A Review of the Mazzer Mini Electric Type A

The Bottom Line Up Front

Whether you are a serious home barista or a professional user, the Mazzer Mini E Electronic Grinder Type A grinder has the features needed to meet the needs of all types of users.

Mazzer Mini Electronic Coffee Grinder Type A Doserless in black available on Amazon

This Mazzer Mini E Type A with short hopper may come in a compact package, but this machine offers several commercial grade components.

The low hopper helps to keep the overall height of the grinder short, making it the perfect size to fit underneath most kitchen cabinets.

This model is equipped with a short hopper that has several features that help to make the grinding process easier for users.

With commercial grade additions such as an electronic touchpad, getting a precise grind is easy every time.

The stepless design of this machine means there is no end to the different types of grind consistency that can be achieved. The key to a successful espresso shot is starting with the precise grind.

This machine can help you get the exact extraction that today’s most particular baristas desire.

This model comes outfitted with a high power 250-watt motor that provides precise burr control.

The motor, paired with adjustable dosing levels and a large bean hopper, puts this machine at the top of the prosumer category of grinders.

Mazzer is known throughout the industry for its high quality products, and the Mini Grinder E is no exception to the rule.

What is the difference between the Type A and B models?

Type A has the electronic dosing adjustment buttons located on an electronic touchpad, on top of the dosing funnel.

Type B has electronic dosing adjustment controls located slightly above the portafilter resting fork.

This grinder is recommended for home, small business, and restaurant use (US and Canada ETL Certified). 

Build Quality

This Mazzer home espresso grinder was designed with a strong metal frame, and it is covered in die cast aluminum. The construction of this machine helps to make it a durable and long lasting addition to any home or business.

Mazzer Mini Electronic Type A Grinder in Silver

This Mazzer grinder comes in black, silver, or polished options, each providing their own unique style.

The exterior fixtures on this device are covered in stainless steel. They are resistant to rusting or staining, even with regular use.

The knobs on the side of the device are made with a sleek black plexi material and feature bold, easy-to-read white lettering.

A short bean hopper on the top of this grinder helps to keep the overall height of the machine low. The hopper is made of a durable molded plastic material.

Inside the machine, there are 64-millimeter steel grinding burrs that help deliver powerful grinding performance.


Short, High-Capacity Bean Hopper

On top of this Mazzer espresso grinder, a bean hopper is included. This hopper is outfitted to store the beans before they go through the grinding process, and is big enough to hold around 1.3 pounds of standard espresso beans.

This hopper has a low and wide design. The short height was crafted to help keep the overall size of the machine low. The shorter size puts this machine to scale with most home kitchens, and it’s able to fit underneath most kitchen cabinets.

The hopper is crafted from a durable molded plastic that has been treated to prevent UV damage from harming the quality of the beans inside.

It can easily be removed as needed for simple cleaning.

This hopper also comes with a tight-fitting plastic lid. This insures that the hopper is sealed when it’s closed to lock in freshness, keeping the beans at the best quality possible during storage.

Stepless Micrometrical Grind Adjustment Feature

Designed with the utmost in control in mind, this grinder was developed with a stepless management feature. This has been placed in the machine in lieu of the incremental control system.

This allows users to have more control over the grind consistency for their extractions. Whether users need a coarse or fine grind, the stepless control can help to provide more precise extractions.

The micrometrical grind adjustment can help users to achieve the results they are looking for. The right grind is an essential part of creating the best espresso shot possible, and this machine makes that important first step easy.

Electronic Dosing Mechanism

Although this machine is not outfitted with a traditional doser, it does feature an electronic dosing system that makes it simple to precisely control the exact size of the grind extraction. This mechanism is located on the front of the machine, and is coated in a sleek and durable steel shell.

The design of this doser makes it simple to precisely control the exact size of the grind extraction.

With this mechanism, dosing levels can be adjusted from 4-16 grams at a time, allowing you to get repeated shot flavors time after time. This doser is controlled by the machine’s electronic system, allowing for even more precise results.

On the Type A models, the electronic dosing adjustment buttons are located on an electronic touchpad, on top of the dosing funnel.

Powerful Internal Motor

A powerful internal professional-grade motor is at the center of this device. This 250-watt motor powers the machine’s grinding burrs.

This motor is able to put the burrs to work at a slower and more controlled speed of 1600 RPM. The heater is also designed with insulation in mind, and it was designed to prevent overheating issues within the machine.

If you are a serious home barista looking for a new grinder that is chock-full of commercial features, then this Mazzer grinder is just for you.

Check prices and read customer reviews on Amazon now.

The features in this home espresso grinder can be adjusted easily, thanks to the machine’s electronic control panel. With additions like this, you can get a commercial quality product, packed in a small, kitchen-friendly package.

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