The Cuisinart Ice-100 Compressor: A Frozen Dessert Workhorse

Are you ready to take your ice cream making to the next level?

If so, then the Cuisinart ICE-100 might be the right machine for you. Its powerful motor with a quality compressor can whip up a batch of frozen delight in less than an hour.

Cuisinart ICE-100 Compressor Ice Cream and Gelato Maker available on Amazon

And, with no freezer bowl to deal with, multiple batches can be made with minimal delay – ideal for those who want to make a lot of ice cream.

Cuisinart has earned a top spot in the kitchen appliance niche, with several highly rated models of ice cream makers suitable for pretty much every budget.

Let’s have a closer look to see if it’s going to deliver the goods for the asking price.


This unit has a smart, professional appearance in a brushed stainless steel and black plastic housing unit – and will add a contemporary aesthetic to any kitchen.

The anodized aluminum bowl conducts and holds freezing temperatures very well, and it comes with two unique paddles for your chilly dessert of choice – either ice cream or gelato.

The touchpad control panel is simple to operate with three buttons: On/Off, Start/Stop and Mixing/Cooling and can be paused, and restarted, at any time with one touch.

The power button is illuminated with a red LED light to indicate when it’s on, and a countdown timer can be set for 10 – 60 minutes for precision control of your batch.

Self-Refrigerating Compressor Models

Another model with a built in, self-refrigerating compressor unit, the ICE-100 requires no freezing of bowls, nor is any ice or rock salt required – the commercial-style compressor does all of the work.

Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream |

You can make numerous batches in one session, consistently producing decadent ice cream, rich and smooth gelato, and light, refreshing sorbets until satisfied.

Simply choose the appropriate mixing paddle, pour in the mix, set the timer and you’re well on the way to delicious frozen desserts without any hassles.

Features and Benefits

The Cuisinart ICE-100 features two distinct mixing paddles that rotate uniformly, blending ingredients perfectly and incorporating just the right about of air for beautiful, silky texture without any ice crystals. One paddle is for making ice cream, and one for gelato and sorbets; and both are installed and removed in a snap.

Vanilla Ice Cream - Homemade using the Cuisinart Ice 100 Compressor |

The gelato and sorbet mixing paddle incorporate less air into the ingredients, creating an excellent texture and flavor that is somewhat denser than ice cream. And the ice cream mixing paddle churns out smooth, creamy results.

One of the stand-out features of this unit is the touchpad control panel. A red LED display shows when the unit is turned on, and the timer can be paused at any time in the mixing or cooling process simply by tapping the Start/Stop button.

Restart with another tap.

Along with the 10 – 60 minute countdown timer, you now have more control over the entire process with consistent results no matter what dessert you’re making.

The LED display shows a countdown timer from 10 to 60 minutes, and is easily set by pressing a button to switch it on, off or to pause and restart.

When the countdown time is done, it automatically changes to ‘Keep Cool’ mode for ten minutes – this is to allow the ice cream to rest without melting before being transferred out of the mixing bowl.

This machine has an anodized aluminum mixing bowl to transfer and hold the cold temperatures, and is fitted with a lift-out bucket handle for quick and simple removal from the base.

The built-in compressor runs on 120 volts and 2.4 amps that provides fast and even freezing for consistent texture, and the power to produce several superb batches without any motor strain or overheating.

With a transparent lockable lid, you can conveniently see the progress of your mixture anytime you want. It has an additional ingredient mix-in opening to add your favorite toppings during the mixing process without interrupting the freezing cycle.

It’s also backed by Cuisinart’s limited 3 year warranty.

Dimensions and Capacity

The Ice-100 measures 16 x 12 x 9” with a 1.5 quart capacity per batch, and renders the final product in 30 – 45 minutes, depending on how much mix is used and the type of ingredients.

It weighs in at approximately 22 pounds, making it weighty but still relatively easy to move for a compressor, and has a mid-range footprint on the countertop or storage shelf.


All parts in this unit are quickly disassembled and easily cleaned with warm soapy water – wipe the electrical base with a damp cloth and polish the stainless steel with a soft, dry cloth.


The following points on performance are summarized from the 318 reviews on Amazon, of which 73% gave it 5 stars, 18% rated it at 4 stars and only 9% gave it 3 stars or less.*
  • There are many complimentary comments about the ICE-100, with the most prominent being about the consistent high quality texture of the ice cream and gelato produced – customers are impressed with the two unique mixing paddles for each product, and how each one aerates to just the right amount for the desired texture.
  • Another favorable feature is the solid construction, durable materials and the power of the motor and compressor to churn up multiple batches without any overheating, shutdowns, or loss of power – it’s a ‘workhorse’.
  • Several commenters pointed out how much faster, easier and more convenient this unit is over their old freezer bowl or ice and salt models, and that clean-up is quicker as well.
  • The mixing bowl with bucket handle is a selling point as it makes getting the ice cream out easier, with the mixing paddles releasing their frozen goodness with little work.

Vanilla homemade ice cream using the Cuisinart ICE-100 Compressor model maker |

  • The design and layout are also a highlight, with the controls simple to use and a clear LED readout display.
  • The main complaint seems to be about developing a squeaking noise on the plastic stabilizer above the paddle – which is easily solved with a drop of vegetable oil on a Qtip.
  • The only other critical note is about cleaning the drive shaft and drive plate on the underside of the bowl, with a few reviewers complaining about a build-up of gunk.
  • And there’s the usual mixed bag about noise levels –  one person wrote that it’s similar to industrial machinery and ear protection should be worn, and others find the noise for the work performed to be quite acceptable.


  • Don’t overfill the bowl. Allow some room for expansion as air is incorporated into the mix.
  • Read the manual and follow instructions. Most problems can be solved by referring to the well-written manual.
  • Use a rubber spatula to prevent scratching the bowl.
  • Ensure the lid is in place and securely locked or freezing won’t happen.
  • Get a good recipe book to improve the quality of your frozen desserts – one of the most popular is The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz.


A true performer, the ICE-100 is designed for, and delivers, more than just occasional use.

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This is a high end machine, and the built-in compressor does make it more expensive than other styles. But the steady stream of rich, creamy and delicious frozen treats is proof that the convenience and ease of operation is well worth the price for those who take their homemade ice cream seriously.


Check prices and read customer reviews and comments on Amazon now!

Sturdy, dependable and with power to spare, the Cuisinart ICE-100 outperforms many of its closest competitors and comes highly recommended from those who have purchased it.

*At the Date and Time that this review was compiled and on the US site.

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  1. This unit looks so sleek, and I think the compressor is wonderful. Not having to freeze the bowl ahead of time would be great, and I like the idea of the countdown timer and LED lights. No more guesswork about when the ice cream is ready, and with the dessert being ready in an hour, it’s nice that a last minute batch can be whipped up when a craving hits.

    • It’s a great looking machine Diane, and from all accounts seems to be as sleek in performance as it is in appearance.

  2. Do you have any idea why this machine has a Proposition 65 warning? Proposition 65 is a law passed in California that requires the labeling of products that contain chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. It might be due to a part that comes in contact with the ice cream, or could it be the refrigerant or solder used on the circuit boards?
    Thanks for your answer.


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