Christmas in a Mug: Turn Winter Treats into Warming Drinks

Three Drinks to Warm Up in the Wintertime |

Do you love baked apples, roasted almonds and chestnuts? Looking to try something new this year? Why not serve these wonderful winter treats as delicious warming drinks? Indulge in these rich, smooth and creamy blended drinks for Christmas. Read on for the recipes!

3 Classic European Christmas Cookies to Make at Home

3 Classic European Christmas Cookies |

What is Christmas without cookies? Only half as delicious! With vanilla crescents, tender snowflakes, and black-and-white squares, you are spoiled for choice. Try all three easy recipes and indulge some truly fantastic crispy-crumbly treats.

Wintry Spiced Baked Apple Smoothie: for Breakfast or Dessert

Recipe for Our Favorite Apple Smoothie with Winter Spices |

Baked apples combine the whole range of Christmas flavors: their warm smell of winter spices and the soft and fruity apple pulp bring that holiday feeling to most of us. Now it’s time for a new idea. Find out how to turn this great dessert into a blissful drink here on Foodal.

Warm Roasted Almond Milk: A Wintry Delight

Roasted and Candied Almond Milk |

Roasted almonds are a beloved wintertime treat. With their crunchy and sugary skin they make a yummy Christmas snack. Did you know that you can turn them into a delicious drink, too? Try this easy recipe for festive flavor in a mug. Read more now on Foodal.

Tender Snowflake Cookies That Will Melt In Your Mouth

The Best Homemade Snowflake Cookies |

Christmas and cookies go hand in hand. Try this tender variety that will melt in your mouth like snowflakes on your tongue. These sweet treats will be nibbled away as quickly they are prepared! Read more on Foodal.

Black and White European Christmas Cookies

The Best Homemade Black and White Cookies for the Holidays |

Spirals, checkerboards, marbled or with stripes – anything is possible with these treats. Bring joy to your friends and family this holiday season – get the recipe now on Foodal and bake a batch today!

Vanilla Crescent Cookies: A European Winter Classic

The Best Vanilla Crescent Cookies |

Enjoy a classic cookie variety from Europe. These wonderful delights will seduce you with a warm vanilla note, subtle nutty flavor, and a nice crescent shape. Time to preheat the oven and get the recipe now on Foodal!

The World’s Easiest Cake (With Only 2 Ingredients)

Two Ingredient Cake Cover |

A cake with only two ingredients? It’s possible with this easy-peasy recipe! Read on to find out what you need to make this indulgent treat, with a nutty flavor and a soft and moist texture. Baking has never been easier. Try Foodal’s recipe today!

The Best Homemade German Vanilla and Chocolate Pudding

Chocolate and Vanilla German-Style Pudding |

What could be better than a creamy, real vanilla or chocolate flavored milk pudding on a rainy day in the fall? Whether warm and soft or cold and firm, enjoy this delicious homemade dessert whenever you’re craving some sweet comfort food. Read on and indulge in this special treat today!

11 Tips to Reuse Food Remains in the Household

Reusing Kitchen Scraps Cover |

We all produce waste in our kitchens – there’s no way around it. But there are a variety of smart ways to repurpose those produce scraps and leftovers. Check out 11 of the top tips on Foodal, to reduce the amount of kitchen waste that winds up in the bin. Read more now.