Chocolate-Covered Marshmallow Pops: A Fun Treat for Everyone to Enjoy

Horizontal image of candies coated in chocolate and assorted sprinkles on sticks on a white plate.

If you’re seeking a kid-friendly kitchen activity that results in a sweet treat the whole family will love, try these marshmallow pops. It’s simple to prepare the recipe, dipping the fluffy sweets in your favorite type of chocolate, and you can have a ton of fun decorating them with sprinkles, nuts, and more.

The Lazy Cook’s Homemade Mochi: A Soft and Chewy Confection

Horizontal image of a stack of three circular mochi desserts on a gray plate.

Mochi is a soft and chewy Japanese confection with an addictively fun texture that delights with every bite. Enjoy mochi on its own, as a garnish on ice cream and sherbet, or as a wrap for a variety of sweet fillings. It’s super easy to make in your own kitchen with our recipe. Read more now.

Easy Almond Chocolate Toffee Matzo Crunchies

Horizontal closely cropped overhead shot of a stack of homemade chocolate almond toffee crunchies on a white plate with a green and white striped cloth beneath it.

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect Passover recipe, look no further than these Easy Almond Chocolate Toffee Matzo Crunchies. The crackly flatbreads are enveloped in a caramel-y combo of butter and brown sugar, baked, smeared with chocolate, and studded with almonds and flaky sea salt. Get the recipe now on Foodal.

Blueberry Cookie Dough Almond Flour Truffles with White Chocolate

Horizontal image of white bite-sized candies with blueberries on a white plate with a wooden background.

For bite-sized treats that don’t include any gluten or eggs, enjoy these melt-in-your-mouth almond flour cookie dough truffles with bits of dried blueberries. Covered in milky white chocolate, they are delightfully fun and whimsical to serve and eat. Learn how to make this sweet recipe now on Foodal.

A Handful of Sugar and Spice Candied Nuts for Holiday Gatherings

Sugar and spice candied nuts in a star-shaped white ceramic dish, with more scattered around the base on a burgundy cloth, with brown pine cones in the background.

When guests gather in your home for the holidays, make sure you have sugar and spice candied nuts on hand for all your snacking needs. The sweet heat combination will tickle your taste buds. It’s a fantastic option to set out for holiday party munching, or to give as a gift to friends and family. Get the recipe now.

Homemade Peanut Butter Cups

Horizontal image of chocolate candies in white liners garnished with sea salt.

Rich and chocolaty peanut butter cups are treats you can easily make in your own home. Aside from being cute and pretty, they pack an impressive depth of flavor, garnished with flaky sea salt. The process is simple, and you can customize with your favorite chocolate and nut butter. Get the recipe now!

Vegan Chocolate Pecan Toffee Makes a Sweet Holiday Gift

A stack of five pieces of homemade lactose-free toffee with dark chocolate and toasted pecans, on a piece of parchment paper on top of a folded and gathered light blue and white cloth, with more candy in soft focus in the background.

For a superb holiday gift for friends and family, bring out the best vegan chocolate pecan toffee recipe. It’s the ideal combination of sweet, salty, and crunchy, without any dairy. All you need are some festive tins to pack the tasty treat up in. You won’t believe just how easy it is to make. Read more now on Foodal.

Make Holiday Gifting Easy with Deluxe Homemade Dark Chocolate Truffles

Homemade chocolate truffles with various coatings are arranged on a piece of parchment paper in the foreground, with a small blue and white ceramic dish of more of the candies in the background in front of a gathered beige cloth, and decorative greenery, holiday baubles, and pine cones, on a dark brown wood surface.

Make your loved ones smile this holiday season with the gift of homemade dark chocolate truffles. These creamy ganache treats melt in your mouth, and can easily be coated with whatever you desire, from nuts to candy to cocoa powder. It’s the ideal edible holiday surprise that’s simple to make. Read more now on Foodal.

Holiday Gifting Is Made Simple with Easy Chocolate Candy Bark

A white decorative serving plate of homemade candy bark for the holidays, with more scattered on a table in the background.

The holidays are just around the corner, and this year, you should give the sweet gift of easy chocolate candy bark. With a layer of semi-sweet or milk chocolate on the bottom, a drizzle of white, and a flurry of textures and flavors on top, this is a sweet treat that everyone will love. Get the recipe now on Foodal.

Homemade Peppermint Marshmallows: Bright Cheer in the Cold of Winter

Homemade Peppermint Marshmallows |

These peppermint-flavored marshmallows are perfect for the holidays, or for lifting your spirits in the cold, dark days of the winter following Christmas celebrations. Eat them on their own, or use them to perk up ordinary hot chocolate, in s’mores, and many other recipes. Make them now on Foodal!

Peppermint Bark: A Gourmet Holiday Confection You Can Make at Home

Pretty White Chocolate Peppermint Bark |

Christmas is a time for remembering traditions of years past, as well as making new ones. Here’s one new tradition to add to your stack of time-honored Christmas recipes: homemade peppermint bark, with layers of white and dark chocolates, and crunchy crumbles of peppermint candies. Get this festive recipe now on Foodal!