Foodal’s In-Depth Guide to Top Rated Pressure Canners: 5 Great Brands Reviewed

Foodal's In-Depth Guide to Top Rated Pressure Canners

Preserving your garden’s harvest, or seasonal produce when it comes on sale, is just flat-out smart. A pantry full of jams and jellies, chutney and pickles for the year is economical, you get to control what goes into the foods you eat, and it’s fun to produce them as well. You can produce a variety of low-acid foods, including garden veggies, fish, poultry, game, and meat. And while they make look a little complicated, they actually have a simple design and are easy to use. Get the whole story now!

The “Dangerous Pressure Canner/Cooker” Myth Debunked

Pressure Cookers are now safe to use |

Many people have supposedly heard of someone who almost lost his head because the lid of his pressure cooker/canner flew off! Join the experts at Foodal as we examine this cookware’s dubious reputation, and the design improvements and safety features that are now standard in today’s safe, easy, and convenient models. Read more now.