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The Bottom Line

Any dedicated home or professional barista who wants to add volume and features to their Baratza grinder, will find that this Shut Off Hopper is a great accessory.

Baratza is known throughout the industry for its quality products and this product is no exception to the rule.


With more volume capacity than any other of the brand’s hoppers, adding this top loading device to your machine is a simple way to add more storage capabilities to any grinding mechanism and keeps your bean costs low by locking them inside while the unit is being removed from the machine.

Simply flip and lever and never worry about spillage again or having to turn your machine upside down to empty the contents. This hopper is interchangeable with of the brand’s grinders and comes stock on the Baratza Forte.

Baratza Shut-off Hopper available at Amazon

Build Quality

This hopper was designed with true durability in mind. The outer shell is made of a durable molded plastic material that is resistant to cracking and breaking.

There are high shine stainless steel components on the exterior of this hopper that give this machine a unique, modern look.


Simple Installation

This grinder accessory was created to be easy to install and is simple to add this device to your existing machine. Once in place, it simply locks in to place.

Users can also easily remove it from a grinder, while still keeping the beans inside to prevent issues with spilling or other messes.

Tight Fitting Lid

This bean hopper was created with a top loading design. On top is a tight-fitting lid that securely fits on top. This tight fitting lid will help keep in freshness and locks the beans in air tight and help prevent the beans from going stale while they are being stored.

High Capacity Storage Capacity

One of the most prominent features on the Baratza Shut Off Hopper is its large capacity. It has room for more than 300 grams of beans at a time; meaning there is 20% more bean volume capacity than most of the units that comes stock with one of the brand’s grinders.

Bean Shut Off Feature

This Baratza hopper gets its name from its innovative bean shut off feature. This feature comes standard in the hopper and is designed to make the machine easy to remove.

Baristas can simply flip the lever on the hopper by 180 degrees, to open or close the device. When the lever is closed, it can be easily removed from the grinder without any worries about spilling.

The bean waste below the stopper features averages a surprisingly low rate of just 10 grams.

With the “Shut Off Hopper” beans will be kept safe during transport and no bean will be left behind during the process.


  • Height
  • Width
  • Depth
  • Capacity 300 grams


The feature packed accessory is a great addition to any Baratza grinder. Designed to keep messes low and to add some much needed volume, this device is an ideal add-on for any dedicated barista.

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