How to Blanch Almonds

Two photos showing roasted almonds on the left side and blanched almonds on the right side | Foodal

Do you have a recipe that calls for blanched almonds but you just have regular nuts in your pantry? You can blanch and deskin them yourself in a couple of minutes. Find out what you need to know now!

Broken Homemade Mayo? Here Are Two Quick Fixes For Creamy Perfection!

Mastering the technique for fixing broken mayonnaise |

Creating your own batch of homemade mayonnaise is tops for bright, fresh flavors with all natural ingredients. But if you try to rush it, a made-from-scratch batch can be a bit finicky and break into a curdled nightmare. If this happens to you, we’ve got two quick and easy fixes to restore its velvety texture. Read more now on Foodal.

Cooking Basics: How to Peel and Devein Shrimp

Correctly shell and devein whole shrimp |

Have you ever wondered how chefs prep those perfectly cleaned shrimp for your cocktail? It’s called deveining, and it involves careful peeling and removal of the guts. To perfect your technique, read more now on Foodal.

How to Make Your Wedges Last: The Ultimate Guide to Storing Cheese

The ultimate guide to storing all of your cheeses | Foodal

Stocked up on fancy cheese and you want to make sure it stays tasty until the last bite? Not sure what the part of your fridge labeled “Cheese Drawer” is for? Never fear – Foodal has your comprehensive guide to wrapping and storing fine cheeses in your home refrigerator so they stay fresh until they’re gone!

Cooking Tips for Beginners

Pondering What to Cook |

Trying to begin your cooking journey, but a little confused on where to start? Read Foodal’s advice, and you’ll be cooking in no time. Read tips here.

French Cooking with Flair: 11 Basic Techniques For Every Kitchen

Improve your skills in the kitchen with our glossary of French culinary terms, from A to Z. |

French cooking has a well-deserved reputation of producing exquisite flavors, with delightful sauces, puffy pastries, and rich ingredients. But it doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. Join us for a look at some of the basic techniques that will help you to save time in the kitchen – they’re simple to learn and easy to apply for delicious meals any night of the week!

11 Top Tips for Kitchen Safety

Avoid Slip-Ups with Our Top Ten Tips for Kitchen Safety |

Good organization and careful work habits help to prevent kitchen accidents like cuts, burns, spills, and falls. Make cooking safety the number one priority in your kitchen with 11 important tips from the experts at Foodal. Read more now!

7 Sweet Sensations to Make with a Cake that Doesn’t Rise

7 Sweet Sensations to Make with a Cake that Doesn't Rise

Have you baked a cake that didn’t rise and now you’re wondering what to do with it? Turn an imperfect cake into a delicious dessert with seven creative ideas from the experts at Foodal. With a little pudding, some chocolate, and maybe a shot or two, you’ll have dessert back on track in no time.

9 Quick Tips to Stretch Thanksgiving Dinner

Quick Tips to Stretch Thanksgiving Dinner |

What to do when unexpected guests arrive for Thanksgiving dinner? The experts at Foodal share 9 tips to teach you some creative ways to stretch traditional favorites in a pinch. With a few more ingredients and an updated presentation, you’ll get the party started!