Soft Ginger Cookies (Gluten Free)

Horizontal image of a bowlful of sugar-coated cookies, with one on the marble counter with a bite taken out of it.

Our recipe for soft and chewy gluten-free ginger cookies will warm you up with a mix of spices. Coated in granulated sugar right before baking, you’ll love the delicate crunch that’s all around the outside of each tender morsel. And a fresh batch can be made in under 45 minutes. Learn how to make the recipe now.

19 Recipes for the Ultimate Vegan Thanksgiving

Image of a collage of assorted autumn-themed meat-free recipes with a label in the center.

Are you gathering recipes to make a completely vegan Thanksgiving dinner? You’ve come to the right place for the best ideas. We share our favorite side dishes, fluffy breads, main entrees, and sweet desserts. Read more now on Foodal so that you can expertly customize your own ultimate vegan holiday feast.

Stovetop Squash Pudding

Horizontal top-down image of four glasses filled with a spiced creamy dessert on a wooden tray next to cinnamon sticks and orange towels.

Our homemade squash pudding is a creamy and comforting autumnal take on a classic dessert, made with pureed winter squash and a medley of warming spices. It’s easy to prepare on the stovetop, with the thickest and richest results when chilled. Top with freshly whipped cream for serving. Read more now for the recipe.

7 Tips to Survive Thanksgiving (or Christmas) Dinner

Horizontal image of a stressed out woman in a Christmas apron surrounded by Christmas food and decor.

Are you stressed out about the Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner you’re hosting? Worried that everything won’t go according to plan? Foodal has advice from a food industry expert who has heard every holiday worry. Discover seven recommendations for surviving, and maybe even enjoying, the holiday season now.

19 of the Best Thanksgiving Dinner Hacks

Horizontal top-down image of a complete Thanksgiving dinner spread.

Hosting a successful turkey day meal takes a lot of energy and effort, plus organization and plenty of prep work. To ensure everything comes together at the right time in the right way, and with extra time for you to enjoy your guests and delicious meal, plan ahead and read 19 of the best thanksgiving dinner hacks.

Kids in the Kitchen: 7 Tips for Holiday Cooking with Children

Horizontal image of a mom helping her son and daughter decorating cookies together.

With patience, planning, and time, you can let the kids help you in the kitchen and enjoy it, too. Children love to help, and learning how to organize and prepare meals is an essential life skill. Read on for seven tips for including your kids in preparing holiday meals this year. Give each a job and let the fun begin.

9 Quick Tips to Stretch Thanksgiving Dinner

Horizontal image of a beautifully decorated fall feast, with family members holding hands.

You likely know the old axiom about the best-laid plans and how they’ll probably change. Keep that in mind, and don’t panic when your Thanksgiving guest list suddenly doubles. Instead, read on for nine creative ways to accommodate additional diners, stretch dishes underway, and augment the menu with delicious options.

Caramel Apple Scones

Horizontal image of apple scones, some drizzled with caramel sauce, on a cooling rack in front of whole fruit and a ramekin.

Do you love apples, gooey caramel, and the flavor of warming spices? These delectable caramel apple scones are filled with fresh apple chunks and a hint of cinnamon. A batch of these sweet treats can be made in just 40 minutes, and they are a great way to indulge at tea time or breakfast with minimal effort. Read more.

Tips to Minimize Dish Cleaning During the Holidays

Horizontal image of a pile of dirty dishes and Christmas decorations in the sink.

The holiday dinner is over, and your guests leave the table with smiles on their faces, full and happy. But who’s going to deal with all the dirty dishes after everyone returns home? Discover our practical tips for minimizing the mountains of dinnerware and cookware during the holiday season. Read more now.

5 Great Alternatives to Turkey for Thanksgiving

Horizontal image of a collage of assorted main dishes, with a label in the center of the image.

Do you think roasting a Thanksgiving turkey is daunting? Are you hosting a more intimate celebration, and don’t need to serve a huge bird for a big crowd? Then skip it entirely. Instead, give one of these alternative entrees a try this holiday season. Read more for a list of fun ideas, from pork roast to vegan squash.

How to Host a Game Day Party

Horizontal image of an excited group of friends watching football at home while eating assorted food and drinking beer.

The season is winding down and your team is in the playoffs. And that’s an excellent excuse to get together with friends and family to cheer on your side while sharing tasty eats and a beverage or two. Win or lose, you can enjoy good food, good company, and good times with our easy tips on how to host a game day party.

Pumpkin Hummus: A Savory Way to Serve Seasonal Squash

Horizontal image of a wooden bowl filled with a bright orange hummus topped with seeds with a slice of bread inserted into it.

If you are a big fan of pumpkin and hummus recipes, you’ll definitely love this fall twist on the traditional chickpea dip. This deliciously creamy and savory puree makes the perfect seasonal appetizer with crudite and crackers. Get the recipe now, and be prepared to make a big bowl for your next autumnal gathering.