Making Shrubs & Drinking Vinegars: Tasty Cocktails & Healthy Mocktails

Mocktail Made with Shrub or Drinking Vinegar |

Shrubs and drinking vinegars – what are they? For starters, they’re a refreshing and healthy mix of fruits fermented with sour vinegar. Trendy today in juice and cocktail bars, you can make your very own at home. Add them to your favorite alcoholic beverage, or craft your very own healthy mocktails! Learn their health benefits and how to make them, right here at Foodal.

The Best Homemade Fermented Garlic Dill Pickles

A close up image of two glass jars filled with delicious crunchy pickles.

We like pickles. Who knew? Here’s the way to jump on the bandwagon: make them at home, in a brine of water, sea salt, dill and lots of garlic.The crisp crunch and the salty flavor is something that will make you come back for more. Try making one at home now. Check it out on Foodal.