How to Pick, Prep, and Store Grapes

How to Pick Prep Store Grapes |

Do you know how to store grapes the right way? Foodal has some secrets to share. Discover the proper methods to ensure that this juicy, flavorful fruit stays fresh longer, plus tips for shopping and prep. No more soggy, soft, or spoiled grapes (and no more money wasted on an often expensive fruit, once you know how to extend its shelf life)! Read more here.

How to Store Avocados

The Right Way to Choose and Store Your Avocados |

Avocados have short “window” where they are the perfect consistency to be used in your favorite dishes. From the old guacamole standby to using them in unconventional ways (chocolate and avocado pudding anyone?), you’ll need to know how to properly store these green beauties to maximize the goodness within. Read our guide now.

How To Make Dairy Free Coconut Yogurt

How to make dairy free coconut yogurt |

Have you been missing yogurt since removing dairy from your diet? Well don’t worry because you can now easily make your own dairy free coconut yogurt at home. It’s surprisingly easy to make your own dairy free yogurt, you only need a handful or ingredients and a little patience. Read More Now.

Mastering the Perfect Meringue

Mastering the Perfect Meringue |

Meringues seem complicated but they really aren’t. Join Foodal as we walk you through the process step by step and give you some great ideas on how to use your new baking skills. A bonus recipe is included. Read about it now.

How to Make Homemade Pasta

How to make kinds of homemade pasta |

Discover the secret to making delicious homemade pasta, just like grandma used to make. It doesn’t take being raised in Italy to create a delicious pasta feast! As long as you have a bag of flour in your pantry – plus a few eggs in the fridge – you can make homemade noodles; and with a few more ingredients, ravioli and tortellini are in easy reach. Read more now.

Street Food: 11 Ideas for Fun and Easy Summer Entertaining

Street Food - 11 Ideas for Fun and Easy Summer Entertaining |

Summer is a great time to entertain. The weather’s great, almost everyone have more free time, and the whole family is present. So let’s start having fun and start cooking. Here are a few easy recipes that will surely be a hit with your family and friends this summer.

5 Tasty Ideas to Liven Up Your Burgers

5 Tasty Ideas to Liven Up Your Burgers |

Tired of the same bland hamburgers? Want something a little special? Read our tips and ideas to transform your boring burger into something special. Get the guide now!

How to Ripen an Avocado

How to Ripen Avocados |

Are your avocados as hard as a rock? Afraid you’ll chip a tooth? Don’t fret. Read our tips on softening them up, and you’ll be making guacamole in no time.

How To Store Butter Outside Of The Refrigerator

How To Store Butter Outside Of The Refrigerator |

Trying to figure out how to leave your butter in a cabinet or on the counter so it stays nice and pliable? Worrying about it going bad? Read our guide to find out what you need to know to do it right.