Springtime Table Setting is A Breeze with These Simple Tips

In the spring, everything comes to life.

As more light and fresh meals become part of our menu, the decorations are also ready to welcome a new season, and it’s time to leave the wintry accessories behind.

Think spring at your next party of family gathering! With fresh colors, patterns, and vibrant flowers, you’re prepared for spring and ready to shine. Read more now on Foodal: https://foodal.com/knowledge/how-to/springtime-table-setting-tips/

So if you’re in need of some inspirational ideas for your spring table setting, have a look around – get swept up in this vibrant season and its colors!

What About a Blaze of Color?

Right now, it’s time to say goodbye to the muted colors of winter and to welcome bright and fresh nuances.

One tip right from the start is to really go for whatever kind of style you personally like. You shouldn’t give in to pressure to follow a trend if you’re not actually into it. Choose a design you’re comfortable with, and that fits your preference.

Today, there are so many variations to choose from that it has become really hard to decide which way to go. The first distinction you can make is to decide whether you like bold and vibrant or soft and powdery colors, patterns, and other elements.

Bright and lively colors like yellow, orange, purple, turquoise, emerald, and spring green in all their many varieties will be wonderful for this time of the year. If you’re going for a whole tablecloth in one of these colors – maybe patterned – keep the remaining decorations more earthy, muted, and basic, so the table doesn’t look too crowded with colors.

Another way to accomplish this would be to choose only a few accessories as eye-catchers.

If you’re not so much into loud colors, there is a wonderful alternative that you may choose. Pastel is highly popular right now. It’s perfect for adding a touch of color, but at a more moderate level.

Pastel provides a powdery and soft appearance that flatters the setting, and it’s perfect for spring. Some more tender color choices include:

  • Pink (pale, dusky)
  • Natural (ivory, beige, cream)
  • Blue (light, sky)
  • Green (light, mint)

The question as to whether you should stay with one color scheme or choose a wild mix is completely up to you. Both can look fantastic, but I think less can go wrong when you decide to stick with one range of hues. In that case, even different patterns or shapes go much better together, when they’re in the same color scheme.

Instead of using a full cloth, you can also go for a lighter decoration instead. In this case, runners and place mats should be your first choice.

A touch of spring can grace your table at this time of year in so many ways. For our top tips, read more on Foodal: https://foodal.com/knowledge/how-to/springtime-table-setting-tips/ ‎

Also, the use of patterns may give your dining area that certain special something. Checkered, striped, or dotted tablecloths provide a breath of fresh air.

Decide on Your Basic Style

Before setting up the dishes and cutlery and looking for accessories, think about the kind of look or feeling you want to achieve. Make up your mind as to what type of setting you are going for, or which colors you would like to include.

With that in mind, it’s easier to find appropriate decorations that fit the planned style. Here are some tips for different models that yours may be based on:

  • Elegant & Pure

Keep it simple with the colors and choose only a few different accessories. One floral arrangement in a vase in the center of the table will do.

White dishes make a fresh and clean impression. If you like, choose some with a pattern of simple dots or stripes.

Looking for a little springtime decoration inspiration? Foodal's got you covered with our top tips for setting your table right this spring. Read more: https://foodal.com/knowledge/how-to/springtime-table-setting-tips/

This style works perfectly with all kinds of flowers, but using just one type will keep it simple and chic.

  • Romantic & Vintage

Pastel colors, flowery patterns, and traditional, old-style linens, dishes, silverware, and glasses are the characteristics of this design.

Set up a seasonally inspired table for your next springtime occasion. Read more on Foodal: https://foodal.com/knowledge/how-to/springtime-table-setting-tips/‎

An arrangement like this looks amazing with roses, peonies, cherry blossoms, and all kinds of blooms, arranged in mason jars or carafes.

  • Playful & Colorful

Choose a variety of colors to create a delightful and happy atmosphere. Work with patterns like stripes, dots, paisley, fleur de lis, floral patterns, or patchwork.

Also, colorful mugs, crockery, or plates make fantastic additions.

Rather than sticking with one kind of flowers, choose a mix.

  • Natural & Delicate

Stick to the colors found in nature, and avoid accessories that are too artificial.

What to do for a springtime party? Find great ideas for various table settings, arrangements, and suitable accessories on Foodal here: https://foodal.com/knowledge/how-to/springtime-table-setting-tips/ ‎

Maybe put out some fresh herbs and fruits, or green flowers. Add small branches, pebbles, or feathers for an original style.

Crockery and dishes made of ceramic, stone, glass, or wood will look best.

Flower Power for Springtime

Flowers are the most popular accessory for all types of decoration throughout the year. But especially in the spring, there are beautiful and vibrant sorts available that represent the season best.

  • Daffodils are a classic choice. Their wonderful yellow blossoms suit every style and taste. A beautiful alternative that shares the vibrant yellow look would be forsythia.
  • The great thing about tulips is that they are available in many different colors. This way, they can either fit into or contrast with the other decorations.
  • An elegant and extravagant way to bring a flash of spring to your dining room is with a few branches of cherry blossoms. There are white and pink varieties that simply look amazing, and these will make a marvelous addition to your seasonally inspired table.
  • That special something can also be achieved with peonies. Their astonishing, opulent blossoms provide a vivid yet dreamy impression, which is perfect for a country-style arrangement.
  • To get the most out of one color palette, you can combine flowers. With hyacinths, crocuses, violets, lilacs and magnolias, you can bring a wonderful variety of violet and purple shades to your dining room.
  • A mix of different wildflowers of all shapes and colors is not a bad choice either. Turn your setting into a happy flowering meadow with a variety of different kinds.
  • Last but not least, what else works great? Ranunculus, daisies, pussy willow, primroses, anemones, freesia, roses, and so on all make a great impression that will impress your guests.

What Materials Work Best?

When setting up a lovely spring table, keep it invigorating and light.

Small and fine willow branches with buds, various blossoms, or leaves are well-suited to represent the arousing atmosphere of the season.

Wood is an all-round useful multipurpose accessory, and it’s always a winner. Adding it to the table provides a natural look. This could be in form of candle holders, napkin rings, cutting boards, trays, or serving bowls.

What Else Helps to Keep it Light & Airy?

The best way to accomplish this is to choose glass bottles or vases. Their transparency provides a lighter feel than heavy vessels.

For a more vintage look, choose mason jars, bell jars, old bottles, or carafes. Different shapes and sizes can look amazing together when they are arranged in a group.

Springtime decorating is all about the flowers. Deck out your next dinner party with our simple tips. Read more on Foodal: https://foodal.com/knowledge/how-to/springtime-table-setting-tips/

It’s best not to overfill the vases – just put one individual bloom in each, or arrange only a few flowers in them.

Keeping in Season

Popular seasonal motifs to include in decoration at this time of year are butterflies and birds.

Whether neutral, pastel, or bright and colorful, springtime table settings can fit all styles and tastes. Check out our tips on Foodal: https://foodal.com/knowledge/how-to/springtime-table-setting-tips/

And even with Easter behind us, eggs are still a nice addition, in different forms. Arranged with some feathers and twigs on a bed of alfalfa or other types of sprouts, they will look like they came right from the hen.

Serving Suggestions

When it comes to serving, using tiered trays is a nice touch, like the British do for their famous afternoon tea sessions.

Looking for a little inspiration for arranging your next dinner party table with a touch of added springtime flair? Look no further than Foodal: https://foodal.com/knowledge/how-to/springtime-table-setting-tips/

These platters are especially well-suited for small snacks or cupcakes that everyone can take a piece from. They are available in different styles and will provide a light and lovely look. Plus, their different levels help to keep the table tidied up, and can be a real space saver.

Add Some Edible Decorations

An amazing idea is to provide your guests with something fresh that they can eat, which also serves as a decorative element.

My favorite thing to do is to always have some sprouts ready at home. This is practical, because you don’t need any gardening experience. Some seeds put on wet cotton pads will do it.

Springtime table setting is all about natural elements, new growth, and a soft color palette- and that's just one way of doing it! Check out our tips on Foodal: https://foodal.com/knowledge/how-to/springtime-table-setting-tips/ ‎

When the sprouts are ready after a few days, put some into hollowed and cleaned eggshells in a variety of colors, tomatoes, small bowls, mason jars, or whatever you like. It is such a lovely alternative to flowers, and can be used by anyone to jazz up the meal.

Please note that sprouts have to be kept moist all the time. The seeds will sprout in just a few days, and they will be ready to eat after about 6-9 days. Just be sure to consume these within a few days after that, as they tend to mold quickly.

The same idea applies to other herbs – unfortunately, without the easy-peasy growing method – but putting some stems of parsley or mint out in a vase or stuck into a napkin ring or the folds of an artfully arranged cloth napkin is a creative way to freshen things up: the food, as well as the decoration.

When you decide to go green with your setting, there is yet another way to carry that statement to the accessories. Fresh and crispy green apples, pears, grapes, or limes provide another dash of color.

Setting the table in spring is a true joy, with so many options to choose from- fresh flowers, fruit, herbs, natural elements, and a variety of color palettes and styles to pick from. Read more now on Foodal: https://foodal.com/knowledge/how-to/springtime-table-setting-tips/‎

What do your springtime decorations look like? Do you have favorite colors or flowers? Or would you like to share a creative idea from your last setting?

Let me know below how you celebrate the first warming rays of sunshine at your gatherings and get-togethers.

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21 thoughts on “Springtime Table Setting is A Breeze with These Simple Tips”

  1. I haven’t put much thought into table setting. I’m lucky if I can get people to sit at the table together for meals. I may try some of these tips and see if it makes the table a more attractive option for my family.

    • It’s nice that you think about considering some of the tips above. For daily meals, I often don’t put much effort into a special setting either, I agree with you that sitting and eating together is the main aspect here (which is sometimes hard enough on its own). But for some special occasions, it makes fun to create a design and see the guests/or your family enjoy the decoration. 🙂

  2. What absolutely beautiful arrangements! Ever since I was a kid I loved checking out the table setting competition at our local fair, but doubt how well I would do myself. I could definitely copy great ideas though! Thank you for the tips. I want to have a nice lunch for my daughter’s 16th birthday next month, and I think she would love some of these set ups.

    • Oh that’s awesome! With this special day coming up, I’m sure you’ll find a great way to “dress up” the table and surprise the birthday group with some of these ideas 🙂
      A competition like that sounds really interesting, I would enjoy having something like this where I come from. I think that is a good way to get some inspiration.

  3. My favorite color is yellow, and I’ll say my style is more playful and colorful. Since I love lots of color when setting my table, I always love adding a hodgepodge of flowers to the table. Eating meals at the table is very important in my household, so setting the dinner table is just a simple way to bring a little art to the dinner table.

    • I agree with you in every aspect! A colorful table looks great and always puts a wonderful twist to the meals. It’s something to enjoy along with the food 🙂

  4. Usually if I’m eating only with my family, I keep it simple, but if I have guests over for dinner I like to decorate my table and this post is a gold mine, it gave me many ideas and I’m almost tempted to invite someone for dinner right now, just to put some of those ideas to good use. I like this season for its vibrant and bright colors, so I think I’ll go with those, but I loved all of your pictures, so I will keep them in mind for the future.
    Edible decorations are a fantastic idea, I loved those sprouts, they look so pretty inside the eggshells. I’m not sure I’ll be able to hollow out eggshells without breaking them though, so I appreciated the suggestion to use tomatoes or other jars instead. Thank you so much for the great post, I can’t wait to surprise my guests!

    • Thank you, I’m happy that you enjoyed the article and the ideas I put together. I think so too, that – right now – all the beautiful and fresh colors work best.
      Right, sometimes eggshells can also be really thin, or the eggs are just small, which can be difficult to manage. But as you noted, there are some nice alternatives to bring them to the table. Enjoy your spring dinner 🙂

  5. These suggestions are gorgeous and I can’t wait to set out my first table of the summer using something light and airy for my decorations. I like the idea of using old bottles with simple flower arrangements and am toying with the concept of criss-crossed runners in bright colors. Since I actually collect old bottles of different shapes, sizes and colors, this could be a really great idea for me to try. Old wine decanters of mixed colors always look good together, especially with the sun shining through the glass.

    • Thank you! The old bottle collection sounds as it was made for this 🙂 I can imagine that you can prepare some beautiful arrangements with them. I also think that the sun playing with the glass provides a nice atmosphere that fits to the light and breezy style. Have fun trying out different designs and choosing some great bottles for your next set up!

  6. Wow I’m so happy that you said green, that’s my favourite colour 🙂

    I always try and be creative when I have a ‘special meal’. Maybe one a fortnight? Usually when I plan a special night for friends and/or family.

    Alas, I don’t have a creative eye. But these ideas are perfect for summer in my opinion, very ‘glam and bam’ with the bright colours.

    Going to be bookmarking this for future reference, it will definitely come in handy.

    Thanks again!

    • Great to hear that you can make use of these tips! I love green, too. And it’s beautiful to combine different shades of it. I think this color is so popular because we associate freshness and liveliness with it. This fits perfectly into spring and summer. Enjoy being crative!

  7. Such great tablescape ideas here! Just in time for me too, since I’m about to throw a bridal shower for my sister! I love the idea of the little sprout cups, those are so adorable! I’m thinking something with these and herbs and some colorful little flower would be perfect – she’s kind of quirky so a creative table design would be a great touch for the party!

    • Oh yes, those little cups are cute, right? I always get nice feedback on those when I use them on the table. I wish you lots of fun and success with the bridal shower. That is a fantastic occasion for an amazing table set-up!

  8. So pretty and elegant! Spring flowers are my favourite by far and these table decorations would make any table beautiful. I love the simplicity also – less is definitely more!

    • You’re right. Instead of overwhelming and uncountable accessories, it often makes sense to focus on few items that fit together. Hope you enjoy creating some wonderful arrangements.

  9. I loved everything about this post, I think that flowers would never be uncool when it comes to table settings, I also loved the idea of the eggshells and the transparent glasses, they complement a natural environment perfectly!
    I really liked the vintage and romantic one, the colors of the picture were just perfect, I’ll give it a try one of this days! 🙂

    • Thank you! Often, I’m also more into the vintage kind of style, probably because I have some beautiful old-fashioned accessories fromy my grandmother that fit into this category. I hope you’ve had the time to decorate your table this way and enjoyed the setting 🙂

  10. These table settings are amazing. I am a very colourful person and tend to use a variety of colours when I decorate. But sometimes you just run out of ideas. These ones are fresh and beautiful. Thank you for posting. I love everything about it.

    • Great, thank you! I’m really happy that my ideas are useful to you. Sometimes it can be hard to come up with fresh and creative ways for decoration, I agree with you. So have fun with some of these suggestions and enjoy your colorful table!

  11. I love seasonal decor but I can’t wait to mix it up a little this spring. I really embrace Christmas but I’m a little tired of tartan at this point- bring on fresh flowers and colour!


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