Berry Infused Water

Horizontal close-up image of blue-rimmed glassware filled with a light pink liquid, ice cubes, and assorted fresh garnishes on white coasters in front of white cake stands.

Do you need a healthy way to use up fresh berries? If you don’t want to be weighed down by buttery baked goodies like pies, tarts, and scones, make our light and refreshing infused berry water. It’s a simple beverage that celebrates the pure flavor of an assortment of your favorite fruits. Read more now.

Watermelon and Mint Infused Water

Horizontal top-down image of three glasses filled with a beverage with small balls of fruit, ice cubes, and fresh herb leaves next to white towels.

Melon and mint make a marvelous pair as a refreshing combination for an incredibly simple drink. This summer season, learn how to make our super easy watermelon and mint infused water. And you only need three ingredients, plus ice for the glasses! Read more for the complete recipe and step-by-step instructions.

Easy Sparkling Watermelon Cocktails

Horizontal image of glasses filled with a light pink beverage filled with ice with a garnish on a pick, next to a white bowl filled with cubes of fresh fruit.

What’s the best way to use up extra watermelon? When you have a surplus of this juicy fruit, learn how to make a quick drink. Our sparkling watermelon cocktail is a simple mix of prosecco and a made-from-scratch watermelon juice. Let’s play with some bubbles and have fun with a tasty beverage – get the recipe now.

Portable Gas BBQ Grills: Great Food on Location

Horizontal image of women preparing burgers on a barbecue.

Planning to hit the beach, go camping, enjoy a tailgating party, get out to the lake, or take some other kind of outdoor trip? Consider bringing a portable gas grill! Review our top choices for this convenient cooking appliance now, and learn about all the features to consider before you purchase. Read more now.

Strawberry, Lemon, and Basil Infused Water

Horizontal image of glasses filled with a clear liquid mixed with slices of fruit topped with basil leaves.

Do you want to add just a little flavor to a cold glass of water, without any artificial sweeteners or a massive calorie count? For a light and refreshing summer beverage, make our infused water with fresh strawberries, lemon, and basil. Quench your thirst as soon as possible, and get the recipe now.

3 Chilled Soups to Help You Keep Cool During the Summertime

Horizontal image of a collage of assorted pureed soups in bowls, with a label in the center of the image.

Soup on a hot day? We promise we’re not crazy. Chilled soup can provide cool refreshment during the warmest summer days and evenings. Make our three recipes for creamy avocado and coconut, cucumber, and gazpacho soup when the sun is shining and everyone needs a brief, cold escape. Read more now to find out more.

Blackberry Scones

Horizontal top-down image of individual pastry wedges on a wrinkled piece of parchment paper.

What could be better than a homemade baked treat, enjoyed while it’s still warm from the oven? Studded with plump and juicy fresh fruit and topped with a light layer of crunchy sugar, you need to make these delicious blackberry scones for breakfast, brunch, or a relaxing coffee break. Read more now for the full recipe.

23 of the Best Summertime Sweet Corn Recipes

Horizontal image of a collage of summer recipes, with a label in the center of the image.

Do you love summertime sweet corn? From pancakes to tacos, we have you covered with so many delicious options that use these beautiful kernels. Check out our roundup for 23 of the best recipes from our own collection that feature this seasonal ingredient in the tastiest and most unique ways. Read more now.

7 Fast and Tasty Summer Meal Ideas for Every Day of the Week

Horizontal image of an outdoor dinner party, with a man grilling.

Summer is the perfect time for getting friends and family together to enjoy fresh and nutritious homemade meals, even when you’re busy with all of your warm-weather activities. We have a vibrant selection of recipes you can make every day of the week. Discover 7 quick, easy, and healthy recommendations now.

Top 10 Easy S’mores Makeovers for Fun Summer Bonfires

Horizontal image of classic s'mores.

Are you looking for some variety to mix up your usual s’mores recipe? Check out ten different makeovers that go beyond the typical milk chocolate bar, plain marshmallow, and graham cracker combination to give you some exciting ideas for your next camping trip, cookout, or bonfire. Read more for our tasty suggestions.

Recharge with 5 Cold Coffee Cocktails

Horizontal image of assorted glasses and mugs filled with beverages and ice cubes.

Have some fun in the summer heat with an assortment of cold coffee beverages, each with a tiny kick of booze to get you in the mood for your favorite sunny activities. Shake up refreshing cocktails like an elegant espresso martini, drunken mocha topped with whipped cream, and more. Gather all the recipes now.