Nothing Says Fall Like Pureed Squash!

A rustic pumpkin soup perfect for the fall -

Not sure what to do with the winter squash that’s sitting on your counter? Try making a puree! This is delicious on its own, but that’s not all. Try adding it to a variety of sweet and savory dishes for a flavorful and nutritious seasonal treat. Learn how on Foodal.

How to Wet Brine Your Thanksgiving Turkey

Brining a Turkey for Thanksgving locks in those juices |

Do you look forward to moist meat year after year, only to find that your Thanksgiving turkey is dry and disappointing? Try brining! We share our tips for making a concoction of salt, sugar, spices, and water to seal the moisture into your bird, with delicious roasted results. Read more on Foodal now.

Saving In The Kitchen

Foodal's guide to saving money in the kitchen with food stretchers and freezing tips. #foodal

We occasionally link to goods offered by vendors to help the reader find relevant products. Some of these may be affiliate based, meaning we earn small commissions (at no additional cost to you) if items are purchased. Here is more about what we do. To be honest, learning how to save money in the kitchen used …

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How to Select and Serve Fresh Pineapple

How to Select and Serve Fresh Pinapple |

Have you ever gotten an underripe pineapple that was hard as your granite countertops? Having problems getting that sucker peeled and sliced just so? If so, give Foodal’s detailed guide a read and you’ll have all of your pineapple problems solved.

How to Make Your Own Cottage Cheese

homemade cottage cheese and strawberries |

Cottage cheese, known as a health food, has great potential for those looking for a low fat, high quality protein. How to make it, bonus recipes included.

How to Approach Unfamiliar Cooking Recipes to Get Great, Stress-free Results the First Time

how to new recipe |

New recipes can pose a challenge to even the most experienced chefs, but these ten tips will help you approach a new recipe right, and get great results on the first try. As anyone who’s tried to expand their kitchen repertoire knows, new food concoctions can leave you feeling hassled or stressed in the kitchen …

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Add Edible Flowers to Your Cooking

edible flowers 2 |

Edible plants usually conjure up images of fruits, vegetables and herbs. A salad is made up of greens, lettuces, veggies and perhaps a sprinkling of nuts or seeds. If you want to make that salad really pop, try adding some blossoms. Edible flowers are gaining popularity in the culinary world, but adding these brightly colored …

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