Warm Up with a Mug of Chestnut Hot Chocolate

Recipe for the Best Chestnut Hot Chocolate | Foodal.com

Indulge in the creamiest, richest of hot chocolates this holiday season. This recipe uses roasted chestnuts and a touch of cinnamon to take the decadence over the edge. Embrace your inner child with a topping of marshmallows, or make it an adult treat with a splash of bourbon or rum. Read more now!

Nimbu Pani: Your New Favorite Thirst Quencher

Yoki Pani: Serving Refreshing Beverages in West Philadelphia | Foodal.com

Want a cool, refreshing drink to keep you hydrated and refreshed all summer long? Look no further! Foodal has the story behind nimbu pani, a minty, sometimes spiced limeade from India, and the bicycle-powered vendor who sells this delicious, tart-sweet beverage to West Philly residents. Get the recipe and read more now!

Hydrate With Refreshing Fruit Infused Water

Drink Healthy With Fruit Infused Water | Foodal.com

Incorporating fresh fruit in your water is a simple and tasty method to boost your day-to-day intake. Any blend of fruits, veggies, and herbs may be used to brew up fruit infused water. This rejuvenating beverage is full of flavor and it has almost no calories.