Homemade Natural Air Fresheners for the Kitchen

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The kitchen is home to some of the finest fragrances – and some of the worst! Lingering odors in the air, on surfaces, and trapped in drains can be offensive and even affect our mood. And commercial air fresheners often make it worse by overlaying odors with sickly sweetness. But you can improve the air quality in your home with fresheners that smell like the real deal – because they are! Join us on Foodal for a look at how to use hard-working and natural ingredients like herbs, citrus, salt, and more to restore aromatic freshness to your kitchen.

Keep Your Kitchen Countertops Sparkling with These Tips

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Kitchen countertops take an inordinate amount of abuse – cuts, gouges, hot pans, and acidic ingredients all add to the beating they take on a daily basis. And without adequate care and maintenance, countertops can look dull and grimy in no time at all. To find out what cleaners offer the best solutions for granite, marble, wood, concrete, tile, glass, and more, keep reading on Foodal. Our guide offers the top techniques to safely keep your counters clean and shiny, and keep them looking their best!

11 Tips to Reuse Food Remains in the Household

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We all produce waste in our kitchens – there’s no way around it. But there are a variety of smart ways to repurpose those produce scraps and leftovers. Check out 11 of the top tips on Foodal, to reduce the amount of kitchen waste that winds up in the bin. Read more now.

You Dropped Raw Chicken on the Floor – Now What?

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Oh, no! You just dropped raw chicken on the kitchen floor! But there’s no need to panic. We have the easy solution to save your bird from this slippery situation. We’ll also go over how to clean up the mess, and how to prevent it from happening again. Chicken is still on the menu for tonight’s dinner! Read more now on Foodal.

Your Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets and Cupboards

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Scrubbing and sanitizing the kitchen cabinets and cupboards is an onerous task. Not only is it time consuming, using the wrong cleaners on expensive cabinets can ruin the finish. And once that happens, there’s just no hiding it. So check out our tips for effectively cleaning the most common materials for today’s kitchen cabinets, and how to disinfect them as well. When you know the right methods, cleaning and sanitizing can be accomplished quickly and easily! Read more now.

Is Your Kitchen Toxic?

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Did you know that cleansers can make you just as sick as improper hygiene? Read our tips to reduce chemicals and bacteria in your kitchen for better health.

How to Get Your Husband Involved in Housework

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First, let me say this: it is not ALL men who can’t do housework properly. There are a select few men, who do housework beautifully, who cook more than just barbeque, and who make ideal house husbands because they are just so good with all things domestic. This, however, is NOT the norm. In most …

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The Natural Cleaning Power of Lemon

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Household cleaners of one variety or another always seem to find their way onto the weekly grocery list. Unfortunately, they are expensive and sometime have unnecessary chemicals. Not long ago, I came across a shop in Chicago that specialized in natural cleansing products for the home, and after perusing the shelves found an all-purpose citrus …

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Tips to Minimize Dish Cleaning During the Holidays

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Dinner is over, and your guests leave the table with smiles on their faces. But who’s going to deal with the dishes after they leave? Check out our tips for cutting down on the mountains of plates, silverware, and cookware that pile up during the holidays, and share dish duty to cut your time spent scrubbing in half.