Make Healthy Vegetable Noodles With A Spiralizer

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If you haven’t heard of this tool, don’t fret, as they’re a fairly new cooking gadget that has really shown an increase in popularity recently.

Choosing the Best Spiralizer For Your Kitchen |

I think the paleo diet, which promotes a grain-free lifestyle – the latest diet trend – has really helped this tool to take off, as it’s perfect for creating a vegetable option to replace grain-based noodles. Let’s just say, I’m on board!

Looking to cut some carbs and eliminate pasta? If so, you really need a spiralizer turn ordinary vegetables into a tasty and healthy noodles. Read Foodal’s guide to learn how.

What is a Spiralizer?

It’s a kitchen tool that easily makes noodles out of vegetables. Some models make vegetable ribbons and curls too, in addition to the noodles. One really great thing about these tools is that they’re very affordable, with the average price right around twenty dollars.

The Top Rated Spiral Vegetable Cutters For Your Kitchen|

This is a gadget for home cooks and chefs alike. It’s also a great way to sneak extra vegetables into your diet, and the diets of those picky eaters in your life. And I have to say, they are pretty fun to use!

Best Vegetables to Spiralize

  • Broccoli Stalks
  • Carrots
  • Cucumbers
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Radishes
  • Regular Potatoes
  • Zucchini

There are a lot of other produce items you can use with this tool (like plantains!). However, I have found the ones listed above work best. Check out my Easy-to-Make Spiralized Spring Salad for an example of this device in use.

The Top 5 Best Selling Spiralizers

Foodal's top rate/best in class badge1. Paderno World Cuisine

This one had to make the list, as it’s the spiralizer I own. It’s white and has a very simple design. This one is also made of plastic, but before you worry about how it will hold up, I have to say the plastic is very durable.

Paderno World Cuisine Tri-Blade Plastic Spiral Vegetable Slicer |

Ours has made it through multiple moves. It has been used constantly over the past 3 years, and is still going strong.

Paderno World Cuisine A4982799 Tri-Blade Plastic Spiral Vegetable Slicer

Key Features:

  • Includes 3 sets of blades: 1/8-inch spacing, 1/4-inch spacing, and 1 straight blade for ribbon cuts
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • BPA free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to use
  • Priced affordably

This tool is a little hard to store, as it’s a funky shape. However, the blades fit nicely under the tool (it comes with built-in shelves). Other than that, you have to get creative. We store ours on top of our refrigerator, but it could easily go in a cabinet if you have some decent space in there.

Bottom line – It’s an Amazon bestseller, and has the most positive reviews out of all of the versions sold. There is a reason for that – it’s good.

Always innovating, Paderno World Cuisine recently came out with a new model: The Paderno World Cuisine Spiralizer Pro, 4-Blade.

The Paderno World Cuisine Spiralizer Pro, 4-Blade

Things you should know about the Pro Version:

  • The Angel Hair Blade: The new model looks very similar to the 3-blade. However, I noticed a few new additions to this model. There is one extra blade, for “angel hair pasta.” I really love this style of pasta, and it’s perfect for pairing with thick sauces or for making a great Asian salad.
  • It’s Compact: Paderno redesigned its product for easier storage. It now comes with a folding body, so it can fit more easily into cabinets.
  • Covered Blades: I didn’t mention this before, but the 3-blade option does not include a cover for the extra blades. They’re just placed underneath the tool, and sometimes they get food on them when the spiralizer is in use. Sometimes this means I have to wash the extra blades, even though I didn’t use them. It’s not a big deal for me, but it’s nice to know that this product has a cover to keep the unused blades nice and clean – no additional clean up!
  • Higher Price Point: This model is quite a bit more expensive than the 3-blade.

It’s nice to see Paderno took all of the little things that I’m sure people complained about and fixed them with the new model. If you want the perfect spiralizer, and don’t mind spending a little extra money, I would recommend the 4-blade option. That being said, I’m perfectly happy with the 3-Blade.

2. iPerfect Kitchen Envy

This is also an Amazon bestseller, and a lot more compact than the first option.

iPerfect Kitchen Envy Spiral Slicer Bundle

Users seem to really love how easy this tool is to use. One reviewer stated:

“I feel like my kitchen has been transformed into a great Asian diner. This little gadget lets me create beautiful dishes, not the same old boring things.”

I can totally relate to this, as these tools are great products for those trying to eat healthier. Over and over again, users reported using this to transform not only their kitchen, but their health as well.

Key Features:

  • Easy to Use (just like you would use a pencil sharpener)
  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Easy to Store
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Low Price Point
  • Includes Helpful e-books (recipes, cleaning instructions and more)

This tool seems like a great bargain, and it’s simple and easy to use. I will admit, I had to watch a video to figure out how to use it, but once I did the pencil sharpener method totally made sense. I was a little concerned that the tool wasn’t producing good noodles as they looked a little watery, but after you get it going, the noodles turn out perfect. Read more on Amazon.

3. Veggetti

Another Amazon bestseller, and it’s an As Seen on TV product. My brother in-law has the Veggetti, and it was a bit hit when it made an appearance during the holidays!

Veggetti Spiral Vegetable Slicer available on Amazon

Not only does it have a cool name going for it, it’s so small, making it perfect for bringing to dinner parties and wowing your guests.

The Inexpensive Veggetti Spiral Vegetable Slicer |

Key Features:

  • Fits any Budget
  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Handheld
  • Small & Easy to Store

A few users did say that it broke after a few uses, and I was concerned about that as I haven’t had much luck with As Seen on TV products. As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for,” and at such a low price point I wouldn’t expect it to last forever. That being said, it is a top seller and most people really love this tool.

4. Premium V Slicer

This bestseller is a little more deluxe, as it comes with a few extra “goodies,” if you will. These include a storage bag, cleaning brush, and a book full of creative family-friendly recipes.

Premium Vegetable Spiralizer Complete Bundle

One potential customer asked if someone could explain how this tool works, and at first glance, that question ran through my head as well. One user replied:

“Just stick the food in and turn, stainless steel blades spiral cut as you turn, just like sharpening a pencil except bigger.”

Simple enough!

Key Features:

  • Very Affordable
  • Dishwasher Safe (but you’ll need to use the cleaning brush, which is included)
  • Makes Noodles and Julienne Spirals
  • Handheld
  • Easy to Store

Users seem to really love this tool, and I suppose that’s why it’s a best seller on Amazon. Users also report great customer service from the company, which I always like to hear.

5. Kitchen Active

This tool was recommended by Dr. Oz, and was named “Best New Product” by Gourmet Retailer Magazine. The cost is also very low.

Kitchen Active Spiralizer Spiral Slicer

This would be a good option if you’re not sure how much you’ll actually use it.

Key Features:

  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Cleaning Brush Included
  • Small & Easy to Store

One thing this product has going for it is that it creates less food waste while processing your fruits and vegetables. In some of these tools, the ends or middles of certain vegetables go to waste. I have never dwelled on that, as I usually just eat the leftover pieces. But if that’s a concern for you, then this would be a good option.

Now It’s Your Turn

I hope this list helps you find the perfect spiralizer. I really want you to experience the joy of making Zoodles (zucchini noodles) because, like I’ve said before, if you’re going to spend time in the kitchen, you might as well have a little fun while you’re at it!

Leave a comment and let me know which product you go with. Happy cooking!

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Sarah is a health food advocate and loves to spend her time whipping up something healthy and delicious in the kitchen and then sharing either on Foodal or on her own blog "The Seasonal Diet" ( She lives in Sunny San Diego with her husband, where they enjoy running on the beach and weekend adventures.

39 thoughts on “Make Healthy Vegetable Noodles With A Spiralizer”

  1. Okay, I’m going to need one of these. I was really sold when I saw the angel hair attachment. Yes, please!

    This would make some really pretty salad fixin’s too, and I’m also picturing freshly made curly fries. So many things to do with this, I’m just going to have to have one.

    I think it would make a nice gift too. My oldest is all about the vegetables. She’s going to need one as well.

  2. I’ve seen beautiful dishes that have spiral noodles on the Food Network and I always gush over them! I just assumed that to make them it would take a rally complicated tool that had a ton of parts to clean! i’m happy to learn this isn’t the case 😀

    My son has asked me to start making more vegetarian dishes, as he wanted to try and cut meal out of his diet this summer and this is a great way to make some fun stuff that looks high class.

    I’m pinning this to my “Need to Buy” board. LOVE!

  3. I’ve always wanted to try zucchini noodles and wondered how to go about it without spending half my day in the kitchen. Looks like I need a spiralizer as well. That 4-blade Paderno is slightly out of my budget, but that angel hair attachment… I could see myself making all sorts of veggie noodles with one of these. Thanks for the great resource!

  4. I have never seen a gadget like this before. It reminds me of a pasta noodle maker which is usually more complicated. I love the hand-held gadgets. I will certainly look into this so that I can acquire one of these. It will make my life a whole lot simpler and I can use it for pickling vegetables. No more chopping, I can use one of these to cut and shape whatever food I need right into a bowl or pan.Thanks for this information.

  5. Ah yes Miss curly fries! I never knew about this device in that pencil sharpener form, it looks terrific. That is certainly my next little purchase I am already thinking of the fun things I can make with it. Probably just going to start noodling every vegetable I get my hands on and figuring out a way to serve it.

  6. I was at a show and I heard about them and never really understood why it would be useful. Now I know! I prefer the handheld ones because I may not use it as much as the ones with blades look a bit too much trouble to clean and a bit scary.

    Space is an issue for me, so the smaller ones are a good choice for me to start with.

    • Yep, space for storing all the great cooking gadgets is always an issue for me too. I’ll have to make some room for this little guy though.

      Those are some great ideas you have there, Joan. I would definitely do some pickled veggies with this. I hadn’t thought of that. I was thinking salads, but yeah, this would make some beautiful sandwiches as well. I can picture pretty open-faced sandwiches for a luncheon or tea.

  7. I own the Kitchen Basics tri-blade spiral slicer & I love the thing. I especially love to pickle veggies that way. It’s an adorable addition to any sandwich. I’ll tell you the one thing that’s tough with this thing though: Cleaning. It takes a great deal of patience & a chunk of time to clean & directly dry lest rusting occur.

  8. I really like this concept, and think I’d get some use out of a spiralizer. I definitely can’t afford a high end one right now, but I think it would be good to start off with a lower cost one anyway, to see how much use I’d actually get, and if I use it a lot, I can upgrade later. I love the idea of curly fries, and had no idea how to make the spiral cuts, so that will probably be my first project once I get one.

  9. I think this would be a great way to liven up veggies to make them more appealing for kids (or adults who don’t like veggies!). There are really a lot of possibilities with this and I love how unique it looks. The picture is really pretty too!

  10. At first I thought “What in the world is a spiralizer?” Then as I read the article, I realized I own one myself lol. I have used the Vaggetti several times for veggie pasta. But I did not know that it was useful outside of making pasta. Awesome article! It opened my eyes to the possibilities lol.

  11. Is this how mother nature makes spaghetti squash? 🙂 Clean up is always in the back of mind so I would definitely go with the pencil sharpener type. It also looks like a really good way to get kids involved in cooking, and to eat their vegetables. There sure are a lot to choose from! Thanks for vetting them for us!

  12. Wow, noodles made out vegetables! Now that is one idea that is going to take some getting used to!

    These appliances sure look like spiralizing (is that the word?) noodles out veggies would be a fun activity but I wonder since each vegetable has its own distinctive taste, will it be compatible with standard recipes that one usually use or would we have to learn different recipes for each vegetable that the noodle is made out of?

  13. I was hoping that you would bring up the Vegetti; that’s the one that I have at home. It has definitely become a staple in my kitchen since trying to cut out carbs at dinner time. Being Italian, it has been a struggle to find a way to get away from pasta. I do love my spiralizer, but it does have its limitations since the mechanism that secures the vegetable is a little short, which means there’s danger of cutting myself (which has happened a few times more than I’d like to admit!). I’ve only used zucchinis and carrots for this reason. Now that I know there are more advanced options like the Paderno World Couisine, I’d be eager to buy it to try spiraled radishes as well as some of the others on the list. One question for you, have you tried spiraling parsnips? I’m a huge fan of the ugly veggie, but it’s not as thick as some carrots, so I am wondering how it would turn out or if it would be worth it?

  14. Haha, vegetable noodles! That’s the first time I see it and it’s actually a pretty neat idea. I should get a spiralizer for my kitchen, I think I’ll probably have a lot of fun with it. Spiralized (?) vegetables could be pretty useful for decorating your food.

  15. What a great idea! I love it! I’m actually going to go out and buy one of these now. We have been buying pre-packaged vegetable noodles at the grocery store but I think this would be much better. The ones we buy still have some refined carbs and flour.

  16. I have the first spiralizer you listed and absolutely love it! I make zoodles all the time with it, and was surprised that I really enjoy them, normally I hate zucchini. This post gave me some ideas for other vegetables to try though, all I’ve really used mine for are potatoes and zucchini. What’s the best use for the flatter, bigger spirals though? That’s the only blade I haven’t used yet because I can’t find a reason for them to be so flat and big.

  17. Now I am incredibly motivated to buy myself a spiralizer. Last winter I discovered spaghetti squash, and I am not even on a paleo diet, it was just such an intriguing idea to me. I loved the spaghetti squash, and now am excited to see where a spiralizer will take me! I will probably end up buying the Paderno. I am a stickler for quality over quantity.

  18. I have the veggiti and I LOVE it. I make zucchini pasta pretty often in it and I feel like it works great. I had previous bought one off amazon and the blade broke off the second time I used it. I don’t remember the name of the product but I emailed customer service and they refunded my money. I find that sometimes the zucchinis are too big for the Veggiti. The ones from my garden always get so big that I can’t use them. However, the ones in the store are prefect in size. I definitely would say this is one of my top favorite kitchen ‘gadgets’.

  19. I just bought the original Zoodle Slicer, but have not tried it yet. I am very excited to try it next time I make spaghetti. I have celiac disease, so I follow a strict gluten free diet and I really don’t care for gluten free pasta. I am excited to use this tool to make zucchini noodles for my spaghetti sauce!

  20. That first spiralizer looks like the one I would consider first. I like the variety of cuts you can get from it. I am just unsure of how often I would actually use it. I don’t really have any recipes that call for spiralized vegetables and when I tried swapping spaghetti squash for pasta I was not impressed at all. I think I will need to gather more recipes using spiralized vegetables before I commit kitchen space and money to a new tool. This article will make a good future reference for when I do though.

    • I’m not a fan of zucchini noodles with speghetti sauce BUT I do love to make a quick stir fry with spiralized zucchini (green and yellow), carrot, beets etc. It cooks up so fast with a splash of soya sauce, salt and pepper. It really makes for a fast meal of veggies

  21. In this century, a spiralizer is one of the most important kitchen machines ever household should have. I use the spiralizer regularly most so with carrots. This is because my son can’t take veges without having to mix them with other staff.

  22. My spiralizer helpful hint: core your cucumber before spiralizing, or find a really thick cucumber, halve, remove soft seed/core area, then spiralize as normal. Specifically the spiralized cucumber tastes much better if you remove the core.

  23. I have the veggiti spiral slicer which I love! In the summer time I grow a lot of zucchini. I used to think there were only so many ways you can cook zucchini until I bought this. I love shredding it like spaghetti and putting grilled chicken and pesto sauce in it. It makes a great dinner and still tastes fresh for leftovers the next day.

  24. I’ve been wanting to try one of these devices out for a while now! My kids are picky eaters (aren’t they all?) and this seems like a great way to sneak some veggies into their meals. I’d heard of doing this with Zucchini for pasta, but never considered something like Broccoli Stalks.

    KimmyMarkks- Your spaghetti, grilled chicken, and pesto sauce dish sounds delicious! I’m definitely going to give that a try!

  25. My mom had bought the veggetti after we saw a similar product on The Kitchen on the Food Network. We were so amazed she went out and bought it the next day! I would have to say it works pretty well, although you really need to be careful of the razors on the side. It’s so easy to replace pasta with these tools and you really don’t realize what you’re missing. We tried it out right away with a zucchini and it was really fantastic. I highly recommend investing in one, especially if you’re trying to incorporate more vegetables into your diet.

  26. I’ve heard of making spaghetti from spaghetti squash but when I saw one of these bad boys in the supermarket I knew it was something I would want to try one day! I’ve always been a fan of finding healthier options for my family but I wasn’t aware there were so many options. It’s bizarre how many versions of kitchen tools there are now! Personally, I think something small like the Veggetti would be good to start off. Then I can see how the hubs reacts to eating zucchini pasta before investing in a more expensive product.

  27. I have seen these vegetable noodles before and would love to try some recipes with them, but I thought it was so much work slicing these thin strips with a knife 🙂 I had no idea there was a piece of equipment that could do it for you, so easy and quick. This looks like a nice gadget in the kitchen and I know I would love zoodles!

  28. I want one of these so bad! It’s at the top of my kitchen wishlist. I’ve been working really hard to cook healthy and lose weight, but cooking dinner is hard sometimes because my boyfriend always requests meals that don’t fit into my diet plan. Pasta is the main thing he asks for, and while I can usually substitute the pasta on my own dish with roasted zucchini, it doesn’t always work. Something like this would be the perfect compromise!

    • Same here. My family loves spaghetti and lasagna and stuff. I do usually try to substitute veggies for pasta on my plate, but it would be so much nicer with some zucchini noodles.

      Veggies have far fewer carbs than pasta, so it’s perfect for me. I still haven’t picked up one of these yet though, but I need to.

      I know I will be enjoying lots of fresh vegetables this summer. People always seem to have extra that they want to share with me, which I love. I just need to be ready for it!

  29. This was a great list of products. My preference would be the handheld varieties simply because I’m limited on my storage space, so I like the compactness of the handheld ones and the price isn’t bad either.

  30. I saw one of these gadgets advertised on TV and did a search for it on Foodal to see if you’d reviewed it – so this is great to see! I am going to pick one up as I love pasta but have to ration it as I could definitely be tempted to eat it at least three times a week, not great for someone who is trying to drop a few lbs for the summer holidays. A work colleague recently bought one and she raves about it – her latest creation is courgettie spaghetti!

  31. I have a Pampered Chef tool that looks hauntingly familiar to the attachment for the Kitchen Aid mixer. It is intended for peeling/cutting apples.
    Does anybody have any experience with using this tool for spiralizing

  32. I need a spiralizer in my life! Not only does it make vegetables cut to perfection but it does save up a lot of time for you as well, such a useful tool! I’m amazed by how many things you can do with it.

  33. I’d heard about these, but I always wondered about how well they worked. This review is great, because now I know which brands to look for. I was also glad to see the cost on some of these models, because I always thought they were really expensive. Personally, I can think of a lot of great uses for vegetable noodles, like a veggie spaghetti or lo mein, to say nothing of how fun it would be to create a decorative dish with these. I might just go out and buy a spiralizer today. Thanks for posting this!


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