A Look At The Quick Mill QM67 EVO: an Affordable Double Boiler Model

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The Bottom Line

With the QM67 Dual Boiler machine from Quick Mill, home espresso enthusiasts can enjoy commercial grade features packed within a compact device.

QM67 EVO Double Boiler

Quick Mill QM67 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

While this appliance may have several top of the line additions, it comes in a package that is to scale with most standard home kitchens.

With a long list of features, and dual copper boilers, this machine packs the power needed to create smooth espresso pulls and the tools needed to create fluffy foam for drinks like lattes and cappuccinos.

Features such as the pre-infusion system and the included PID system allows users to have dedicated control over the temperatures of their system and boilers.

The key to creating a quality, rich and smooth espresso is consistent temperature control, and the technology behind this machine helps users keep this type of control.

This Quickmill product is part of their prosumer lineup; making it the ideal option for businesses and small restaurants as well as an impeccable home addition for the true espresso fans.

Best for home, office or small restaurants (output capacity of 20 shots per hour).

Build Quality

The QM67 Double Boiler features a classic style with clean lines and a stainless steel shell for a minimalist look. Designed for the professional consumer, each component of this espresso machine is made of the highest quality, and features commercial grade finishes.

The stainless steel used on the exterior not only provides a clean and polished look but is also resistant to stains and rusting as well. This steel covers the exterior shell, wand arms and drip tray.

The machine’s grouphead is made of ultra durable solid brass, while the included dual boilers are each made of copper. This model is crafted with high sheen 304 stainless that gives this device a warm, inviting and polished look.


  • Height: 16.50 inches / 41.9 centimeters
  • Width: 11.00 inches / 27.9 centimeters
  • Depth: 17.00 inches / 43.2 centimeters
  • Weight: 50 pounds / 22.7 kilograms
  • Amps & Volts: 15 Amps & 110 Volts USA/NA and 220 Volts Europe
  • Watts: 1400 Watt steam boiler 800 Watt group boiler


PID Controls

The front of the device has a display known as a ‘PID’ which is used for easy temperature management control. This is an advanced feature that is typically only found on commercial grade espresso machines, and rarely appears on these home devices.

This PID can be easily manipulated and programmed with either Celsius or Fahrenheit temperatures. The PID controller helps alter the group boiler and has 1.0 degree Fahrenheit and Celsius adjustment features. 

A second PID also controls the pressure and temperature of the steam boiler. The closed loop design of theses PID temperature control system helps users get the type of control they need for both steaming and espresso extraction.

This dual design allows for both group and steam boiler manipulation.

Three Way Bypass Valve for Lever Control

The QM67 comes with an included three-way bypass valve feature. This valve is operated with a simple lever control. To end the shot, users simply lift up on the lever, and then push the handle back down.

The result is a dry coffee puck that can be  easily disposed of once the brewing session is complete.

Dual Manometer Controls

The front panel of this machine boasts a two manometer gauges. These devices are used to help monitor both pump and boiler pressures.

The pressure control system in this device not only gauges changes in pressure but kicks on the heating element in the machine when pressures drop.

Vibratory Pump

Included with this home espresso machine is a 52 watt vibratory pump. This ultra powerful pump comes from the trusted Ulka brand, that has pumps in many of the highest grade commercial devices in Italy.

This unique pump comes outfitted with thermal overload protection which helps prevent overheating, keeping the delicate internal components of the device safe and protected from heat damage.

Even though this machine comes with a vibratory pump; it is outfitted with a pulsor. This equalizes pump pressure for lower noise when this espresso maker is working, resulting in a virtually silent performance

Double Boiler

The Quick Mill QM67 EVO comes with two different isolated boilers. These commercial-grade boilers are each made of durable copper. These boilers are designed to provide superior temperature control, especially when paired with the PID system.

Their heavy insulation will help keep the internal components of the espresso machine protected from overheating and damage.

With dedicated boilers for steam and espresso, this machine boasts both excellent stability and a fast recovery time. Having separate boilers also allows home baristas to both brew their espresso and use the steam device for milk simultaneously; meaning faster drink creation times and easier use.

Included Brew Group

Brew group designs are almost exclusively found on commercial grade espresso machines, however, this Quick Mill QM67 comes with its very own brew group device.

Quick Mill QM67 EVO Double Boiler Group Head

This E61 brew group results in a detailed method of espresso extraction and allows users to manually control their extractions. This features insures the proper extraction temperatures with espresso pours, making it easy to get a rich and smooth shot every time.

The E61 group head on this device is made of 9 pounds of solid brass, meaning it is not only durable but it can easily retain heat as well. The thermal siphon design of this brew head will maintain this thermal stability even during periods of inactivity.

No Burn Steam Wand

Home baristas that want to steam and froth milk for lattes and cappuccinos will find this device has its own separate steam wand. The exterior of this wand is coated with the same stain resistant stainless steel as the rest of the device.

However, inside the wand, Quick Mill has added their signature ‘no burn’ design. The interior of the arm is insulated with Teflon; meaning users won’t burn themselves while steaming their liquids. Only the tip will get hot.

No Burn Hot Water Valve

Just like the no burn steam wand, this device’s hot water valve also comes with the same no burn technology. This means home baristas who need hot water for their tea, hot chocolate, and cafe Americanos can quickly and easily get the water they need without worrying about their safety.

Portafilter Set

This espresso machine comes with a complete portafilter set that has two commercial grade 58mm portafilters. The set includes a brass single shot and a brass double shot as well as a blank shot for backflushing.

These heavily coated portafilters are designed with durability in mind and created to withstand consistent use.

Internal Water Reservoir

The espresso machine comes with a tank water reservoir that can hold up to 96 ounces of liquid at a time.


This Quick Mill machine comes with a 6-8 second pre-infusion system. This advanced feature is rarely found on home devices.

With the mechanical pre-infusion system working, users are able to enjoy a flavorful and consistent pour with every espresso shot they pull. The pre-infusion system also helps with temperature stability with the heat exchange feature of this device.

Drip Tray

This dual boiler model from Quick Mill comes with an extra large drip tray to help keep messes controlled. This tray is coated with the same durable stainless steel featured on the rest of the machine, meaning it is resistant to both rust and staining.

This tray can be easily pulled out when full for simple cleaning and draining.


This compact machine makes it easy to create all of your favorite beverages quickly, with the simultaneous preparation features introduced from the machine’s dual boiler system.

  • Espresso Performance
  • Latte Performance
  • Build Quality
  • Ease of Use
  • Warranty
  • Value

With its advanced components and the sophisticated technology; this ultra powerful yet ultra quiet machine is ideal for the serious home barista who values performance with their machine.

Where to Buy?

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QM67 EVO Double Boiler

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