OXO On Barista Brain 12-Cup: Options for Coffee & Tea Lovers Alike

The Bottom Line

A boost from the OXO On Barista Brain 9-cup, this 12-cup version not only makes more coffee at a time, but it also has a few extra bells and whistles.

Cropped view of the OXO On 12 Cup Coffee Maker & Brewing System sitting on a maple butcher block countertop with a medium blue background.

Designed to mimic the process of the handmade pour over, this machine allows for the all-important “bloom” and intermittently passes water over the grounds.

The coolest additional feature of this model is the removable kettle that allows you to brew coffee as well as heating water for tea or other hot beverages, making it useful for family members with varied preferences.

OXO On 12 Cup Coffee Maker & Brewing System via Amazon

The two settings (Coffee/Tea) allow you to select the temperature for your particular beverage, giving you more control.

At a Glance

  • Intelligent microprocessor to control brewing cycle
  • Internal water scale so no measuring water is needed
  • Precise temperature control
  • Rainmaker™ showerhead for even water distribution
  • Mixing tube blends coffee upon entering carafe
  • Vacuum insulated double-wall carafe
  • Removable 12-cup carafe can be used to heat water separately
  • Coffee/Tea cup selection
  • Pre-soak cycle allows for “bloom”
  • Brew 4-12 cups at a time
  • Mid-range brewing length, in about 10 minutes or less
  • Durable Borosilicate BPA-free glass
  • Cone shaped brew basket
  • 24-hour programmable timer
  • Certified by SCAA
  • Satisfaction guaranteed by OXO


Height: 15.9 inches
Width: 14.7 inches
Depth: 7.6 inches
Weight: 11.8 pounds (15.4 pounds shipping weight)


Durable, Removable Kettle and Thermal Carafe

One kettle made of BPA-free borosilicate glass allows for thermal shock protection without affecting taste and second brewing vessel consisting of a thermal carafe for coffee brewing. Allows for making coffee and tea at the same time.

A close up of the borosilicate glass kettle on the OXO On 12 Cup Coffee Maker. Water is starting to boil inside of the kettle. Background is a medium blue painted wood with back lighting.

LED Interface Buttons

Intelligent one-dial interface is intuitive, offering options for coffee or tea, 24-hour programming, and a freshness timer.

A human hand uses the control knob on the OXO On 12 Cup Brewing System to adjust the balance bewteen hot cups of water to remain in the kettle and how much that will be used to brew coffee.

Coffee/Tea Setting

Gives you the option to choose between the perfect temperatures for coffee (197.6-204.8ºF) or tea (175-212ºF). The precise temperature control maintains the appropriate temperature throughout the brewing process.

Rainmaker™ Showerhead

Uniformly distributes water over coffee grounds for even saturation. Also pauses to allow for pre-infusion “bloom.”

Close up of the Rainmaker Showerhead on the on the OXO On Brain Barista.

Internal Scale

Regulates water volume for the perfect flavor extraction.

Vacuum Insulated Carafe

Keeps coffee or other hot beverages warm without scorching on a hot plate. Double-walled stainless steel with a brew-through lid and non-slip grips on the handle.

Mixing Tube

This feature “mixes” the coffee as it enters the carafe, theoretically causing the coffee strength to be even throughout the entire pot. This can be removed if you don’t like it.

Freshness Timer

Since it’s always helpful to know if it’s time to brew a fresh pot, this feature tells you how long it has been since your coffee was finished brewing.

Intelligent Microprocessor

Assures accurate temperature, time, and volume of water for a completely precise brewing process.

Pre-Infusion Cycle

A short pause after the grounds are soaked allows for enough time to release the CO2 that can negatively affect the taste of freshly ground coffee.

Auto Drip Stop

If the carafe is removed from the machine during the brewing process, the cycle will temporarily stop until the carafe is replaced.


4-Cup Brewing Minimum

This machine can’t be used to brew less than 4 cups at a time, so this may not be the best option for an individual who doesn’t drink more than one mug of coffee at a time.

Hand Wash Only

Neither the carafe nor the kettle are dishwasher safe. This is not a surprise, but may be an important consideration for some users.

Large “Footprint”

The unique design with two separate carafes is convenient and it brews a great cup of coffee. But this machine is rather wide, and it takes up more space than most coffee brewers.

Of course, the fact that you won’t need a separate tea kettle may make up for this fact.

Comparison to Similar Products

Coming in at a similar price to the Technivorm Moccamaster and similar in size, the OXO On 12-Cup Coffee Brewer offers similar features.

However, the removable water kettle and Coffee/Tea temperature settings are unique to the OXO.

Techniques, Tips & Tricks

Some customers seem to have had an issue with this model producing an incorrect number of cups of their selected hot beverage. Apparently, if this happens, setting the temperature to 210ºF should fix the problem.

Removing the filter basket is not intuitive. To do so, simply remove the small silicone ring at the top in order to free the basket for cleaning.


This is an excellent coffee maker that is easy to use. It offers regulated temperature, excellent features, and even provides a kettle for preparing other types of hot beverages.

This model may be a bit on the pricey side for some, and it is a bit large (so you won’t want it in a tiny kitchen). But if you’re not bothered by the price and size, then the OXO On 12-Cup Barista Brain Coffee Brewer could be a great choice for you.

Foodal's Rating
  • Build Quality
  • Temperature Control / 200 Degree Brewing
  • Water Dispersion
  • Ergonomics
  • Advance Features
  • Value


SCAA Certified | Foodal.com


With the ability to brew both coffee and tea at the correct temperatures, this model is definitely one of the best on the market today.

Check prices and see all customer reviews and comments on Amazon now!

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