How to Peel and Devein Shrimp

Horizontal top-down image of prepping raw prawns on a white plate and on a wooden cutting board.

Do you wonder how chefs prep fresh shrimp for your cocktails, pastas, curries, and more? And are you still not sure what exactly that weird line running down the back of each one is? Expertly peeling and deveining them yields perfectly prepped crustaceans to cook and serve in all of your dishes. Learn how now.

Mix Up Your Eggs With These Easy Cooking Methods

Horizontal image of different preparations of breakfast on white plates and a wooden board.

There are endless ways to cook with eggs, and we love them all. Not only does this versatile ingredient seamlessly blend into batters and sauces, but it can also star as the main dish. Discover 9 of our favorite ways to cook with eggs, and you’ll soon understand why we love recipes like quiches, khachapuri, and more.

How to Use the Whole Loaf of Bread, Including the Ends!

Horizontal image of slices of plain white bread on a cutting board next to a knife.

What should you do with the ends of a loaf of bread? Keep or toss? If you’re debating throwing them away because you can’t think of anything to do with them, we hope to change your mind with our creative and delicious ways to use up end pieces and stale rejects. Gobble up our ideas now, from crostini to casseroles.

12 Tips to Speed Up Your Chicken or Fish Entrees

Horizontal image of a cooked whole fish and cooked chicken wings in a sauce.

Do you think cooking chicken or fish for dinner might take too long, or that it might be too complicated to make when you’re pressed for time? Even on busy weeknights, you can still make a delicious meal from scratch with our advice and suggested recipes. Discover our 12 tips to speed up these two protein options now.

How to Preserve Fresh Herbs

Horizontal image of bundles of aromatics suspended with twine on a wooden wall.

Are you sad that your fresh herb garden has such a short life span? Your beautiful aromatics can be preserved in a variety of different ways. This helpful guide will teach you everything you need to know on how to store all of your favorite herbs at the end of the gardening season and beyond. Read more now.

11 Ways to Cook Healthier Meals for the Family without Getting Caught

Horizontal image of a mom, dad, and daughter enjoying pizza together at the table.

Are you looking for creative ideas to make healthy and wholesome food decisions for your whole family without provoking a total mutiny? Learn 11 stealthy ways to cook healthier meals for them without getting caught. It will be easier to accomplish than you might think! Read more now to reveal our expert advice.

9 Easy Ways to Be Less Wasteful in the Kitchen

Horizontal image of a woman saving money in a piggy bank on a countertop next to groceries in a bag.

How are you battling food waste in your own home? Put an end to bad habits now with nine easy ways to be less wasteful in the kitchen. Not only will you have more money in your household budget, but you’ll also be contributing to a healthier environment. And that’s something to do with pride! Read more now.

How to Make a Full-Course Italian Meal

Horizontal image of a family having dinner with multiple plates and drinks on the table.

Are you planning your next dinner party? Do you want your guests to feel relaxed, entertained, and comforted? Do as the Romans do and serve a full-course Italian meal everyone can leisurely savor for an entire evening. We’ll discuss the basic courses, and provide tasty recipe suggestions. Read more now.

5 Steps for a Perfect Pasta Salad

Horizontal image of a large bowl and a plate of a rotini and mixed vegetable and bean recipe next to a wooden spoon and cherry tomatoes.

Do you think pasta salads are always bland and soggy? They don’t have to be that way, especially with our help. Using our step-by-step guide and delicious recipe suggestions, you can learn how to make fresh and bold pasta salads with fun flavors and textures. Your next party is approaching fast, so read more now.

Cooking Tips for Beginners

Horizontal image of a confused man holding a chef's knife next to ingredients on a table.

Do you want to learn how to cook, but you’re anxious to start? Foodal offers the best advice for beginner-level home chefs. From equipping your kitchen with the most practical tools to carefully studying every recipe, we’ll steer you in the right direction so you can cook with confidence and know-how. Read more now.

Asparagus Season Has Arrived – How to Select, Prep, and Cook Fresh Spears

Horizontal image of a pile of fresh green vegetables on a white marble surface next to white towels.

Do you love cooking with asparagus? Can’t get enough of the crisp-tender stalks and delicate, feathery tips? From now on, take advantage of their very short spring growing season and learn how to select, prep, and cook fresh spears. Read more now to learn about asparagus basics, and discover our tips in the kitchen.

How to Approach Unfamiliar Recipes for Stress-Free Results

Horizontal image of a mom and daughter reading a cookbook while in the kitchen together.

Did you find a recipe you’ve never made before? If your excitement is matched with an equal amount of fear, don’t step into the kitchen unprepared. New recipes can pose a challenge even for experienced chefs, but our tips will help you achieve excellent results on the first try. Ready to take a fun risk? Read more now.