The Consummate Cranberry: A Gem for Good Health

The Consummate Cranberry: A Gem for Good Health |

A bright and festive addition to holiday dinners and entertaining, cranberries are loaded with nutrients and have chart-topping antioxidant properties, elevating them to the status of superfood. But with their outstanding nutritional benefits, they deserve a lot more attention than a one season appearance.

Have A Crack At These Fancy Nut Wedges

Have A Crack At These Fancy Nut Wedges |

Nuts, chocolate, and jam. Is this the holy trinity of baked goods or what? These triangle shaped bites of heaven with their chocolate dipped edges, energizing nut-topping, and a thin layer of fruity jam will have your mouth in taste-bud nirvana. Instead of baking a cake why not try this nutty pastry? Kept in a box, they can provide you with a tasty morsel for up to two weeks.

Scrumptious Apple Dumplings

Apple Dumplings |

Take a break from apple pie this holiday season and surprise your guests with these delicious apple dumplings. This dumpling recipe could be the best comfort food you’ve ever eaten! This recipe serves 4 but you could very easy double or triple this recipe to serve 8 or 12! It helps to have a food processor but …

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The 5 Best Foodie Gifts under $100

A man in a white chef's coat holds a metal spatula in this right hand, and a stack of presents wrapped in red and brown paper with red bows on top in the left, on a dark gray background.

Looking for something that will be appreciated by that special foodie in your life? Check out our 5 top picks and get them something useful for the kitchen. Bakeware, grill tools, gadgets, and more! Read our gift guide now on Foodal.

Chelsea’s Double Chocolate Orange Cookies

Double Chocolate Orange Cookies -

Do you like lots of chocolate with a hint of orange? If so, these quick and easy to make double chocolate orange cookies should be right up your alley! Minimal kneading required. Read more to get the recipe and the techniques to make up a batch now.

5 Best Gifts For Coffee Lovers

5 Best Gifts For Coffee Lovers |

Looking for the perfect present for the coffee lover in your life? Check out Foodal’s holiday gift guide for some unique gift ideas for the java junky.

5 of the Best Natural Foods Gifts

5 best natural food gifts |

Need a list of thoughtful gifts for the natural foods lover in your life? Start with some of Foodal’s favorite ideas in this simple, succinct article.

Cook’s Essentials: A Wish list

Chef's wish list |

Salivating over the latest gadget for your kitchen? Read our curated list of favorite tools, and separate the chaff from the wheat when choosing your gear.