The Baratza Vario Ensures an Optimal Grind

While it may come in a compact package, the Baratza Vario Coffee Grinder is filled with enough features to satisfy the most particular of users. With a digital control panel and ultra powerful motor this machine can handle all types of grind extractions with ease.

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The Bottom Line Up Front

The right grind can easily help deliver the right espresso shot and with the help of the Baratza Vario Burr Grinder; users can easily get the exact consistency that they are looking for.

Thanks to features such as the easy to use control panel on the Baratza Vario, getting the exact results you need has never been easier.

The machine is simple enough for home users to handle yet powerful enough to meet the demands of any professional user.

Baratza Vario – Flat Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder available at Amazon

This electronically powered espresso grinder comes with 230 different grind adjustment settings that can be managed from the device’s LCD screen. While this device is small enough to easily fit into any home kitchen, it doesn’t lack power.

This machine can easily handle the demands of commercial user. At just 14 inches high this machine can be placed under any standard kitchen cabinet.

While the device packs power, it is still developed to operate with ultra quiet performance sound. This grinder packs power and performance in a small, light and budget-friendly package.

This espresso grinder is recommended for small restaurant and home use.

Build Quality

The Baratza Vario grinder is packed with professional grade interior parts, all wrapped within an ultra stylish stainless steel package.

This Bartza machine is crafted with an aluminum frame at its base. This outside of this grinder is covered with a durable stainless steel casing that features a sleek black front panel where the controls are located.

The entire front panel features bold white lettering that makes the machine easy to use and operate. The stainless steel coating makes this grinder durable, stylish and resistant to rusting and staining even with consistent use.

Inside, the device’s grinding plates have been crafted from a strong ceramic material. These ceramic burrs replace standard stainless steel plates that can often cause issues with overheating.

On the top of the machine, there is an extra large hopper made of durable molded plastic.


Extra Large Bean Hopper

The Baratza Vario can grind to 240 different settings | Foodal.comThe Baratza Vario comes with a large bean hopper, located on the top of the machine. This hopper is top loading for easy use. This large capacity bean hopper is ideal for long term bean storage.

When entirely filled, this hopper can hold up to one pound of coffee beans.

The size of this bean hopper makes this grinder ideal for both home and commercial use and makes it possible to keep beans stored for long periods of time.

Despite having a large capacity, this hopper was designed to be both short and low, a feature that keeps the entire device at a low height.

This storage component is made of a durable molded plastic that is resistant to breaking and cracking.

The hopper also comes with a tight fitting lid that will help keep the beans fresh by locking in air.

Optional “shut off hoppers” are also available.

Dual Cam Grind Adjustment Controls

This Baratza espresso grinder comes standard with a dual cam grind adjustment feature. With this control panel, there are more than 230 different settings to choose from.

On the right hand side of the machine there is a lever that helps users select the type of grind that they want.

There is also a lever on the left hand side of the machine that lets users fine tune the grind consistency even further. With this many options, baristas can easily and precisely control the consistency of every grind they create with the machine. Check out what reviewers on Amazon think about this unique adjusting mechanism.

Hands-Free Portafilter Feature

This machine comes with a portafilter holder. This “PortaHolder” has universally adjustable brackets on it. This allows for hands-free operation; and means that the machine can be used with any existing portafilter.

Make sure that you purchase the “886” model as the old “885” model had a weaker version of the portaholder and there are still supplies of the old model in stock at the time of the writing of this review.

54 MM Ceramic Flat Burrs

Baratza Vario Coffee Grinder Burr | Foodal.comThe Baratza Vario is powered by the machine’s commercial grade 54 mm flat burrs. These grinding burrs are made of a durable ceramic material instead of stainless steel.

The ceramic design of these burrs is designed with durability in mind allowing up to 750 lbs of bean grinding before they need replacement.

The ceramic construction prevents issues with friction and overheating; a problem that can impact the overall quality of the espresso grinds.

These burrs for the Vario are also available as a separate purchase in stainless steel; some users prefer a steel material for non-espresso applications.

The ceramic material is the best all around choice if you plan to brew a variety of coffee types and for espresso brewing.

Grind On-Demand Feature

This espresso grinder comes with a grind-on demand feature that is outfitted with an electronic dosing mechanism. This means that users only grind the coffee that they need for each shot and they grind this amount directly into the espresso portafilter.

This will eliminate the risk of stale coffee grinds and lowers the amount of coffee left behind in the dosing feature.

LCD Display Screen

Baratza Vario Coffee Grinder controls closeup detail |

On the front of this device, there is a digital LCD display screen. This window is designed with usability in mind. This LCD screen shows the weight being ground. This means there is no need to pre-weigh the beans before putting them in the grinder.

Quiet Performance Sound

Although most commercial grade grinders are known for being quite loud during operation, this Baratza grinder has a super quiet sound.

The machine’s high performance DC motor turns the ceramic plates at a slow rate, meaning there is a cooler and more quiet operation when the grinder performs.

While the motor delivers a quiet performance speed, it still is able to deliver powerful performance.

The feature packed Bartza Vario allows baristas to achieve a precise grind with every extraction they create. With more than 230 different grind options this ultra powerful device can handle everything from small home use to high capacity commercial demands. Check it out on Amazon now!

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