Simple One-Pot Savory Beef Stew

The Best Beef and Vegetable Stew Recipe |

After a day of playing in the snow, warm your family up with a hearty one-pot meal. This recipe for Savory Beef Stew, from the experts at Foodal, is flavored with bay leaf and bursting with vegetables including shallots, cremini mushrooms, and plum tomatoes. Keep the pot warm and ready for serving seconds!

Thick and Creamy Italian Gnocchi Chicken Soup (Olive Garden Copycat)

Thick and Creamy Italian Gnocchi Chicken Soup Recipe |

Nothing beats a warm bowl of chicken and dumplings – with an Italian twist! So if you’re on the hunt for a comforting and hearty soup, try out our own thick and creamy version. You’ll fall in love with the rich base and homemade gnocchi. Check out this delicious update of a classic now on Foodal!

Healthy Butternut Squash and Leek Galette

Make This Delicious Butternut Squash and Leek Galette |

If you love healthy winter squash, then you’ll definitely enjoy this butternut squash and leek galette. With a buttery crust and a tasty and savory filling, this rustically beautiful tart will certainly impress your guests and family alike! Get the recipe from Foodal now, and make this galette today!

Oven Roasted Stuffed Spanish Onions

Stuffed Spanish Onions |

These savory stuffed onions are your solution for an easy and flavorful baked dish. This is the perfect recipe for warming up on a cold day, gathering around the kitchen table to enjoy a cozy meal. The onions combine perfectly with the creamy sauce, fresh thyme and cheese. Get the recipe now.

Eggplant Stuffed with Meat and Vegetables

Eggplant Stuffed With Meat and Vegetables |

Looking for a way to use up your eggplants (besides parmesan)? Try out this recipe. Savory vegetables and meat are stuffed inside, and then baked – allowing the flavors to permeate throughout the fruit.

Light & Fluffy Cheese Soufflé

The Best Cheese Souffle |

Looking for a great French inspired cheese soufflé recipe? Look no further than this one. Light and flaky and can be made in either individual ramekins or in a large serving dish, these will definitely satisfy your Parisian cravings.

The Quick and Versatile Quiche

The Quick and Versatile Quiche |

We often bake more than one at a time in the hope there will be leftovers for the next day. Served with mixed fruit for breakfast or salad for a light and easy lunch, quiche is a very versatile meal.

Making Healthy Homemade Pizza

homemade low sodium pizza cast iron pan |

For many watching their diets, pizza has become a taboo item that they can’t enjoy. Homemade pizza is lower in salt and fat. Read more now.

Sprouted Spelt Root Vegetable Handpies

A batch of Sprouted Spelt Root Vegetable Handpies in a basket.

You say that you can’t cook; I say, Give it time. I know it looks like people are born with fresh muffins coming out of their ovens, but it’s not true. Everybody starts somewhere. And the first time you try to cook, especially if that first time is when you’re no longer a kid and …

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