Classic No-Mayo Deviled Eggs

Classic Deviled Eggs |

Love deviled eggs, but you’re not a fan of mayo? You can still enjoy this favorite party appetizer with our tasty recipe. Instead of mayonnaise, we use an easy substitute: but you’ll have to keep reading to find out what it is! Combined with the other classic ingredients like relish, mustard, and fresh herbs, you still get the same great taste, all in one bite! Get our quick update to this amazing dish now on Foodal.

Chocolate Banana Braided Yeast Bread: A Delicious Combination!

Sliced Chocolate Banana Braided Bread |

A fluffy slice of braided bread? It’s always a winner – especially for breakfast! This one combines the irresistible flavors of banana and chocolate, a duo that kids and adults of all ages will love. Enjoy it whenever you crave a sweet, delicious treat in the morning… or afternoon…or evening…you get the picture. Learn how to make it and enjoy it right here at Foodal!

Easter Eggs and How to Use Them (Up)

Easter Eggs and How to Use Them Up |

Easter eggs. Those little balls of color that are ubiquitous in many parts of the world through the first week of April. Did you know that the egg has had religious connotations throughout all of recorded history? Read about this and how to use up these colorful creations post-Easter now.

La Pasquetta – Celebrating Easter Monday the Italian Way

La Pasquetta – Celebrating Easter Monday the Italian Way|

In Italy, Easter Monday is referred to as La Pasquetta, and is translated litterally as Little Easter. Following the more serious and reflective Easter time (Pasqua), it’s relaxed get together experienced outdoors with loved ones and friends. This nationwide festivity begins as families load up the leftover food from the Easter meal into picnic baskets…

Celebrate With A Traditional Italian Easter Egg Bread

Celebrate With A Traditional Italian Easter Egg Bread |

Italian Braided Easter Egg Bread is fun twist (pun intended) to the standard afternoon feast and is a fun tradition to try out even if you aren’t Italian. Bright and colorful eggs are enveloped in a deliciously sweet dough making for a beautiful edible centerpiece.

The Traditional Foods of Easter

The Best Traditional Foods of Easter |

Looking to celebrate Easter in a traditional manner? Read about all of the unique foods that have a historical connection to this glorious holiday. These are fairly easy to prepare right in your own home. Ashley give’s you enough ideas and recipes that you can plan a feast with just this one article!