Pain Paillasse: The Best Rustic Bread You’ll Ever Try

Freshly baked rustic pain paillasse. |

Looking for a new take on an artisan bread? Try this super moist and delicious Pain Paillasse recipe based on the breads sold by exclusive European bakeries. It is so easy to make, and the long fermentation time is an extra special step to develop the best flavor and a great crust. Get the recipe now on Foodal!

Dark Rye Bread: A European Tradition

A loaf of German dark rye bread, freshly made. |

The aroma of rye bread fresh from the oven is simply marvelous. And although it’s not too complicated, my family and friends are amazed that I made it on my own. And you can easily make it from scratch, as well! My recipe for dark rye bread creates a beautiful loaf with a great crust and hearty flavor. Embrace this European tradition in your own kitchen, and get the recipe now on Foodal.

Cool and Creamy Indian Lassi: The Perfect Sweet Refreshment

Enjoy a cool and creamy glass of fresh mango lassi |

Tired of the same old iced tea, iced coffees, and smoothies? Try our recipe for yogurt-based Indian lassi for a refreshing drink that’s a little different. Using our base recipe, you can make endless variations in your favorite flavors. Get the recipe, as well as two styles of our own personal favorite flavors, on Foodal now.

Last-Minute Dessert: The Easiest (and Tastiest) Fruit Crumble

Easy homemade apple cinnamon fruit crumble for dessert. |

Looking for a quick, simple dessert that’s perfect for weeknights or serving last-minute company? You’re going to love this fruit crumble, made with apples or berries, topped with a buttery, crumbly streusel. With no bottom crust to worry about and just 4 simple ingredients to track down, this will quickly become a go-to dish. Get the recipe now on Foodal.

Three Seed Multigrain Carrot Bread for Healthy Snacking

Three-Seed Multigrain Carrot Bread for Healthy Snacking |

This moist and wholesome bread is perfect for everyday eating, packed with nutrients from healthy seeds and fresh carrots. And it’s super versatile, too – you’ll love it with sweet spreads like jelly or honey as well as savory sandwich fillings like cheese and coldcuts. Read more.

Wild Rice: A Tasty and Colorful Choice

Wild Rice is a delicacy that is Healthy and flavorful. |

Wild rice is a delicacy. Get to know its origin, harvesting methods, characteristics, and the fantastic flavor of this exquisite grain here on Foodal. Plus, find out about delicious pairings and various cooking methods. It’s time to go wild for rice, and bring some color to your plate.

15 Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Baking Routine

Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Baking Routine |

Love to bake? Check out these 15 tips and tricks to simplify, improve, and enhance your daily baking routine. From preparing different dough varieties to applying that perfect glaze and getting your cake smoothly out of the pan – you’ll save kitchen time and trouble, and rapidly become a baking master with Foodal’s list of helpful ideas!

Christmas in a Mug: Turn Winter Treats into Warming Drinks

Three Drinks to Warm Up in the Wintertime |

Do you love baked apples, roasted almonds and chestnuts? Looking to try something new this year? Why not serve these wonderful winter treats as delicious warming drinks? Indulge in these rich, smooth and creamy blended drinks for Christmas. Read on for the recipes!

3 Classic European Christmas Cookies to Make at Home

3 Classic European Christmas Cookies |

What is Christmas without cookies? Only half as delicious! With vanilla crescents, tender snowflakes, and black-and-white squares, you are spoiled for choice. Try all three easy recipes and indulge some truly fantastic crispy-crumbly treats.