Lemons – Natural Remedies

Lemon trees, one of the world’s oldest cultivated fruit plants (evergreens), are believed to have originated in Asia, particularly in the country of India.

Natural Medicinal Properties of Lemons - Foodal.com

Studies show this fruit to be a cross between a citron and a sour orange, and historically they’ve been used in a number of different ways.

Taken internally, the fruit works as an anti-inflammatory, cleanses the body of toxins by promoting perspiration, acts as a diuretic, aids in digestion, boosts the immune system and relieves cramping.

Externally, the juice can help to dilate blood vessels in the skin, soothe sunburn, and even stop a nosebleed.

Although the fruit is highly acidic in taste, their juice can actually reduce hyperacidity in the digestive track. Lemon stimulates our digestive juices by producing enzymes in the mucous membrane of our stomachs.

This enhances our body’s capability to absorb much needed nutrients like iron and calcium.

In addition, you can’t beat this fruit for strengthening your immune system. The juice of one lemon provides thirty-three percent of your daily vitamin C requirements and contains antioxidant properties which help protect our cells from damage by free radicals.

The juice mixed with water can increase your performance while performing day to days tasks and provide a bit of relaxation as well.

Lemon preparations vary from treatment to treatment. Diluted juice is easily applied with a cotton ball and can be used to soothe sunburned skin and disinfect minor wounds. It can also be used as a topical treatment for canker sores.

One lemon mixed with a cup of hot water serves as an excellent gargle when used as recommended (three times per day) and will serve to alleviate both hoarseness and sore throats.

Tea is easily prepared as an infusion; place three teaspoons of dried leaves in a cup of boiling water and steep for at least ten minutes.

Add and slice or two of the citrus, some honey to taste, and you have a delicious infusion that can help relieve cramps, reduce fevers, ease coughs, and ease symptoms of asthma (this should never replace prescription asthma medication).

Lemon Tea - Foodal.com


Lemon tea has also been known to promote relaxation and deep sleep. One cup, an hour before bedtime just might make a difference.

This unique fruit is also a great cleaning agent in the kitchen or anywhere else in the home with the ability remove hard water stains and its acidic nature allows it to even shine up old stainless and copper pans.

Lastly, we cannot forget about the advantages garnered from the peel. Grating the skin has almost as many uses as the juice it protects (only use the yellow layer).

The oils in the peel are said to produce an anti-inflammatory effect as they relax the blood vessels in the treated area.

Lemon Zest - Foodal

Simply rub the peel into your aching joints and wrap them in gauze; joint and nerve pain should diminish. Of course this lemon “zest” is also used in many culinary dishes, like our healthy recipe for no-bake vegan lemon bars.

Over the last few thousand years, lemons have come a long way from what Josephus cited as the fruit used by the Jews in Jerusalem to pelt an errant priest during the Feast of the Tabernacle (Jewish tradition insists it was citrons).

None-the-less, that old saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” is given a whole new meaning when we look at all the benefits we’d reap by doing just that. For me, lemon slices in water is an everyday treat.

When I’m looking for something sweeter, I simply add a bit of organic honey to appease my sweet tooth. My advice to you would be to experiment and enjoy!

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112 thoughts on “Lemons – Natural Remedies”

  1. I absolutely love citrus fruits, lemon and honey makes for a heavenly beverage far better than any soft drink. And it’s healthier too.

    For those who find lemons too sour, I would recommend a citrus variety known as yuzu. It’s somewhere in between a lemon, lime and orange and should give the same health benefits as lemons. Put into a sorbet or a marmalade, it is absolutely fantastic.

    • Cheddar- I’ve never had yuzu. In fact, I’d never heard of it before now. I’ll have to write that down and look for it in the produce section when it’s in season. Fruits and veggies aren’t looking too good this time of year! Thank you for the info, it’s appreciated.

    • I absolutely know what you mean. I am never without lemons in my kitchen and lemonade is my favorite drink. My kids always have so much fun making it. Also, I use them for so many other things besides cooking.

      • I am a SERIOUS Lemon LOVER! I buy Lemon scented cleaners such as Pine-Sol, Mr. Clean, and Ajax for my dishes. I drink in my home Lemonade by Country time and my daughter (10), Tiara ABSOLUTELY just CAN’T get enough of it. Norma D. I see we are women who each possess a certain degree of love them.

  2. Lemons are one of the only fruits I like; great for summer and lemonade and in winter as a soothing drink when you have a cough or cold.

    There are so many things you can do with a lemon, add a slice to a vodka or a Pimms. The zest is also great for lemon drizzle cakes as well, another way to get some vitamin c.

    • Bella- Over the last month or so, I’ve been battling major sinus issues. I cannot count how many lemons I’ve purchased, nor the number of cups of tea I’ve consumed. Thank you for commenting!

  3. I didn’t know the peel helped with joint pain. That is very good to know. I would rather try this natural remedy than take a bunch of over the counter pills that might or might not help. I love lemon tea. It is one of my favorite cold weather drinks. It is also very soothing when you have a cold and a sore throat.

    • Nids- The only medication I use is an inhaler to alleviate my asthma during peak allergy seasons. Other than that, I strictly adhere to proven natural remedies, although I experiment with others after a lot of research. That’s not to say I won’t take medication if necessary….. only that I choose not to use chemicals whenever possible. Thank you for commenting!

    • I agree, Nids. I will be trying this as well. I think the scent of lemon will also be more soothing than the “fragrance” of some of those rubs and creams.

      Thanks so much for this great info, Jill. I love learning about healthier alternatives for remedies, cleaning, etc., and if they contain citrus, I love them even more.

  4. Well this article along with the article about lemons being used as a cleaning product are very helpful in day-to-day life! I always keep lemons in the house and before I do my Zumba routines for the day I put the juice of an entire lemon in my water. It’s really strong and sour but it helps so much with reducing any cramps that I get after my workout!

    • I’m glad you found the articles useful and informative. Zumba!?! I wish I had the energy…… have you ever tried pineapple to alleviate muscle cramps? I’ve been told it works wonders too!

    • I adore lemons and would use them in nearly everything. I am also a huge fan of Young living Essential oil lemon and Lemongrass! I can clean, cook and diffuse that like a lemon but it doesn’t go bad as when you purchase too much produce!

  5. I love tea with lemon. It is very calming. I drink it at night to relax like you mentioned. I had no idea that the skin oil had so many benefits, though. I only use it when cooking but I often have a lot leftover. I will look into the best way to use those leftover lemon skins.

  6. I ought to call it the wonder fruit, i had no idea whatsoever that skin gratings are that essential, helping to alleviate pain…just amazing i must say…when having a cold…my best remedy is lemon tea with honey, it sure knows how to unclog blocked airways 🙂

      • I’ve also heard of another tip in regards to lemons, that it aids in weight loss, i don’t know how true that is but i have heard around a rumor-mill that it helps in that arena…maybe its an old-wives tale/remedy 😉

  7. I guess I know the reason why cleaning products are “lemon-scented”. I had no idea about the anti-inflammatory properties of lemons, I’ll definitely keep that in mind next time I get a sprain! I now have a reason to buy a citrus zester lol

  8. Reading all of this makes me realize how much more lemon I should be consuming.The benefits are wonderful facts to know when it comes to our health. The only time I have any of that citrus fruit is usually when I fall a little ill and mix lemon and honey together to establish a homemade remedy. One thing I’m now going to start buying is the tea to start seeing if I can sleep better at night.

    • TPhoenix- Lemon water and tea are a staple in my home. We love oranges, but there comes a time when they simply aren’t very good. This would be that time. Thank you for commenting, and I hope the tea worked a bedtime miracle!

  9. We have a lemon tree in our backyard that produces TONS of fruit, we must go through about 2-5 lemons a day, I was going to say the amount of lemons we eat seemed like a bit of a problem, but after reading this I guess it’s a good thing! I didn’t realize how great they were, and I’m very glad but also pretty surprised. Who knew they’d be so good for you? I’m actually drinking some lemon and ginger tea right now, I had read it helps boost immunity so I like to drink it, but I’m wondering why it was never mentioned that the citrus can do all of this other great stuff!

    • Sounds like a good problem to have…too many lemons. I cannot help but give you the cliche “if God gives you lemons…” but that is what He has seem to have done. I say go ahead and make some lemonade and finish the saying out. I am jealous as well and I really love to be able to have that many on hand and see what I could do with them all. Best of luck.

  10. I love lemons and using them in unconventional ways. My favorite way is to use them as a natural remedies for cramps. This may sound crazy, but I swear it works! You can either drink the juice straight from the lemon or eat the peel. I always use this method as opposed to medicine if I can help it.

  11. I am absolutely thrilled about preparing lemon tea. Lemons are such versatile fruits and they have natural healing abilities too. Had lemon trees been compatible with our climate, I’d no doubt plant a dozen near our home (we live on a hilly place with lots of space for growing new plants).

    • xTinx- I couldn’t agree more about the lemon trees….. alas, they are NOT compatible with snow and freezing temperatures! Looks like I’m out of luck with that one.

  12. Wow, I didn’t know lemon had so many uses. I know when I was growing up my mom always used it in hot tea with honey whenever we had a cold. I like the smell of lemons. There’s something refreshing about it. So, the next time I clean my downstairs floors, I’m going to try using some lemon juice and then lemon oil. 🙂 Thanks for the ideas!

  13. “When life gives you lemons”….make of them what you want 🙂 They are indeed so versatile, and if you have the fortune of living in a country with a Mediterranean type climate, you might have a lemon tree growing close to where you are. The scent of fresh lemons is so invigorating, and the juice has indeed antibacterial properties. Make sure you have a hot or cold lemonade when you have indigestion symptoms , it will help you.

    • allaballa- You said, “The scent of fresh lemons is so invigorating.” I couldn’t agree more. On another note….. I’ve made an awful lot of lemonade! 😉 Thank you for your wit!

  14. I use lemon juice for a lot of things besides cooking. I pour some in a small sauce pan with a little water. Bring it to a roaring boil on the stove remove from heat. Then put in my silver jewelry in the liquid, it’ll come out shiny and clean.

  15. “Add and slice or two of the citrus, some honey to taste, and you have a delicious infusion that can help relieve cramps, reduce fevers, ease coughs, and ease symptoms of asthma”

    My mom used to make this for me whenever my throat was hurting and I could not stop coughing! I completely forgot about it before I read your article. Now I’ll have to go make myself some of this, because I’ve been sick for a good week now and my throat hurts so much! Thanks!

    • Crayonelle,

      Always remember, “Mothers know best”! I am happy to have jogged those memories. It’s funny how the best remedies are often NOT found in the “cold and flu” section of the drug store….. 😉

  16. I absolutely love this article! My therapist had recently put me on a diet and the very first thing she instructed me to do is to drink a 16oz glass of warm water with the juice of two lemons first thing in the morning. The first day I tried it I noticed that I had more energy during the day. After several days, I felt like Superwoman. I’ve been doing this now for three months and I feel great! I’m amazed of how much energy I have now. I used to feel groggy all day long. As for immunity, I definitely feel a difference. It used to be that when I was ill, I’d be sick for as long as two weeks. Now, when I get sick, I feel better in 2-3 days. Right now for example, everyone in my household is sick except for me!

    • MLNewkirk,

      I love it when doctors and therapists prescribe the natural remedy as opposed to the chemical. Lemons are filled with nutritional preventative and healing powers. I keep a pitcher of water filled with lemons in the refrigerator at all times. Not to mention, I drink it all day at work…… well, after the morning coffee! Thank you for commenting…….

  17. Like MLNewkirk, I too start each day with the juice of a lemon (athough usually half, guess I should consider upping it!) in a glass of warm water on an empty stomach. It always wakes me up, means I don’t drink coffee anymore (so much better for me!) and overall I feel more grounded during the day.

    Excellent article. Now I’m off to scrub my copper pans with some lemon to get them shiny!

    Have a super day, and thanks for your amazing blogs.


    • fitmomuv3- What a great way to start the morning. I only drink about two six ounce cups of coffee per day, but I’m definitely not ready to give them up. I LOVE my morning wake-up call! 😉 I hope those pots and pans came clean…… thank you for your comments!

    • I also take the juice of half a lemon with warm water every morning and it has done me a world of wonder. I feel so much healthier now. It’s mind boggling just how many uses there are for such a simple fruit. I use it for everything from cooking my meals to cleansing my skin.

  18. I had no idea lemons were so useful! I have drank hot water with lemon many times but didn’t know they could be used for cleaning, especially for stainless steel pans. I have several and they always look a bit lacklustre, so I think I’ll give this a try. Thanks!

    • missbishi- I tend to drink hot lemon water when I’m not feeling well….. but lemon water is always in the refrigerator, and I generally drink it room temperature. On another note, I think you’ll be happy with the results after cleaning your pans. Regular scrubbing will keep them sparkling! 🙂

  19. Also a great tip that not a lot of people know: squeeze some lemon juice on other fruits to keep them from oxidizing. I thought everyone knew this, but apparently I’m the only one in my friend group who watches Food Network

    • queenbellevue- Great tip! I often use lemon juice to keep bananas and apples from turning brown after they’ve been sliced. Thank you for providing that information here…. 😀

  20. Lemons can also be used as an astringent for your skin. The antioxidant properties as mentioned in your article nourish the skin and it’s antibacterial properties thoroughly clean your skin. I’ve since stopped buying toners for my face and substituted lemons for it. It work really well plus it’s natural and has no artificial chemicals.

  21. To me lemon is like fresh air. Anytime I want something that is refreshing I go for something with some citrus in it. If I am thirsty usually I get orange juice for my refreshing beverage. But when I get my sweet tooth I grab me a lemon meringue pie….mmmm!

    I knew that it was good in cleaning your chopping board, especially after cutting chicken. And I new that it was good in some other cleaning products for the fresh scent that it has, (I love the smell). But I had no idea that it was that great for your body and health.

    I have always wanted to grow a citrus based tree, (just a small one). So, I think I will start looking for a sprout. Thanks for the useful information, this fruit is going to be more in my diet along with grapefruit and oranges!!

    • kelliedtucker- I once attempted to grow one of those small, indoor orange trees (I think they might have a specific name but can’t recall) with no luck. Let me know how it works for you….. you never know, maybe I’ll give it another shot. Thank you for commenting…… lemon meringue sounds pretty good about now. My father’s favorite pie in the world!

  22. “…even stop a nosebleed.” OMG, I need this. But how? :))

    Oh, and is there a certain “qualification” for the lemon to be effective? (raw, fresh, ripe, and whatnot)

    • tordada5598- Fresh is always best…… simply dip a cotton ball in lemon juice and inhale or cut a fresh lemon in half and do the same. They say it’s best to do this while lying down….. Thank you for commenting, hopefully you’ve got the nose bleed under control by now! 😉

  23. I’ve actually never heard of the peel helping with inflammation. That’s quite the tidbit, if it proves to be effective. I will definitely be giving that a try, since I am not a fan of pill taking. I’m always on the lookout natural/home remedies like that.

  24. Ash- The zest of the lemon is filled with a number of nutrients….. it’s strange how we always assume that peels are useless. Like lemon peels, orange peels are packed with health benefits…. maybe I’ll tackle that subject next! 😉

  25. Lynne- Your email isn’t working! I’ve tried to contact you numerous times today! Please get in touch….. ;-(

  26. It’s amazing the restorative and medicinal properties many common food items possess. I’ve always known that lemons were good for certain things such as saw throats, and as a cleaning agent as the acidity helps cut grease, but the true breadth of such a simple fruit’s natural powers to help us in everyday life is really quite incredible. It’s so easy to forget this when there’s also a wealth of chemcial products, mass produced and marketed non-stop on television and radio, promising us more time and less effort in cleaning and getting healthy through using these chemcial concotions. Things such as the natural properties offered by lemons as medicinal are too easily disparaged as ‘hippie’ nonsense too much these days, I think.

  27. StickFigureA- I completely agree. When there’s a natural way to treat certain symptoms (or prevent them), why would anyone use synthetic substitutes to reap the same benefits. The juice from one lemon provides over 50% of the recommended daily dose of vitamin C and contains a mere 17 calories…. As for cleaning, lemon can’t be beat for cutting grease or providing luster to tired kitchenware. Thank you for stopping by…. I enjoyed your comments.

  28. I had no idea that lemon trees originated in India. Than is definitely a new piece of information for me to register. This piece has some great ideas for useful remedies. I’m always looking for natural cures rather than turning to medications. I prefer to avoid medicine as much as possible, and lemons are such a simple thing to use, which I almost always have on hand.

    • Juno- I have become a real believer and proponent of natural remedies…. I think you’ve got the right idea! 😀 Thank you for commenting, I appreciate your interest!

  29. I’ve been battling a terrible cold for the past week or so, and I’ve been guzzling water with lemon juice (sometimes mixed with ginger and honey). It’s one of the few things that makes me feel human, haha. Glad to know I’ve been doing the right thing for myself. I had no idea the peel could be used to alleviate joint pain, though. It doesn’t often happen to me, but if it does, I’ll have to keep that tip in mind.

  30. Leopard Jones- Sometimes the things we do without thought are actually good for us! 😉 It’s a good feeling when we’ve done it right.

  31. I knew that lemon could be used for cleaning and as a stain remover. However I did not know that it could help with a sore throat or even rubbed into joints. I was not aware of the healing benefits of this fruit. It seems as though they just go on and on.

    I often have lemon in warm water or tea. My family love to eat them and it is our fruit of choice during the winter seasons, especially since it contains vitamin C. A little fresh juicesqueezed over fish or grilled potatoes adds that special tang to your meal.

  32. I just love lemons. Even if I did not learn all of these great benefits of these unique citrus fruit I would have still used and eaten them.

    I almost believe I am addicted to them although I try not to eat too many because of what they do to my enamel. I have heard of most of these benefits but I did not know that they help with cramps. That is something that I am going to have to try.

    I try to just put some in my water but sometimes I just end up making lemonade. I am trying to be healthier and I keep seeing all the diet water and things like that which mostly feature lemons so I am glad that they are my favorite fruit.

    I also recently read about using it for a bug bite helped and I tried it and it did relive the itch. I do not remember the exact process but I believe just cutting the lemon and rubbing it on my foot, where the bite was. So I am sure there are so many more benefits out there.

  33. Gotta share this post on FB! I swear i just discovered a few new things to do with all those lemons I buy! I already make a lot of tea with lemons and put it in my water. I actually use lemons and limes in my daily water.

  34. My daughter loves lemons..anything lemon. Lemon ice, lemonade, even just eating a lemon like a regular fruit. My husband also loves lemons, so I use them a lot in cooking. I use them to flavor salads and fish and as the main ingredient in desserts like cheesecake and tarts. I think this article is really informative because a lot of people don’t really know what to do with lemons apart from making lemonade with them, so hopefully people will begin to see these little beauties as more than just conduits for sugar and water 🙂

  35. I love citrus, and use it for many different purposes. One I didn’t see mentioned is to discourage animals from poking around in the trash. I spray a little on the bags when I put them out, and haven’t had a problem since. I love hot tea with lemon and honey, and have begun adding fresh ginger, as well.

    • It’s also great for keeping cats out of areas you might not want them (like a certain room or a flowerbed) Either use dried lemon peels or make up a spray of lemon, water and mint. Blend it and filter, then use it as a spray for around the room. Makes it smell amazing and keeps cats out!

  36. I’ve always used lemon juice to help prevent breakouts or when my acne starts flaring up. I never knew that it could be utilized as a medication for asthma/allergies as well; I’ll have to consider using this during the upcoming pollen season. My great-aunt has a lemon tree in Jordan, and she might be able to put into practice some of your tips here. I’ll be sure to mention this article on the phone and see if one of my cousins can print it out for her (she doesn’t have wifi where she lives). Thank you so much for the helpful tips!

  37. Now this is great news here! I always new lemons had some sort of benefit but never knew what exactly. I always add a bit of their juice to my smoothies and drinks though; I’m immensely glad to hear that there are so many good things about this fruit. I am unable to eat citrus fruit on its own because no matter how little I eat I always get canker sores, but adding it to my recipes is a thing I will definitely continue knowing about all these things.

    I’m curious, because of the autoimmune related convenience, whether or not it is or will in the future have any affect on my health. I have an autoimmune disorder actually, where my body attacks healthy tissue as well as sickness because it can’t tell the difference, and causes a lot of pain and various other symptoms. It would be wonderful if something as simple as adding this in daily could help with that.

  38. I had no idea about the benefits for asthma. I do drink a warm cup of citrus water each morning, but I’ve never made tea with the leaves. I have a lemon tree. Do I just dry out some of the leaves? What about using the peel; I’d think that would work as well.

  39. Our family treatment for flus or bad colds was hot brandy and lemon. It might not help with the symptoms but you felt much more relaxed about being sick. Of course I am not sure that had much to do with the lemon part of the recipe 😉 — but hey, maybe there was something to the remedy after all.

  40. I have been drinking lemon water for 3 months now. I gave up sodas and other artificial juices. I eat moderately but still have a full serving during breakfast, lunch and dinner and some healthy snacking in between. I have lost 10.8 kilos! I find that drinking lemon water is not only refreshing but also keeps me full the entire day!

  41. So, to go along with this, who has a perfect lemonade recipe? Cleaning with lemons and all this wonderful aroma is making me crave the taste as well. So, I’m thinking a nice cold refresher, maybe with some mint. Anyone?

    I mean, I get that lemonade is pretty simple and there are tons of instant varieties, but I want something super good. I’ve had some that were far better than others, and I’d like to learn how to make it really well. I’m open to all suggestions. 🙂

  42. The zest of almost any citrus fruit is really good for you. I use lemon juice a lot and am getting more into the fresh lemon itself. Consuming one or two lemons a day is great for the immune system. I add it to some dishes to make it almost taste saltier without adding the salt. Half or a quarter of a lemon is usually enough.

  43. Lemons are one of the only items that I HAVE to have on hand at all times, so many uses. They make drinking the daily amount of water much easier for me. I used to be someone that always had to have ICE cold water to be able to drink it, but I’ve found squeezing some juice in even room temperature water is tolerable which is a good way to fill up with out eating too much food at meals 🙂

  44. I’ve been using lemons in a lot of my desserts and I always love to add a little “spice” of it to drinks like tea or water. I never knew they were as healthy as they apparently are, even though I always knew there was something special about them since my mother was always giving me lemons when I had a cold.

  45. I absolutely love using lemons in everything! I have extremely bad acid indigestion (possibly gerd,) but nothing can keep me from my lemons. Every morning I drink a warm cup of lemon water. When I’m sick, honey, apple cider vinegar, and lemon juice (squeezed from a lemon not bought) is my remedy! I have to try using the peel for join pain relief because my mo has horrible knees. I love this article. I hate taking pills, in fact I don’t. So I’m all about home remedies. I look forward to trying a few more of these.

  46. I, or rather my family, didn’t grow up eating or using lemons at all; most of the time we had it it was just for display purposes (and I guess for the smell). I think it wasn’t until I was out on my own after college did I start using this bright yellow fruit more in my daily eating/drinking. While I am not brave enough yet to consume it by itself (my husband can do that, make me cringe every time!), I do love adding it to my ice water or tea. I even have this WONDERFUL lemon poppyseed bread recipe that calls for freshly grated zest, which makes my whole house smell like summertime.

    Maybe one of these days I’ll get brave enough to eat a wedge all by itself! (A pipe dream, but still).

  47. Lemons are amazing. They’ve got so many great properties and are used so much in all sorts of cures, remedies and ointments. I can see why it’s so popular. There are few fruits around that have so many wonderful uses!

  48. I never heard of using lemon for cramps and nosebleeds. I have heard of people using lemon in their hair for natural highlights. That is more of a beauty tip than a natural cure though.This little yellow fruit is amazing. Even if you don’t like the taste the smell is good.

  49. I absolutely love this article because it really highlights the innumerable benefits of lemons! I feel like a lot of people underestimate the power of lemons on your body. What I like to do to get a health kick for my body is a make a super boost drink each morning. I get some lemon juice and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a cup of distilled water. this really wakes me up and already begins to remove toxins from my body. 🙂

  50. I use lemon in water when I have a cold and it’s amazing. It tastes great too. I always tell myself I need to drink it more often than when I’m just sick though.

  51. I drink warm lemon water first thing every morning, and it has really helped with some digestive issues I was dealing with. I can absolutely recommend it.

    Your article contains some new information for me, especially the bit about helping with joint and nerve pain. I will definitely be trying that particular remedy.

    Lemons are so versatile, and so very healthy in many different ways too

  52. I love lemons!! I can eat a whole lemon as if it were an orange!! I didn’t know it had so many benefits though! I also like to add it to water , there doesn’t have to be a lot of it but it makes the water taste so fresh!! 🙂

  53. I am a big fan of lemons. I always have them in my fridge. I put them in my water to help detox my body. After a few weeks of drinking lemon water I noticed my face clearing up a lot. I also use lemon as a face mask. I put it on my skin with a little coconut water to help even out my skin tone.

  54. I love lemons – I always thought that the worst thing about renting and moving house was the lack of an established lemon tree in the yard!

    A slice of lemon in water in the morning is refreshing, and supposedly good for your skin. A slice in mineral water is also a refreshing drink at a party or BBQ in summer. And I always make a hot lemon drink (lemon juice, boiling water and a little sugar) when I have a cold or a sore throat – it is soothing as well as good for me.

    Using lemon peel medicinally in a new one though – I’ll keep that in mind for injuries etc.

  55. This is a really interesting article. I’ve definitely used lemons before to help with a cold, and they are really amazing for colds (exactly what you said… cup of hot water with a lot of lemon and some honey, there is nothing more soothing). However, I’ve also suffered from insomnia and never tried lemon tea for that. Finally, there is nothing I hate more than cleaning my kitchen or bathroom with one of those strong chemical agents, but sometimes it feels like they get the job done the best! I am going to have to try lemon next time… might be buying lemon by the box pretty soon here for all its uses.

  56. This is why I always have a stock of lemons in the house. Starting off the day with lemon water really sets me off on a good start. I also squeeze lemon into pretty much anything that I cook just for the kick it gives everything. I especially love to drizzle it onto halloumi. I’m a bit too lazy to make my own kitchen cleaner but it’s definitely a good idea. I also had never heard of the benefits of just the peel – so many reasons for me to go out and buy more lemons!

  57. Remember the show “Wonder Years”? Lemonade was always served during meals. Norma was a pusher, whenever things at the table got a bit intense, she’d ask if anyone wanted lemonade. Guess she was on to something. (Full disclosure: I don’t actually remember this from it’s original airing. I just watched it on Netflix :))
    I love lemons. I do the lemon water in the morning, and in tea before bed or anytime I want to relax. There’s a laundry list of uses for them…I wonder if I can use them for my laundry…

  58. In my family, lemons have always been the exiled fruit. Nobody seems to want to eat them. I’ve always loved to add a little juice to my water, even before I was aware of the health benefits. I recently discovered the amazing health benefits of turmeric, and actually read that the acidity in lemons increases the ability for the body to absorb the amazing nutrients found in turmeric. So, lemon, honey, and turmeric tea is on the menu!

  59. What an excellent and informative article! I love lemons and knew that they were good for me, but never knew all of their amazing health benefits. I experience a lot of nosebleeds, so it is great knowing that they can help when I am having a nosebleed. I enjoy cleaning the kitchen with all types of citrus oil and love the refreshing smell that lingers.

  60. Lemon is wonderful and I use it in many ways. When it comes to medical value however I reserve judgement on any claims I read online. I need to see references to a legitimate study from an established and trusted medical journal or be able to verify the claims the information with my own doctor before I run with it.

  61. When I was younger, my mother bought me a lemon tree, which we planted in our backyard. I’ve never had a green thumb, so unfortunately it never grew, and when a hurricane came through it must have put the tree into shock, because it lost it’s leaves and never grew any back. I can only imagine all the possibilities I could have had, had the tree grown. Thank you for writing such an informative list. Although I don’t have a fresh source, I do keep lemons in the fridge for making tea. I’ll have to try some of these ideas out!

  62. The information about lemons helping asthma is really good to know. I’ve suffered from asthma since I was a kid. Of course, I will continue my medications as necessary, but I’m also going to try to add more lemon to my diet. I love cooking with all kinds of citrus for flavor. I’m going to start adding some to my water daily to get a little extra! Great info! Thanks!

  63. Ah lemons how I love their sour acidic flavor. Lemon juice is 9/10 the perfect addition or garnish to bring a dish to the next level, and also perfectly grow-able at home. I have two trees in my backyard currently, one being a mayer lemon tree, and the other being a dwarf. I’ve been looking into getting another variety and I probably will soon. I had no idea they were a cross though. I always thought they were just like that, and I have no idea what a citron is. However, it’s good to know it has health benefits and is truly as good for you as it tastes. I should make a conscious effort to use the peel more often. I kind of just throw it out because the oil is really concentrated and tends to overpower the dish I’m adding it to. In the future I’ll just add less I suppose.

  64. Lemons are very diverse you can pretty much use them for everything. I use them for in cold drinks as well as in my baked chicken. My daughter actually eats them like an orange but that is a totally different issue. I am very big on infusing my water with a slice or two and using it for a great detox when I need it.

  65. Lemons are my go-to fruits whenever I have a mess to clean up or I feel a cold sneaking up on me! They’re actually one of my all time favourite fruits because of all the different things they can do. This post just gave me more reasons to love the almighty fruit!

  66. I had not heard of using lemons to treat joint pain, I will pass that one on to my mother (who doesn’t quite know what “retired” means lol)

    In the summer, I find it so refreshing to take a thick slice, dip one side in sugar and use as a face scrub. feels and smells wonderful!

  67. Lemons are so amazing! I’m always in a hurry, but whenever I find the time, I also like to add some lemon slices in my water. This summer I plan to buy a jug for water with lemon slices which will stay in the fridge. That way I will have easy access to a healthy and energizing drink all the time.

  68. I always thought that lemons were unhealthy for some reason. After reading this though, I’m inclined to believe that they are very healthy, although their acidic juices are probably not great for your teeth. I personally use them for lemonade, like most people do. I find it interesting that I did not know about any of these health benefits prior to reading this. Are they a well kept secret? I’m not sure how I could incorporate lemons into my food, because the sour taste is horrible, but I should definitely think about it.

    I remember when I was kid I would go to my friends house and we would have a competition to see who could drink the most pure lemon juice. We did that pretty often and I can’t help wondering if that made us healthier.

  69. haha oh wow!!! who would have ever guessed that lemon has soo many uses.. This is truly remarkable, Ima start getting the most out of my lemons 😀

  70. My mother has very bad eczema and cannot tolerate acidic foods. But this article says it can reduce acidity in the system. I’m concerned since it can be a diuretic that it may dehydrate her already dry and irritated skin. It would be wonderful, though, if it could clean her system and give her some relief. No way she could use it topically. Does anyone have any experience with this?

  71. It seems like lemon is actually good for everything and it’s even better that we can get it really easily and almost for free.
    I use it with a little bit of sugar as a face exfoliator and it just does wonders for my skin, it’s really shiny after it, it just looks amazing.
    I haven’t heard about the sleeping properties of lemon tea, as a person who has some troubles for falling a sleep that was pretty useful. 🙂

  72. Sources? I didn’t see any sources cited or references made. I may have just missed them. I would love to see some if they could be made available. especially medical remedies.

  73. The lemon really is an amazingly useful fruit and it’s mind blowing just how many uses it has. Growing up, my grandmother used to make us drink the juice of half a lemon in warm water every morning. I never understood why until now. I particularly like its use for improving the skin and I am definitely going to start using more lemons daily so I can get the most use out of them.

  74. You probably will not believe me, but I’m having some throat pain right now, it feels kinda irritated, however, I wish I had some lemons in my fridge right now, the pain is really annoying when it comes to swallowing anything. Thank you for sharing this, it’s really useful.

  75. Lemons are just beautiful, and they have so many great uses. I heard that regularly drinking water with lemon juice can help you lose weight, but I’m not sure if this is proven. This fruit is one of my kitchen “must-haves” because it’s so versatile. I didn’t know it could be used to clean pans. In Victorian England lemon juice was used to whiten skin Lemons get kind of a bad reputation nowadays for their acidity, but they have so many health benefits, and there are a lot of foods which are worse, acidity-wise, than lemon.

  76. We always have lemons in the house. I use them for my sweet ice tea, for warm lemon tea when a family member is sick, and even for cleaning. Yes, cleaning, as in, your home. Sometimes, I tend to be a messy cook and leave a black burned ring of yuck around the burners on the stove. When this happens, I let the stove fully cool, pour salt directly on the burned on stuff, and scrub it with a half of lemon. The acids in the lemon helps clean!!

  77. There is no doubt that lemons are a great nutritional and delicious food. It is nice to know that whether you are putting lemon on a dish or drinking lemonade you are taking in something that is healthy. It is awesome that people can use this to relieve pain.

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