Make Your Own Curry Powder

Make Your Own Curry Powder |

The more I cook and fall in love with its creative process, the less I want to rely upon ready-made, store-bought ingredients. I no longer buy ready-to-use marinades or dressings, preferring to find out what is in them and put a mix together myself. Aside from the love of cooking and the curiosity to know …

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Spice Up Your Meals With These 6 Different Types of Basil

Cooking with Different Types of Basil |

Basil has long been used in cooking and for better health. Being among the most popular of herbs, basil is used in Italian foods, salad dressings, and drinks, as well as medicines such as cough syrups and other natural elixirs. Basil has over 160 different cultivars or types, with flavors ranging from bold and spicy to mild and …

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Getting Nutty With Nutmeg

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Nutmeg |

Of all the spices the world has to offer, nutmeg was once hailed as “worth its weight in gold.” Procuring a small bag would afford its owner enough wealth to last a lifetime, which leads me to ask, ”Who said ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’?” Habitat Native to the Mallucas Islands in the South Pacific, …

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Woodruff: What’s it Used For?

A bouquet of sweet woodruff |

Woodruff, a plant native to areas of the Middle East and most of Europe, thrives in the shade of deciduous forests and carefully cultivated gardens. This small, shade-loving plant grows 4 to 8 inches tall, and is a member of the Madder family. When used in gardens, it will spread and fill in beautifully, although …

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The Cayenne Pepper: Hot, Hearty, Healthy

The Cayenne Pepper: Hot, Hearty, Healthy | Foodal

The Cayenne Chili Pepper has thousands of years of cultivation and use. First grown in the Americas, it was used for its culinary, and surprisingly enough, health benefits. After, the arrival of Columbus, the plant soon spread throughout the world where it was integrated into most major ethnic cuisines and became integral to some…

Chervil – An Uncommonly Healthy Herb

Chervil is an uncommon herb used both in cuisine and as a tea for its healthy effects |

Chervil was once a quite popular herb throughout the Mediterranean, Europe, and Asia for its culinary and health benefits. Used in traditional Christian meals and also popular as folk remedy, it has since fallen from popular use. However, foodies have since rediscovered it and are now making use of its unique flavor. Read more now…

Lemons – Natural Remedies

Natural Medicinal Properties of Lemons -

Lemons are nature’s citrus healers, full of vitamin C and plenty of other properties. Learn all about how this zesty fruit can be a natural remedy here.

The Health and Cooking Benefits of Chives

The cooking and health benefits of chives |

Chives, a delicious member of the onion family are perennial plants that when planted will be at home in your garden for many years to come. Reaching a height of up to twelve inches at maturity, these clumps of narrow, hollow leaves find themselves adorned by globe shaped, violet flowers during the months of May …

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The Cooking and Health Benefits of Garlic

The Cooking and Health Benefits of Garlic -

Besides being super tasty in various cuisines throughout the world, garlic is highly regarded as a preventative against heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke, as well as colds, bronchitis, & infections. Read more now about all of the various wonders this super herb is capable of.

10 Herbs and Spices Everyone Should Have in the Pantry

spices |

Trying to figure out the basics of spices for your cooking? Nothing brings a dish to the peak of perfection like proper seasoning. Read our top picks of suggested spices to get you started off right in your culinary pursuits.

How to Dehydrate Chilies

Hot Chili Peppers |

Dehydrate your own chilis! Not only are they beautiful but they last forever and are a necessary part of many recipes. Learn how here.

Parsley: The World’s Favorite Herb

bunch of fresh parsley on a wooden board

Every wondered what parsley can be used for other than a garnish or an ingredient in Italian food? Believe it or not, parsley has many medicinal benefits. Explore how this vivacious herb can be used to improve your well-being now.