Tuesday Night Dinner: Spicy Pork Tacos with Peach & Corn Salsa

Pork Tacos with Peach-Corn Salsa | Foodal.com

These spicy pork tacos with peach and corn salsa are the perfect way to enjoy seasonal produce at its peak. They’re quick, healthy, and super tasty – what’s not to love? You can crank up the spicy heat if you crave a little burn, or tone it down if you’re feeling more reserved. Fire up the grill and try this recipe out for dinner tonight.

Vegetarian al Pastor Style Tacos (Carnivore Version Also Included)

Vegetarian al Pastor Style Tacos (Carnivore Version Also Included) | Foodal.com

The traditonal recipe for this time-honored Mexican dish was known as al pastor due to the marinated pork, which is usually grilled on a vertical rotisserie. The marinade is normally prepared with achiote, a variety of spices as well as ground red chilies. One day, when I went by this street vendor stand which offers these, I realized that they were using pineapple cooked together with the cheese and thought, wow, that seems tasty and sure enough it was. This is my take on their tacos. I love it and I am sure you will as well.

Spiced Pepper and Onion Vegetarian Tacos

Spiced Pepper and Onion Vegetarian Tacos

The last few months, alongside moving and a kitchen renovation and getting ready for The Einkorn Cookbook‘s launch, I’ve been jetting back and forth to the Chicago suburbs. One of our family members has been in and out of the hospital, so there’s been a lot of talking to doctors, feeling angry/depressed/confrontational about the lack …

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