Spiced Eggnog Cheesecake: The Perfect Boozy Holiday Dessert!

Spiced Eggnog Cheesecake | Foodal.com

Love eggnog for the holidays? Make our boozy spiced cheesecake inspired by the drink. It’s creamy, rich, and has a big splash of spirits. Served with whipped cream and caramel sauce, this decadent dessert will secure your spot on Santa’s naughty list. Enjoy some sweet, sinful indulgence this winter, and get the recipe on Foodal now!

Want A Healthy Heart? Eat Smart!

Healthy Heart and Eating Smart | Foodal.com

Heart disease is ranked as the number one killer around the world – and it’s actually our own choices that keep it at the top of the list. Want to learn a few simple, preventative strategies to boost your health? Join us as we explore how eating smart can keep your heart beating strong for a long, healthy life! Read more.

9 Festive Foods for a Prosperous New Year

Perfect Dinner Ideas for New Years | Foodal.com

Are you looking for a festive way to ring in the New Year? Why not invite fortune to smile upon you with 9 traditional good luck foods from around the globe? Let the experts at Foodal tell you what to put on your menu, to celebrate in style with high hopes for success and happiness in the coming days!

23 Homemade Holiday Candy Recipes That You Have to Try!

23 Homemade Holiday Candy Recipes That You Have to Try! | Foodal.com

Looking for a nice gift for the neighbors, a fun activity to do with the kids, or something scrumptious to share alongside all the cookies at your office Christmas party? From truffles to toffee and everything in between, we’ve got your holiday candy making needs covered! Check out 23 of our favorite recipes now on Foodal.