27 Super Sippable and Delicious Mojito Recipes

27 of the Best Mojito Recipes on the Web

Looking for a tasty cocktail to sip when the weather’s warm? The mojito is the answer! Traditionally made with lime, fresh mint, and rum, you’ll find a few classics as well as more unique versions of the beverage, plus a virgin mocktail, drinks made with liquors other than rum, and even a few scrumptious contenders for the dessert table at your next potluck. Read Foodal’s round up of beverage (and dessert!) recipes now.

Stay Cool with This Chilled Cucumber Soup

Homemade Chilled Cucumber Soup | Foodal.com

Nothing cools you down on a warm day like a nice chilled soup. This cucumber and yogurt version is particularly refreshing. Fresh dill and bright lemon juice add vibrant character to the dish. It is so simple to throw together – there’s no need to labor in a hot kitchen! Go ahead, give it a try today. Read more on Foodal.

23 Wild and Crazy Hot Dog Ideas for Grilling Season

23 of the best hot dog recipes for grilling season.

Getting a little bored with the standard tube meat? Take your hot dogs from plain to insane with Foodal’s roundup of wild and crazy hot dog ideas. From regional specialties to new takes on old standbys, kid-friendly meal options and ways to use up leftovers, this collection of recipe ideas is not to be missed!

What’s Cooking? Space Food and the Gastronaut Question

What's Cooking Space Food Gastronaut Question | Foodal.com

Astronauts recently got a zinnia to bloom on the International Space Station. What does this mean for the future of food and farming? We take a look at space ice cream and tube food, childhood dreams and the harsh realities of space colony living, cooking in zero gravity and farming in space. Read more on Foodal.

5 Healthy Foodie Tips to Ring in the New Year

5 Healthy Tips to Ring in the New Year | Foodal.com

Wondering what 2016 will bring? For so many of us, our plans for the New Year revolve around food. Check out 5 Foodie Tips for the New Year on Foodal and learn the importance of meal plans, joining a CSA, and trying new things out to improve the palate as well as your intake of nutrients.

7 Great Tips for a Healthier Holiday

7 Great Tips for a Healthier Holiday | Foodal.com

The holidays are here! It’s important to maximize your opportunities to make healthy choices, and Foodal is here to help. We’ve got some ideas that you won’t find in most conventional holiday health guides. Read on for more tips.

Learning to Live with Food Allergies in 6 Easy Steps

Learning to Live with Food Allergies in 6 Easy Steps | Foodal.com

Were you or a loved one recently diagnosed with a food allergy and you’re trying to figure out what to do next? You’re not alone. And Foodal is here to help! Read on for 6 easy steps to navigate delicious dining with food allergies and intolerances.