Mahlkonig K30 Vario Single: Grind on Demand Makes Excellent Espresso

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The Mahlkonig K30 Vario Single Grinder is extremely fast, stylishly sleek, uses highly advanced technology, and is super efficient at delivering precise and fresh coffee grinds.

Mahlkonig K30 Vario Espresso Grinder (WBC) available on Amazon

This machine operates using the ‘Grind On Demand’ principle where grinds are distributed directly into the portafilter immediately after grinding – ensuring absolute minimum loss of coffee taste and aroma.

This is a high-performance machine, designed with commercial use in mind. But its compact size, stylish color options (red and black), and easy operator usability make this product extremely practical and suitable for home use as well.

The Bottom Line

This grinder is the perfect machine for those who require extremely precise adjustment capabilities, in regards to preset grinding times and coarseness of grinds.

It is electronically controlled and extremely fast – capable of delivering a single 7-gram shot of Espresso in approximately 1.9 seconds.

A Versatile Machine With Multiple Features

This is a highly efficient and superbly designed machine. It has many great design features, which allow for a variety of different user options.

This model won the Red Dot Design award in 2005, and it has evolved ever since to become one of the world leaders in single chamber coffee grinders.

The Mahlkonig K30 Vario has many versatile design features, such as:

  • an easy to maintain modular build
  • universal portafilter holders (to suit every machine)
  • hopper adapters for individual barrels
  • different colors and branding on request
  • electronic controls/settings and illuminated digital display
  • one of the quietest, low-vibration coffee grinders on the market.

All of these great features combine to make this grinder a highly efficient, high performance and high quality espresso grinder, and a great addition to any commercial cafe or home countertop.

Precise And Consistent Grinds Guaranteed With Electronic Preset Functions

Grind times, coarseness of grinds, and exact measurements for portioning can be digitally preset and programmed – allowing for consistent, high quality, and very precise grinds every single time.

The grinding process is then further assisted by advanced software and technology, which has been built and designed specifically to help produce the freshest and best tasting espresso grinds possible.

Dosage, coarseness of grinds, grind measurements, and other important grinding parameters are controlled by electronic software that has been custom designed by Mahlkonig – based on over 80 years of product research and development.

The Mahlkonig Single K30 Vario (WBC) Helps Automate And Improve The Coffee Grinding Process

Mahlkonig used innovative ideas and technology when designing the Single K30 Vario to produce a world class leader in coffee grinders.

Minor adjustments to this machine’s overall design and functionality over the years (such as the addition of a short bean hopper and program software updates) have helped to automate and perfect the coffee grinding process.

The Single K30 Vario has some very convenient features, including:

  • automatic start as soon as the portafilter is inserted
  • optimal settings can be preset ahead of time
  • shots are individually counted/logged

A full report of the machine’s operating status can be retrieved at any time by a designated operator (and accessibility to the machine’s settings can be password protected for privacy and security).

‘Grind On Demand’ Functions And Cool Grinding Technology Ensure Even Grinds And Minimal Clumping

Large 65-millimeter flow-optimized cutting burrs are utilized to ensure cool, smooth (not clumpy), and even grinding.

Test Espresso Grinds from the Mahlkonig K30 Vario

Each grind portion is then distributed directly into the portafilter, to guarantee minimal loss of coffee taste and aromas – which typically start as soon as the coffee beans have been ground.

Build Quality

Mahlkonig is one of the world’s best and most innovative manufacturers when it comes to designing and making high quality, premium coffee grinders.

The K30 Vario Single is no exception to this rule, and it is rated by users worldwide as an extremely efficient machine, capable of consistently delivering precise and high quality coffee grinds – and resulting in a great tasting cup of coffee.

The casing is made from high-quality stainless steel and a highly durable colored plastic (available colors are red and black).

This professional and high-quality finish gives this unit a stylish, professional appearance – plus making it extremely robust and able to cope with constant use in the busiest of kitchens.


Stainless Steel Housing With Compact And Robust Design

High-quality materials were incorporated by Mahlkonig to prolong the life of their machines. The use of stainless steel for the production of important components such as the portafilter and exterior casing makes this machine able to withstand even the harshest conditions.

Automated Grinding

Sophisticated technology and programmable software are used to help automate and perfect the grinding process. Preferences in regards to grind time, grind coarseness, and dosage amounts can be preset to help save time, and to guarantee a consistent grind – every single time.

This machine also operates utilizing a ‘hands-free/auto-start’ function, which activates the K30 single and begins the grinding process every time the portafilter is placed into the receiver.

Total Control With Grind Speed Adjustments

Total control over preferred grind settings is possible with the machine’s precise stepless grind adjustment feature. Grind settings can be manually adjusted in a matter of seconds by turning the adjustment mechanism on top.

High Quality Grinding Burrs

Large 65-millimeter (2.56-inch) flat burrs made from an extremely durable alloy steel compound were used to guarantee the most fluffy grind possible, without stepping up to the costly Titan Class machines such as the Mazzer Robur.

These burrs are guaranteed to grind even the hardest and most robust coffee beans. This unit is also equipped with in-built fans that cool the burrs while grinding, and help ensure a consistent, fluffy grind.

Programmable Dosage Controls And Grind On-Demand Dosing

Electronic controls, digital displays, and programmable software all work together to help save time, and to ensure accuracy in regards to serving up the correct dose.

The programmable features  allow you to preset grind times at 0.01 second increments – providing you with extreme precision when trying to establish the correct grain size and dose of your grinds.

The Mahlkonig K30 Vario Single Grinder also stores additional information, such as separate shot counters for single and double shots, how many doses have been delivered that day and over the lifespan of the machine, plus a log of the last 20 alarm messages given by the machine.

The ‘Grind On Demand’ principle of delivering freshly ground coffee directly into the portafilter immediately after grinding ensures minimal loss of aromas and flavors, which instantly occur once the coffee beans have been ground up and exposed to the natural elements (like sunlight, oxygen, heat, and humidity).

The sophisticated technology and programmable software that is used by the K30 Vario Single was specifically designed for producing the best quality grinds through many years of product research and development.

Dosamat Calibration

The portafilter holders on the newer models are equipped with a unique magnetic feature, which is patented by Mahlkonig and exclusive only to their machines.

The K30 Vario Single is able to read the magnet on the portafilter as soon as it is placed into the receiver of the machine, and then doses accordingly.

Quiet Performance And Minimal Vibration

This grinder is one of the most quiet and efficient coffee grinders on the market. The high quality of materials used in the production of the Mahlkonig K30 Vario Single, in combination with its overall design, results in a very quiet machine with minimal vibration during operation.

Easy Cleaning And Maintenance

All components disassemble with ease, allowing the user to thoroughly clean any hard to reach places where coffee ground residue is most likely to get stuck – which makes this particular coffee grinder perfect for busy settings where regular maintenance is required.

Foodal’s Rating

  • Usability/Adjustability
  • Construction
  • Grind Speed
  • Warranty/Parts Availability/Support
  • Price for Performance


This is one of the best grinders that you can pair with your commercial or home espresso machine, and we are sure that you will not be disappointed.

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