What YOU Should be Drinking for Your Health

What YOU Should be Drinking for Your Health - Tea and Coffee | Foodal.com

Coffee as well as tea are often overlooked when people think about nutritious liquid refreshments. This is mainly due to their caffeine content, along with commonly believed myths about them…

True and False Claims About Coffee and Your Health

True And False Claims About Coffee And Your Health | Foodal.com

Reduce your coffee intake. Coffee is good for you! Drink less. Drink more. The advice given by major print and online publications regarding your health is often contradictory! We’ve studied numerous scientific journals and found out what the real story. Read more now.

Decaf Coffee – Helping You Stay Healthy

Decaf Coffee and your Health | Foodal.com

Have you ever considered the health benefits of decaffeinated coffee? It actually has many beneficial compounds and substances that are great for your body. Read more about how these different chemical elements contained within the beverage can improve your well-being.

Ten Little-Known (and Interesting) Facts about Coffee

Ten Little-Known (and Interesting) Facts about Coffee | Foodal.com

Coffee is undoubtedly one of the most popular drinks in the world. However, there are some little known tidbits about this brew that not many people know. Read this article and find out the exact details of what goes into each tasty cup.

The Health Benefits of Coffee

healthy coffee | Foodal.com

Have you heard that coffee is bad for your health? Recent evidence shows that people should drink more coffee, and that it’s good for you. Read more now.