Guide To Kitchen And Cooking Lingo

A cook examines a book containing cooking terms, lingo, and definitions.

No matter whether you cook frequently for fun or you’re an aspiring cook to be, you’ve probably realized that there are tons of terms that can get downright confusing in the kitchen. Over the years spent researching recipes and cooking at home, I’ve learned a ton of terms that I previously wouldn’t have understood. Here are …

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The Secret To Cooking With Hot Peppers

spicy red peppers |

Many of us love to add hot peppers to our recipes. But how many times have we added too much or learned the hard way that a particular pepper was simply too hot? There are few solutions other than to dilute your perfectly crafted dish or start over. If this has ever happened to you, …

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How to Select and Serve Fresh Pineapple

How to Select and Serve Fresh Pinapple |

Have you ever gotten an underripe pineapple that was hard as your granite countertops? Having problems getting that sucker peeled and sliced just so? If so, give Foodal’s detailed guide a read and you’ll have all of your pineapple problems solved.

How to Make Your Own Cottage Cheese

homemade cottage cheese and strawberries |

Cottage cheese, known as a health food, has great potential for those looking for a low fat, high quality protein. How to make it, bonus recipes included.

Add Edible Flowers to Your Cooking

edible flowers 2 |

Edible plants usually conjure up images of fruits, vegetables and herbs. A salad is made up of greens, lettuces, veggies and perhaps a sprinkling of nuts or seeds. If you want to make that salad really pop, try adding some blossoms. Edible flowers are gaining popularity in the culinary world, but adding these brightly colored …

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Use the Whole Loaf of Bread

Use the Whole Loaf of Bread |

Don’t Throw Out the Heels. You Can Use Them in Tasty Ways. I’ve always wondered why many people seem to discard the heels of a bread loaf. They taste the same as the other pieces, and you paid for them too, so why not use them? I have found several ways to use to the …

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