Pare Down Your Caffeine and Increase Your Dairy With an Antoccino

Antoccino Coffee Recipe |

Antoccino is a type of espresso drink and is one of the traditional coffee drinks in Italy. The Antoccino traces its roots from coffee lovers’ desires to have a proportion of taste and texture of the double-shot cafe latte without sans the high levels of caffeine…

Back to the Basics, Hold the Foam, and Give Me a Café au Lait!

Give Me a Café au Lait! - Recipe |

A café au lait is a type of coffee-milk mix which is generally found in the European homes and cafes. The coffee and milk combo is traditionally French in style and preparation and is a French version of the Italian cafe latte. Read more now about how this drink is prepared.

Treat Yourself With a Splendid Affogato

Treat Yourself With a Splendid Affogato |

Affogato is a name of a coffee-based drink originating from Italy. The modern version contains a scoop of ice cream or gelato then topped with the traditional shot of espresso. Others may even go for a short of Amaretto or other forms of liquor…

Have a Havana Style With a Café Cubano

Learn how to make a cafe cubano coffee now!

Learn to make a Cafe Cubano right at home. These are some of the simplest espresso based drinks to make and are great for beginners who are just starting to experiment. Get a taste of Havana now!

Simple and Basic: The Café Americano

Simple and Basic: The Café Americano

Invented by US service members during WWII while in Italy, the Americano is just not strong coffee. Read this recipe to find out how to make one at home.