Terrific Turmeric, the Super Spice

Turmeric is an earthy spice used throughout medical history, as well as throughout cuisines. | Foodal.com

We know that herbs and spices contain some of the highest levels of antioxidants that promote good health. And turmeric is right up there with the best, thanks to its active ingredient, curcumin. Find out how you can easily add more of this super spice to your diet – read more now on Foodal.

Flavorful French Tarragon: The King of Herbs

Fresh tarragon leaves. | Foodal.com

A favorite among French chefs, tarragon has a distinctive flavor and fragrance that’s reminiscent of anise. Delicious in sauces and condiments, it’s also a natural for fish, poultry, eggs, and vegetables – and beverages, too! Find out all you need to know about this royal herb right here on Foodal!

Get Cozy with Wonderful Warming Spices

Warming Spices Cover | Foodal.com

With the arrival of cooler weather, we instinctively turn to denser foods to provide more fuel, and heat, for our bodies. But we can turn up the heat even more with the addition of warming spices. Join us for a look at which spices provide the most warmth, and how to add more of them to your menu.

Dinner Too Spicy? 5 Cooling Tips to Turn Down the Heat

Too Spicy Cover | Foodal.com

A dish with too much spice can take on blazing intensity, making it unpalatable for all but the most hard-core of heat seekers. The good news? Even if your dish has become too hot to handle, it can be brought back from the brink of disaster! Check out the five best methods to save your dinner (and your taste buds) right here on Foodal.

Seasoning & Healing Effects of Fennel Seed

Culinary & Medicinal Uses of Fennel Seed | Foodal.com

Fennel seed is a fantastic addition to your spice rack. It can be used to season lots of dishes, whether meat, fish, or vegetarian. Plus, beneficial properties can help with various health issues too, like digestive problems. Read on for an overview of this interesting spice!

Lavender: A Beautiful and Versatile Herb

Lavender Closeup

Did you know you can use lavender in your cooking? The wonderful scent and flavor of this Mediterranean flower will provide both sweet and savory recipes with a new twist. To find out how to add this fragrant flower to your own culinary creations, read more now on Foodal.

Vanilla: What Would We Do Without It?

Vanilla: What Would We Do Without It? | Foodal.com

Vanilla is one of the most popular – and most expensive – spices. Learn about its origins, complicated extraction, and synthetic substitutes. A whole range of different vanilla products provides the delicate and aromatic flavor of the queen of spices. Read on to discover its secrets!

Foodal’s Guide to Making Your Own Mustard at Home

Foodal's Guide to Making Your Own Mustard at Home

Want to try your hand at making your own mustard? If so, give Foodal’s guide a read and get started now. You add different ingredients to make it your own and use it for everything your would use store-bought for or even add some extra sweetener and use it in place of BBQ sauce.