How to Cook Boneless Chicken Thighs in the Electric Pressure Cooker

Horizontal image of two plates with pieces of meat and a side salad on a red towel next to glasses and silverware.

Cooking poultry is a whole lot easier when you know how to make boneless chicken thighs in your electric pressure cooker. The meat is quickly browned, then cooked on high pressure, locking in the juices and creating a moist and delicious centerpiece for your meal. It’s as simple as that! Read the full how-to guide now.

How to Cook a Whole Chicken in the Electric Pressure Cooker

Horizontal image of an entire seasoned poultry on a white plate in front of a kitchen appliance on a red towel.

If you know how to cook a whole chicken in the electric pressure cooker, you can have a juicy, perfectly tender bird on the table in less than 60 minutes. This recipe includes a homemade seasoning that is incredibly easy and flavorful. You can even make a gravy out of the drippings. Read the full how-to here.

How to Cook Chicken Tenders in the Electric Pressure Cooker

Horizontal image of seasoned white meat pieces on a black plate, with a kitchen appliance in the background.

Ready to learn how to cook chicken tenders in the electric pressure cooker? This simple cooking method makes it easy to achieve juicy and tender meat over and over again. You can enjoy them whole or shred them up to use in a variety of recipes, from soups to egg rolls and more. Learn the simple method now on Foodal.

How to Cook Chicken Drumsticks in the Electric Pressure Cooker

Horizontal image of a white bowl full of prepared and spiced meat pieces on a blue surface with a kitchen appliance in the background.

If you are looking for a quick and easy dinner option, you should learn how to cook chicken drumsticks in the electric pressure cooker. They are flavorful and juicy, with a simple seasoning that’ll leave you licking your fingers. Ready in less than 30 minutes, you can pair these with your favorite sides. Read more now.

How to Cook Shredded Chicken in the Electric Pressure Cooker

Horizontal image of a tan bowl full of pulled cooked meat on a blue towel next to a large kitchen appliance.

When you know how to cook shredded chicken in the electric pressure cooker, you can make it perfectly juicy and tender every time. It is prepared with just the right amount of seasoning, and you can even freeze it for your weekly meal prep if you like. This method is simple, using either fresh or frozen poultry.

Quick and Easy Kung Pao Chicken

Horizontal image of a cooked meat and vegetable dinner in a white bowl garnished with chopped nuts and herbs next to scallions, chopsticks, and a yellow towel.

Salty soy, tangy rice wine, and honey unite to create the sweet and savory sauce for this kung pao. This spicy stir fry combines Szechuan peppercorn-dusted chicken, fierce red chilies, and toasted peanuts for a zesty Chinese dish that will leave your taste buds tingling. Read on for the full recipe.

Quick and Easy Butter Chicken

Horizontal image of a white bowl with rice and a red stew next to bread slices and a yellow towel.

When you’re craving complex spice from a quick and easy dinner, turn to this recipe where juicy chicken pieces are seared until golden, then simmered in a buttery blend of sweet onions, tomatoes, and citrusy coriander. Turmeric lends an orange hue while milk gives the sauce a silky mouthfeel. Read on for the recipe.

How to Cook Chicken and Rice in an Electric Pressure Cooker

Horizontal image of two plates with chicken and rice next to a glass of white wine and cloth napkins.

When you need dinner in a hurry, you will be thankful you know how to cook chicken and rice in an electric pressure cooker. The magical appliance cooks the perfect poultry and grain combination, with both coming out with the best texture. This is a meal you will want to repeat many times. Learn how on Foodal.

This Easy Chicken Bruschetta Bake Turns Your Favorite Appetizer Into Dinner

Horizontal image of plates with a meat, tomato, and bread dish next to a salad on a dark plate with silverware.

Skip standard crostini and rethink classic tomato bruschetta with this easy, refreshing dish. Tender seared chicken is topped with a juicy mixture of tomatoes, basil, balsamic, rustic bread cubes, and cheese then baked to bubbly perfection. Read more now to add this recipe to your list of weeknight favorites.

No-Fuss Slow Cooker Chicken Pot Pie

Horizontal image of a white bowl full of a creamy mix of cooked meat and vegetables topped with a biscuit next to a white napkin and fork.

With minimal prep work required, our slow cooker chicken pot pie is a must make for dinner with the family. Juicy chicken and vegetables are topped with fluffy biscuits to create a fantastic no-fuss meal that will fill your home with the comforting aromas you grew up with. Get the satisfying and simple recipe now.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Horizontal image of a whole pizza cut in triangular slices topped with shredded meat in a red sauce and a sliced scallion garnish.

Looking for a pizza that packs a punch of flavor? Every bite of this zippy Buffalo chicken pie will leave you wanting more. It starts with a velvety blue cheese base and a layer of fiery pulled chicken, then it’s finished with oniony scallions and crunchy celery. Read more now to get your hands on this spicy creation.

Chicken Piccata

Horizontal image of a white plate with cooked poultry pieces covered in a citrus and caper sauce next to whole garlic and lemon slices.

Does it get any better than lemon, butter, and garlic? After swimming in a tangy pan sauce, the tender chicken breasts in this classic piccata are dotted with briny capers and scattered with fresh parsley. Keep reading to add this savory Italian masterpiece to your list of clutch chicken dinners.