How to Pick the Best Kitchen Whisk: Our Top 9 Choices

Horizontal image of making a thin batter in a glass bowl on a light gray surface next to raspberries, milk, almonds, flour, and eggs.

Are you looking for the best whisk to use in your kitchen? It’s an essential tool that every home cook and baker should own, but there are so many options available. Which one should you buy? Look no further than Foodal’s list of top picks, and learn about what style will suit your different prep needs. Read more now.

From Savory to Sweet, Get Creative with 7 Gourmet Hummus Recipes

Horizontal image of a collage of various bean dip recipes, with a label in the center.

When it comes to hummus, there’s a world of flavors to explore. From mild to spicy, savory to sweet, we’ve selected our favorites for you to dip into, with a few surprises in the mix. And all of these varieties are easy to make at home. You’ll love our roundup of the best gourmet recipes. Read more now.

The Best Panini Presses: Our Top 7 Reviewed

Horizontal close-up image of a sliced grilled basil, mozzarella, and tomato sandwich on a wooden cutting board on a towel next to fresh herbs.

Serious about your sandwiches? If you’re tired of only buying them when you’re out and about, and wish to save some cash by making more meals from scratch, you should consider investing in a panini press for perfectly crisp, toasty results at home. In this review, discover our seven top-rated picks right now.

The Top 7 Vegetable Peelers To Make Your Life Easier

Horizontal image of cleaning raw yellow potatoes on a wooden cutting, with a bowl in the background.

Every home kitchen needs a sharp and durable vegetable peeler. Discover our favorite options that will make your prep work quick, easy, and safe. A good-quality model makes all the difference! We review our seven top choices, and will go over all the features to consider as you start your own research. Read more now.

5 Tips to Know Before Heading out to the Farmers Market

Horizontal image of fresh assorted fruits and vegetables in baskets underneath a tent outside, with customers chatting in the background.

Do you want to eat more seasonally and source your food locally? If so, go to the farmers markets around your city and neighborhood. Save all of Foodal’s tips to help you have a successful visit, and to ensure that you are actually getting the locally grown and organic products that you want. Read more now.

The Best Microplanes and Zesters For Your Home

The Best Microplanes and Zesters For Your Home

Many recipes call for zested citrus peel, chocolate, or a finely grated cheese. But how do you achieve this without a lot of fuss? With a GOOD zester or microplane of course. We explore the top three choices on the market so you don’t have to dig through the hundreds of different products that all claim to be the best. Read this article and choose one of the three…simple and easy.

The Very Best Pineapple Corer / Slicers For Your Kitchen

Best Rated Pineapple Corer Slicers Reviewed |

Are you looking for the best pineapple corer? One that is easy to use and leaves no mess? Look no further, as Foodal has the perfect option for you. Not all tools are created equal. In this article we share some of the things to look for before purchasing, as well as the top contenders. Learn more now.

Make Your Sundae in Style: The Best Ice Cream Scoops on the Market

The Best Ice Cream Scoops |

Are you tired of bending your good spoons trying to scoop ice cream? It’s time you invested in a good quality scoop for your ice cold dessert. This will allow you to get your creamy treat into bowls and cones a lot faster, without the mess. We’ve done the testing for you, and found the very best products on the market. Read more on Foodal now.

The 8 Best Box Graters on The Market

The Best Box Graters on The Market |

Need some cheese, chocolate, vegetables, or even potatoes grated, sliced or julienned? Don’t feel like digging out the clunky mandoline or the even more chunkier food processor? And even worse… go the rigmarole of cleaning all of the nooks and crannies out of the device just for a few shavings of mozzarella? You need a box grater. A good one. Not a flimsy model from the ubiquitous purveyor of cheaply made goods that haunts most neighborhoods or towns (you know who I mean). Read on for more info.

Let it Drain: The Best Colanders

Cucumbers in a Colander |

Looking for a new colander that drains quickly and efficiently? You’ve come to the right place! Check out the top options on the market today, explore different varieties and construction materials, and choose the right one for your cooking needs. We’ll break down exactly what you need to know before making your decision. Read more now on Foodal.

Brown Rice Salad With Apples, Dried Cranberries, and Peas

Horizontal image of a large white bowl with a grain, vegetable, and fruit mixture.

Cold grain dishes are perfect if you need a quick and filling meal. Our recipe for brown rice salad is not only hearty, but full of fresh and fun ingredients like apples, cranberries, toasted pecans, green peas. Mixed with an easy homemade dressing, this is a healthy dish with bold flavor. Try it today on Foodal.