & half per about 12 oz. Is that bad?

    That’s really about all the sugar I get. I avoid most candies and sweets except on occasions, and I eat healthy overall. I’ve often wondered about that 1 tbs of sugar a day since I stills struggle to lose weight.

    And wow! It increases brain power for about 45 minutes? I’m going to start drinking a cup before my next karate belt test. At age 50 trying to remember all these katas is just crazy for me. I need focus! Focus, focus, focus!

    I’m going to get another cup. Have a great day!

  14. I can’t go a day without drinking tea or coffee; I feel more focused and ready for what the day has in store. I noticed, I am able to make better decisions when I drink them; now I know why. At first, I thought I had a caffeine addiction because if I didn’t drink either, I would feel nauseous and not as focused. I can’t tell you how relieved I am after reading this, that certainly isn’t the case. Also, the added benefits of drinking coffee and tea is definitely a bonus. Regardless of the extras, I don’t think I would be able to give up either if they were, as unhealthy as soda. With that said, I can happily continue my daily routine of tea and coffee with peace of mind, knowing that drinking them would give me a beneficial sense of comfort in my world of chaos.

  15. Okay, I was initially attracted to this post because I wanted to justify my coffee intake. The information presented here, however, really applies to moderate use, which doesn’t include me. I am not a moderate coffee drinker. I live and breathe the stuff. Still, some interesting health facts about coffee I didn’t know, and a few I did (the back up is nice). Regardless of health benefits or not, though, I enjoy my coffee. I partake in the whole bean variety, very dark roasts, and will continue to do so. I’m a coffee drinker from the time I wake up to just before I go to bed. Great article. Really enjoying the site.

  16. This is article is an informative way of justifying my addiction- just kidding! It’s nice to see that coffee gets a mention as an antioxidant source, usually we only seem to hear of green tea. I usually consume 1-2 cups of either per day. I personally prefer the taste of coffee to green tea, but I enjoy the sustained energy from green tea more.

  17. I mostly drink coffee for the taste. It is not something I have to have everyday to start the day. As for tea, I will be on the hunt to find the flavors I like. I usually have the powered iced tea from the store. Although I sometimes buy the kind that comes in bags and you have to boil water to brew.

  18. Thank you for informing us about the benefits of coffee and tea! It is very important that we get the very best for our body, as well as finding drinks that taste good. A good way is through tea and coffee. Very informative and well done article!

  19. Oh thank goodness, I love my morning coffee. I’d drink it more often if not for the caffeine. Fortunately, I also like it black with no sugar (long story), so there are no extra calorie concerns. Tea has kind of a negative association for me because I only seem to crave it when I’m sick. Well, except for licorice root tea, I could drink that stuff all day long.

  20. Has anyone tried the “weight-loss teas”? Do they work? Are they not just a variation of green tea?
    There are so many scams advertised as legitimate it’s hard to know who or what to trust.
    I swear by tea for all kinds of ailments, especially sore throats, tummy ache, headache, nausea, even insomnia!
    I love trying new tea products and combinations, is there anything more sociable than a pot of tea?

  21. I try to only drink things that have been around for a long time.
    Things like water, coffee, tea, beer or wine (of course taking it easy on the beer and wine.)
    If you put a lot of milk.sugar in your coffee, try better coffee!
    I find I can drink it black which is really healthy if It’s of decent quality.

  22. I am an addict of coffee though i hear rumors that it is not good for one’s health. However, this article has made me view coffee in a different angle so i’ll continue taking it.

  23. Man, I love a post that tells me to drink coffee! There’s nothing better than that first cup. I wonder, since this is for “moderate” consumption, do heavy drinkers lose these benefits?

  24. I prefer tea. I find that coffee usually had too much caffeine and makes me jittery. I’m also trying to cut down on sugar and fat, and I really can’t stand the taste unless I drink it with cream and sugar.

  25. Caffeine is found in coffee and we all know that it is an addictive substance. I guess that is why most people prefer coffee to tea.

  26. I hardly ever drink coffee or caffeinated tea, because I have caffeine intolerance, so I stick to herbal tea. Still, I haven’t drank soda on a regular basis since I was a kid, and now I stick to clear sodas such as Sprite, and then only when I’m sick. This is a nice informative article, I love how you cite juice as a drink that can be unhealthy, because not many people know it. Juice often also has added preservatives, and high fructose corn syrup as well. If I drink juice, I stick to the ones with no added sugar and no high fructose corn syrup, just taking soda and juice out of my diet has helped me immensely.

  27. Yay! More good news about both of my favorite beverages. I think I will go get a cup, thank you very much.

    I have been considering switching to green tea, because it seems to offer even more benefits than other varieties. I also enjoy the taste of it, so I think I’ll give it a try.

    I knew coffee had to be good for us. That and chocolate, which also gets a bad rap. Stuff that good just couldn’t be bad, right?

  28. Oh yes..soothing and relaxing are the adjectives that come to mind. I am a coffee/tea drinker and very proud to be. My husband and I both love a good cup and experimenting with different flavors. However, our staple brand is simple old Folgers. We drink a pot daily, and recently I began experimenting with different flavored teas, and peppermint tea really caught my attention. I usually go for green tea and coconut sugar, which is heaven….but peppermint is my new favorite. It is so soothing and refreshing, and next time I will try some almond milk mixed in with it.

  29. I loved this article, it makes me feel so much better about my coffee intake. Just joking, but I do love my brew. Herbal tea and honey are a must for studying nights.

  30. Hi Tiffany! Thank you for validating my drinking habits. I don’t normally drink tea every day, but I do have it a few times a week. Now when it comes to coffee, that I drink every day. I usually drink a half-coffee, half-milk cup of coffee every morning. I don’t know, but when I drink coffee in the mornings I feel like my day is off to a good start, and that warm feeling makes me happy. Sometimes I’ll drink a small little cup of coffee in the afternoons if I’m feeling a little drowsy and it helps me get through the rest of my shift. I felt kind of guilty before, because caffeine is always condemned as bad and addictive, but now I feel so much better. Thanks again.

  31. I have to say that even though it may not be unhealthy per se, I really need to cut down my coffee consumption… I do drink it, but I really want to cut it to a cup a day. I’d been doing well with that but then slipped. 🙁

    Now when it comes to tea, I’ve been drinking green tea, but not as often as I should… I know about the antioxidant benefits so I try to keep it in mind…. just don’t enjoy the actual flavor very much. 🙂

  32. I don’t drink Soda nor do I drink Coffee. I am into Tea and I love it. I feel this bulkiness when I drink Coffee or Soda, but never with Tea. Tea for me is a mysterious mind blowing drink that brings me back to life from all of the stress that I get into. I don’t prefer Coffee as it causes problems with my Stomach. And being here in India in a place where both Coffee and Tea are grown, it is hard to complain on both of these drinks. Good knowledgeable article.

  33. I am a very loyal coffee drinker. My morning normally consists of at least two cups a day. Reading this really makes me want to think about drinking tea a little more though. I knew it had health benefits, but I had never looked into it in detail.

  34. I only recently learned that fruit juice is not as healthy as I thought it was. I stopped drinking soda years ago, and I fooled myself into thinking that fruit juice was a much healthier alternative. These days, I try to stick to small portions of anything that isn’t water.

  35. I must admit that the health benefits of both coffee and tea are pretty awesome. It’s a shame I don’t drink none of them. Coffee is something I’d still be open to trying with a few adjustments; extra sugar, vanilla sweetener, COLD… but tea, I can’t drink it to save my life. I’ve tried lemon and green tea varieties and I despise both of them. Wish I could find a way to make my taste buds find it enjoyable.

  36. I was aware of several of the health benefits of coffee and tea – antioxidants, stimulating, good before exercise – but I always enjoy reading more about how good foods I like are for me, hehe.

    I’m very curious about what health benefits infusions might have – if any besides hydration. Ranging from peppermint and other herbs to dry fruit infusions, there isn’t a whole lot of well known information about their actual nutrition values. Sure, many herb infusions/tisanes claim to work as remedies and some do in fact work in soothing the stomach, helping you sleep, etc. But what I’m curious about is their actual nutrition. Do fruit infusions carry any vitamins? Antioxidants? Anything that actually improves the water they’re in besides the taste?

    I’d really love to read your thoughts on this!

  37. I think that most of us have heard how bad and “addictive” they were, but at the end of the day, and in my opinion it’s more like a psychological addiction I guess, is nothing that physical. And it actually makes sense, how many people years and years ago used to drink coffee/tea in order to get benefits from it? I’m pretty sure that it was a lot of people, but at the end of the day as almost everything in life we need to control ourselves, not because something has benefits (such as alcohol on small amounts) it means that the only thing that you’re going to drink is that substance.


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