What’s Cooking? Space Food and the Gastronaut Question

What's Cooking Space Food Gastronaut Question | Foodal.com

Astronauts recently got a zinnia to bloom on the International Space Station. What does this mean for the future of food and farming? We take a look at space ice cream and tube food, childhood dreams and the harsh realities of space colony living, cooking in zero gravity and farming in space. Read more on Foodal.

Lavender: A Beautiful and Versatile Herb

Lavender Closeup

Did you know you can use lavender in your cooking? The wonderful scent and flavor of this Mediterranean flower will provide both sweet and savory recipes with a new twist. To find out how to add this fragrant flower to your own culinary creations, read more now on Foodal.

How to Store Dates

Storing Dates | Foodal.com

Not sure how to store dates correctly? Here’s a hint: the colder, the better. We provide a look at various types of dates, their qualities and uses, as well as helpful information on storage and ways to feature this tasty dried fruit in your cooking. For the details on how to preserve this tasty dried fruit, read more on Foodal.

Don’t Toss That Stale Vino: Make Vinegar Instead!

Don't Toss That Stale Vino | Foodal.com

A good store bought red or white wine vinegar is a rare find. The taste is often insipid and acidic, and comes with a high price tag for mediocre flavor and quality. For full-bodied, flavorful vinegars, why not make your own? By using up leftover wine, you can make exquisite brews in just a few weeks. It’s easy to do, inexpensive, and fun! Check out our outline of this simple process on Foodal.

You Don’t Have to Cry: 5 Ways to Stop Onion-Cutting Misery

You Don’t Have to Cry: 5 Ways to Stop Onion-Cutting Misery

Wondering how to cut onions without weeping? Foodal is here to dispel the myths about slicing and dicing your favorite tear-inducing vegetable. As the result of lots of testing and hands-on experience, I can personally attest to what works, and which old wives’ tales just don’t fly. Read more now.

The Wonderful World of Vegetable Oils: Varieties, Flavor, and Uses for the Home Cook

bottled vegetable oils | Foodal.com

Get to know the characteristics and flavor profiles of a variety of natural and refined vegetable oils that will help you to select the right one for the job. They’re our daily companions in the kitchen whether we’re cooking, frying, or baking, and the available selection is enormous, with many types and quality levels to choose from. Read on to learn the differences between these types, and discover how you can benefit from choosing the right variety for a particular dish.

73 Healthy Snack Ideas: The Best on the Web (A Careful Curation)

73 Healthy Snack Ideas: The Best on The Web | FOODAL.COM

Are you looking for healthy snack recipes that are easy to make and will keep you energized for hours? Tired of turning to sugar-filled processed protein bars? Don’t worry! We’ve put together a list of 73 healthy snacks to keep you feeling good for hours. Read more now.

7 Simple Ways to Cook Perfect Fish Every Time

7 Simple Ways to Cook Perfect Fish Every Time | Foodal.com

Adding more fish to your diet is smart. But it should be cooked lightly and simply to get the most nutritional benefit. If you love fish and value its outstanding health-boosting aspects, knowing how to cook it properly is important. Heavy coatings and rich sauces are tasty, but they can take away from the nutritional impact. Read on to discover seven methods that will not only turn out moist, delicious fish, but that will also help to retain their beneficial oils and nutrients.

The 7 Best Ways to Use Grapeseed Oil in Your Cooking

How to Use Grapeseed Oil in Your Cooking | Foodal.com

Wondering how to use grapeseed oil? Foodal has compiled a list of the top 7 ways to employ this versatile cooking fat in your kitchen. Learn how this delicious oil is made and explore our favorite applications, from a quick sauté to a crispy deep fry. Intrigued? Read more now.