Quick Mill Silvano: Great Espresso at an Even Better Price

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The Bottom Line Up Front

The Quick Mill Silvano espresso machine is an entry level device designed for espresso lovers who want to create their own drinks at home. This budget friendly espresso machine may fall under the entry level category, but it boasts several professional-grade features that make it the ideal balance between performance and price.

Quick Mill Silvano Espresso Cappuccino Coffee Machine available on Amazon

This hybrid espresso equipment packs the power of a commercial grade espresso machine in a compact package, and is designed to fit in most standard home kitchens. At 16” high; this machine can easily fit underneath a cabinet without taking up too much extra space and while still offering plenty of room to create a variety of beverages.

The boiler/theromoblock design of the Silvano replicates a dual boiler design with a separate 600 watt boiler for brewing and a quality 1000 watt thermoblock for steaming, allowing users to brew and steam simultaneously.

This model boasts two vibratory pumps that come outfitted with klixon thermal fuse to prevent overheating. The list of features that come standard with this home device are also backed with a two year warranty by the importer.

Designed with home users in mind, the Silvano from Quick Mill offers affordability with a PID control feature that is rarely seen on home devices.

This, paired with a durable and easy to use design and a removable stainless steel drip tray for simple cleaning, make the Silvano the perfect kitchen addition for espresso fans. Home baristas will not find a more feature-rich, quality device at this price point or within the entry-level category of espresso makers.

Best for home use (output capacity of 20 shots per hour).

At a Glance

  • PID Controlled
  • Externally Accessible Expansion Valve
  • Large 46 oz Pull Out Drip Tray
  • Two Pumps!
  • Ulka 52 Watt Vibratory Pump for Boiler
  • Ulka 16 Watt Pump for Steaming
  • Side Accessible Two Liter Water Reservoir

Accessories included from the factory:

  • Double Spouted Chrome Plate Brass Portafilter
  • Single Insert and Double Baskets
  • Plastic Tamper


  • Height: 16.00 inches 40.6 centimeters
  • Width: 10.50 inches / 26.7 centimeters
  • Depth: 13.00 inches / 33.0 centimeters
  • Weight: 35 pounds / 15.4 kilograms


Toggle Switches

Along the right side of the Silvano; there are three switches that control the main action of the machine.

The top switch has three different positions: 0, 1 and 2. Position 0 turns the machine off, while position 1 allows for ‘pump only’ operation. This means the device does not power the boiler, only the pump.

For beginning baristas, this allows for easy boiler use without burning out the heating element. Position 2 turns both the boiler and the pump on. This three stage power switch prevents damage upon initial startup.

The middle switch acts as the pump’s brew switch. Light indicators will let the user know if the device is ‘off’ (switched to the left) or ‘on’ (switched to the right).

The bottom switch controls the steam pump. When the switch is turned left, the device is off; when it’s turned to the right it’s on. An indicator light will glow as it’s heating up.

PID Controls

On the upper left hand corner of the Quick Mill Silvano, users will find a display known as a ‘PID’ or proportional-integral-derivative control.  This display allows for easy temperature management control, and allows home baristas to ‘set and forget’ the device for easy daily use.

The PID controller comes preset at 200ºF, but can be easily manipulated. The PID comes with a programmable offset feature that is both Celsius and Fahrenheit friendly.

An advanced PID display such as this is rarely found on home devices and usually only appears on commercial grade products.

The GICAR branded electronic water level control included with this espresso maker reacts quickly to temperature changes. Even 0.02ºC of change in the coffee boiler will cause the PID controller to take notice.

Commercial Grade Chrome Plated Portafilter

The Quick Mill Silvano comes equipped with a commercial grade 58 mm chrome plated portafilter. The filter includes a double spout and comes with three baskets; single, double and blank.

This means there is no need to upgrade. The included blank basket is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Stainless Steel Drip Tray

The Silvano comes outfitted with an extra large, pull-out stainless steel drip tray. The tray can hold up to 46 ounces of liquid and can be easily removed for cleaning; as it slides out with the pull of a handle.

The stainless steel design of the tray is immune to rusting and staining; meaning the drip tray will continue to hold the impeccable look of the rest of the machine, even after consistent use.

The oversized drip tray prevents counter-top spills and stains; making it an ideal addition to a home brewing device.

Expansion Valve

The Silvano comes with an adjustable expansion valve, that is located under the group head. This adjustable expansion valve, allows users to easily adjust pump pressure. The easily accessible location of the valve means there is no need to remove the device’s shell while adjusting.

High Capacity Removable Water Reservoir

The high capacity design of this reservoir, allows it to hold approximately 2 liters of liquid at a time. The reservoir is easily removable from the side for refilling and cleaning as needed.

Qualiy Thermoblock Steaming

The Silvano comes equipped with a steam pump to aid in the process of frothing and steaming milk; allowing for easy creation of common drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos.

Since the device has a single boiler dedicated entirely to brewing, its steam pump is operated by an independently functioning thermoblock.

The steamer needs approximately 75 seconds in order to steam 8 ounces of liquid to 160°F. While it doesn’t offer the fastest speeds within the industry, the design of this Silvano steamer allows for a well rounded balance of velocity, dryness and speed while steaming.

The dedicated thermoblock design helps eliminate the need for cycling between the brewing boiler and the steaming function of the broiler. The steam bank on this home espresso machine heats up in just 2 minutes and can be turned off to conserve power when not in use.

Pressure Gauge

Along with the PID, the included pump pressure gauge allows home barista to easily observe the pump and boiler pressures. Together these two features give users precise information so that they may time their shots for perfect extraction and flavor every time.

Two Vibratory Pumps

The Quick Mill Silvano model features two different high-efficiency Ulka vibratory pumps. A 52 watt pump is entirely dedicated to the brew boiler, while another 16 watt pump is completely dedicated to the steam thermoblock.

This makes it possible for the dual action design of this espresso machine to function and for home baristas to create espresso drinks and coffee simultaneously. With the individual working parts in place, users can steam their milk while simultaneously pulling an espresso shot; cutting down the overall beverage creation time.

There is also no need to let the machine cool after steaming with this feature.With commercial grade features, and a sleek finish, all packed within a compact, kitchen-friendly device; this espresso machine is the ideal home or office addition for new baristas.


PID Equipped – Ensures repeatable and precise brewing temperatures each and every shot.

Quality Thermoblock Steaming Unit – Theromoblockshave a bad reputation due to being often used in the cheapest machines, often made of inferior pot metal, and often can’t be repaired. These are issues with manufacturing and price points and IS NOT the case with the Quick Mill Silvano. This is a 2nd generation durable aluminum unit with STEADY DRY steaming capabilities supported by Quick Mill’s legendary willingness to keep parts on hand to support models decades old.

Reasonably Priced – Why pay more for features you don’t need? If you rarely drink lattes or other milk based beverages that require steaming, you don’t need anything more than the Quick Mill Silvano.

Compact Design – Easily fits under standard kitchen cabinets and takes up minimal room.

Large Drip Tray – Although a compact unit, the drip tray of the Quick Mill Silvano is surprisingly large (which is a good thing – it keeps you from emptying too often).


Steaming Abilities – Doesn’t build up steam for frothing as fast as E61 brewgroup or double boiler equipped machine.

Somewhat Loud – Like all vibratory equipped units, the primary vibratory pump for the brew group is a little loud. You will need to step up in feature set and price to find a unit equipped with a rotatory pump if noise is a concern.

Comparison to Similar Products

An integrated PID, a well manufactured thermoblock, Italian design AND manufacturing, and quality stainless steel construction put the Quick Mill Silvano above all other thermoblock machines allowing it to span the gap between entry level machines and the prosumer E61 heat exchanger class.

The only other thermoblock machine that approaches its capabilities is the Crossland CC1 which does not feature a stainless steel exterior and is partially manufactured in Taiwan (albeit at a lower price point and also an excellent bargain).

Techniques, Tips and Tricks

I’d recommend upgrading to a better tamper (highly encouraged) and a perhaps three hole steam tip for greater steaming control. The Espro Toroid 2 Steaming Pitchers are a great addition to this machine for the occasional latte.


For those that want a simple machine that is forgivable to beginners (thanks to the PID), then the Silvano is a great choice. It’s much more costly than a off the shelf device from a big box store (and the price reflects that)

Foodal’s Rating

  • Espresso Performance
  • Latte Performance
  • Build Quality
  • Ease of Use
  • Warranty
  • Value


The Silvano boasts professional-grade features that strike the ideal balance between performance & price; PID, 2 Pumps, & extra large drip tray makes this a bargain if you are starting to get serious about espresso.


This multi-faceted home hybrid espresso machine offers dual capabilities and outstanding features, in an entry level machine that even the most seasoned baristas would envy.

Quick Mill Silvano Espresso Cappuccino Coffee Machine available on Amazon

The Quick Mill Silvano proves that power and performance doesn’t have to come with a high price tag; and that high quality espresso making truly can be within reach.

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