Rancilio Rocky Doserless: Constructed Like a Tank

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If you are an espresso fan who is looking for a powerful and easy to use home grinder, then newly improved Rancilio Rocky Doserless Grinder may be just the option for you. For years, the company’s Rocky grinder was one of the most popular prosumer products of its kind on the market.

Rancilio Rocky Doserless Grinder Coffee Grinder

However, the brand has managed to improve on this device with their newly unveiled Rocky Doserless product. This re-design of the Rocky Doser grinder has removed the original’s doser lever.

This grinding machine packs the power of the original Rocky in a new package now complete with its own chute for easy dispensing.

Just like the original Rocky, the Rocky Doserless carries on the tradition of reputation of quality that Rancillio first built with their line of espresso machines.

At just 14” tall, this home coffee grinder can also easily fit under most kitchen cabinets. While this grinder comes in a package that is to scale with most home kitchens, home baristas will find that this machine is actually packed with commercial quality features throughout.

This grinder was expertly crafted for espresso lovers that desire more performance and control with their grinds. Plus, the addition of the chute reduces the amount of stale coffee left behind when the device is in use.

These features, along with add ons like an ultra quiet motor and programmable settings make this Rancillio machine a leader in the prosumer category of espresso grinders.

Coffee fans know that a perfect grind is the key to success with any drink, and this home grinder helps deliver the specific results that even the most particular baristas expect.

The machine is powerful enough to meet the needs of industry professionals, yet designed to be easy enough for the beginning user.

This machine is recommended for home use.

Build Quality

The Rancilio Rocky Doserless Grinder lives up the quality reputation that Rancilio has built within the espresso maker industry. This device boasts a modern look with its complete stainless steel covering.

The machine is made with a strong black case aluminum frame. The exterior of this machine, including the back panel and base, is covered in a warm stainless steel that helps make this piece a timeless addition to the home.

These additions also provide durability with the piece as it is resistant to staining and rusting. A high quality steel is also used for the machine’s burrs or grinding plates.

On the top of this device is the machine’s hopper. This is created out of high impact quality molded plastic. This plastic come in a blue color due to its UV treatment.

The tinted exterior of the hopper helps prevent damage to the beans. Both the hopper and the chute on the front of this device are crafted from this UV treated blue plastic.


User Control Features

On the front panel of this Rancilio grinder, users will find the single switch needed to operate this machine.

After the dial has been set to indicate the appropriate grinder settings, this switch (located in the lower left hand corner) can be flipped to start and stop the grinding process.

UV Tinted Hopper

The hopper on this new Rocky model can be found on the top of the machine, instead of on the front. This hopper is coated in a specially crafted durable plastic that is not only crack-resistant but covered with a UV coating.

This gives the hopper a blue tint while still remaining transparent enough for easy viewing and user monitoring. The hopper can hold up to 10.5 ounces of beans at a time.

This machine also has an included hopper lid that will help seal the beans and keep them fresh during storage periods. The entire component can be easily removed for simple cleaning and maintenance.

50 MM Grinding Burrs

The quality performance behind the Rancilio Rocky Doserless device is powered by the machine’s commercial grade grinding burrs. These 50 mm plates are made of tempered steel and are put into action with the machine’s high powered motor.

While grinding, these plates are designed to move at a slower pace. This prevents overheating when the grinders are on motion; a serious issue that can cause damage to some of the more delicate interior components of the machine.

High Power Internal Motor

At the center of this Rocky Doser Grinder is the machine’s high powered motor. This commercial grade motor is the same one used in the heavy duty Commercial MD40 grinder from the brand. The motor spins at 1,725 RPM and has the power to grind a double shot in less than 30 seconds.

This 166 watt direct drive motor is not only extremely powerful but also extremely quiet at the same time allowing for virtually whisper silent performance.

This motor is heavily insulated to prevent heat related damage and comes with its own high temperature overload switch. This shuts off the motor to prevent damages if a stone gets trapped in the plates while they are in motion.

Grind Dial

Underneath the hopper on this machine is the included programming dial. This allows home baristas to maintain detailed control over the type of grinding performance the machine delivers.

The dial has 55 different grinding levels. This allows users to easily fine tune their extractions to specifically fit their needs.

This machine was designed to deliver versatility with its performance and the ability to handle most coffee drinks, wether a coarse or fine powder grind is needed.

However, without being user modified, it doesn’t really have enough settings on the fine end to properly dial in an espresso (even slight adjustments make a huge difference with espresso). If you are brewing anything from French press to automatic drip, you can’t ask for a better grinder.

However, I’d look elsewhere for a grinder if you plan on getting serious about espresso – the Baratza Vario would be a likely candidate and it’s in the same price range.

Quiet Motor Performance

While many grinders in this class are known for being loud during performance, this Rancillio model was created to be ultra quiet.

The piece’s motors and grinders work together seamlessly to deliver an ultra quiet performance. The silent operation of this machine makes it an ideal addition to any home, and makes the grinder appropriate for small office settings.

Included Safety Features

The Rocky Doserless Grinder was not only developed to be ultra powerful, but safe as well. The team behind this device added several safety features to prevent issues such as torque and rocking while the machine is in operational mode.

Another safety feature that the Rancillio team added to this device was its thermal protection design. Designed to prevent issues with overheating, this machine was created to cut off all operation to the device’s grinding mechanisms should there be a jam in the machine.

Doserless Design

While the original Rocky device came with its own dosing lever, this redesigned version comes with a chute. This upgrade to the original model features a front-facing chute that is typically only seen on commercial grade grinders.

On this chute, there is a retaining fork that will hold the handles of the portafilters in place, allowing users to grind directly into the portafilter.

The addition of the chute reduces waste during the grinding process and eliminates spills during the extraction process.

Coffee enthusiasts who want to fine tune their extractions during the grinding process will find that the Rancilio Rocky Doserless Grinder delivers the precise control they are looking for most bewing methods.

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This new take on the iconic Rancilio Rocky grinder delivers the power and performance the brand is known for in a compact machine that comes with its own chute.

Check prices and read customer reviews and comments on Amazon now!

With features like this, there are few better prosumer grade grinders to meet the needs of particular home baristas.

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