You Dropped Raw Chicken on the Floor – Now What?

Dropped Raw Chicken Cover |

Oh, no! You just dropped raw chicken on the kitchen floor! But there’s no need to panic. We have the easy solution to save your bird from this slippery situation. We’ll also go over how to clean up the mess, and how to prevent it from happening again. Chicken is still on the menu for tonight’s dinner! Read more now on Foodal.

Everything You Need to Know About the Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato Cover |

Stumped about the sweet potato? Is it a root or a tuber? Is it even related to other potatoes? There is so much to learn about this veggie, and Foodal has all the info you need! Before you start planning your fall favorites like creamy pies and marshmallow-topped casserole dishes, take a look at this article to read all about its tasty history, nutritional value, storage, and more. Continue reading on Foodal now!

A Root Like No Other: How to Use and Store Fresh Ginger

How to Store Fresh Ginger |

Looking for the best methods to shop, prep, and store fresh ginger? Read now on Foodal to learn how to handle these zesty hands! After reading our article, you will understand how to pick the best ginger at the store, as well as learn our favorite techniques for prepping and storing. Continue reading now on Foodal!

Making Dinner with What’s in the Fridge: A Simple Solution for Busy Days

Chopping Veggies for Dinner |

It’s the end of a long day and you’re already starving, but too tired to go to the store. Check out our tips for making dinner with what’s in the fridge. From rice dishes to sandwiches to pastas, we have the answers for you. This is an excellent skill to have for the beginner cook who wants to maximize efficiency and stay on top of the grocery budget, while cooking creative homemade meals that are simple and nutritious. Read more on Foodal.

How to Store Fresh Tomatoes

How to Store Your Farmers Market Haul: Tomato Edition |

Not sure how to store fresh tomatoes from your garden or the market? Read our guide on Foodal now to learn the right way to stock those juicy gems! We go over the different ways to properly store them and provide an easy prep technique to ensure that your tomatoes stay as fresh as possible. Read more now!

Learn the Fine Art of Napkin Folding in a Few Simple Steps

DIY Napkin Folding |

Artistically folded napkins will impress any guest at your table! Read on to learn all about the best materials to choose, tips for preparation, special accessories, and even different folding techniques for neat, beautiful designs to match every occasion.

Springtime Table Setting is A Breeze with These Simple Tips

Setting the Table for Spring |

Set up a seasonally inspired table for your next occasion. With fresh colors, patterns, and vibrant flowers, you’re prepared for spring and ready to shine. Find great ideas for various table settings, arrangements, and suitable accessories on Foodal!

How to Choose the Best Thickening Agents for Soups, Sauces, and Gravies

How to Choose the Best Thickening Agents |

Have you had less than stellar success trying to thicken a sauce or gravy? Maybe you’re using the wrong type of starch. If you’re not sure which ones to choose for your recipes and how to use them, Foodal’s got your back. Here’s an intro to the properties of common kitchen starches, and the methods used for creating rich, velvety soups, sauces, and gravies every time.

How to Store and Use Fresh Fennel

Two Fennel Bulbs |

Start your spring the healthy way with fennel. This fresh vegetable is perfect to use in raw salads, light dishes, meat, or vegetarian recipes. It can be prepared in many ways, and offers various health benefits. Learn the many uses of these flavorful bulbs right in your own kitchen! Read more now on Foodal.

How to Deglaze a Pan in 7 Simple Steps

Deglaze a Pan in 7 Steps |

Deglazing is about using every bit of flavor left in the pan to add deliciousness to a dish. But what does it really involve? It’s not a secret that’s just for chefs! Click here and learn to make magic with just a few ingredients in your kitchen – and create sensational deglazed pan sauces with Foodal’s quick and simple techniques. We’ll teach you how to serve up a flavorful pan sauce in 3 minutes, from pan to table.

How to Store Bananas

Storing Bananas Made Easy |

Not sure how to store your perfectly ripe bananas? Or maybe you’re just tired of them going bad so quickly? When it comes to enjoying the perfect pick, we have you covered. For all of the details on storage and ripening, as well as the best way to enjoy this fruit at any stage, read more now on Foodal.

Getting the Most out of the Indian Grocery Store: A Culinary Adventure

The product section inside of Patel Brother's Indian Grocery Store.

Step inside Patel Brothers, a large, stand-alone building sandwiched between U.S. Bank and McDonald’s along the crowded, chaotic strip of South Nashville known as Nolensville Road, and you could easily forget you’re in Tennessee. The atmosphere of this Indian market is bare-bones ambiance: plain floors, fluorescent lights, handwritten signs marking prices on produce–a far cry …

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