The Rocket Giotti Evoluzione V2: A Top Rated Heat Exchanger (HX) Espresso Machine

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The Bottom Line

Want an espresso machine that is equal to a commercial unit but without the price tag?  If so, the Rocket Espresso Giotti Evoluzione V2 is perfect for you.

Rocket Giotto Evoluzione V2 (HX) Espresso Machine

The Rocket Espresso Giotti Evoluzione V2 semi-automatic espresso machine features professional level components at an excellent price; the new version 2 models feature a very quiet rotary pump and an insulated nickel plated nine-pound copper and brass brew group (previous versions were not insulated).

Evoluzione V2 Giotto Pressure Guage |

A commercial grade Sirai pressure stat is also standard. The featured E-61 brew group has been an industry standard for years and this superior boiler design will continue to dominate the heat exchanger class of esspresso machines which means parts and accessories will be available for years to come.

This machine can be plumbed directly into a water supply or you can use the on-board water reservoir. The top cup rack is removable.

Best for home, office, small restaurant (output capacity of 20 Espressos per hour).

Build Quality

Rocket Espresso Milano has brought us true “form following function” with sculptural beauty to match its build quality and pro level components. Customers rave about the fit and finish of all the Rocket Espresso Milano machines and the Giotto Evoluzione v2 model is no exception.

Evoluzione V2 Giotto Espresso Machine Group Head

Unlike some of their competitors, the edges and components of the Rocket models are perfectly fitted and very high quality 304 (18/8) stainless steel is used throughout. 304 stainless has relatively high percentages of both nickel and chromium allowing it to be highly resistant to rusting and staining from acid (i.e. Coffee) and alkaline liquids.

The steel has a very slight warmer appearance than that of lesser stainless grades. Unlike some of their rivals’ products, Rocket Espresso logo plates are riveted on rather than glued; a minor feature but cosmetically important.


  • Height: 16.50 inches / 41.9 centimeters
  • Width: 13.50 inches / 34.3 centimeters
  • Depth: 17 inches / 43.2 centimeters
  • Weight: 60 pounds / 27.2 kilograms
  • Electrical: 15 Amps / 110 Volts USA and 220 Volts (Europe) / 1200 watt heater


Electronic Controls

Sensors monitor both the boiler and reservoir water levels and alerts the home barista if the reservoir needs to be refilled and will automatically shut off the machine if is ignored.  This prevents a “dry boil” and increases the life of the espresso machine.

Commercial Grade Chromed Portal Filter

The Giotti Evoluzione V2 comes equipped with a commercial grade chromed portafilter that includes single and double shot baskets and filters saving you money from NOT having to upgrade.

Rocket Evoluzione V2 Giotto Espresso Machine Porta Filter |

Commercial Grade Rocket Metal Tamper

The version 2 now includes a commercial grade Rocket Metal Tamper.  No need to upgrade!!!

Optionally Plumbed Into Your Water Lines 

Home Baristas can alternate between water provided from on board 2.9 liter (98 ounces) reservoir or they can easily flip a switch to draw water in from plumbed lines. The very ample water reservoir is easily removable for refilling and cleaning.

No Burn Steam Wand

To assist the home barista in steaming and frothing milk for lattes and cappuccinos, the wizards at Rocket Espresso Milano have developed a patented “cool-touch” technology that shields the home barista from potential burns by ensuring that steam wand handle stays cool to the touch and that only the nozzle gets hot.

The commercial grade wand has a two hole tip and a large control knob ergonomically place at the top of the wand.  Conveniently located below the wand is the steam pressure gauge allowing for precise monitoring of frothing operations—want less pressure for a latte and more for cappuccino?  No problem.

Hot Water Nozzle

The stainless hot water nozzle and features large control knob and cool-touch similar to that of the steam wand. This feature is indispensable for crafting café Americanos and for providing hot water for teas, hot chocolate, or any heated beverage.


A dual pre-infusion system is a feature of the Giotti Evoluzione V2; this includes mechanical pre-infusion with a progressively working piston and a static pre-infusion chamber.  This provides the home barista with a beverage wonderfully consistent and flavorful.

Insulated 9lb Commercial Quality E-61 Brass and Copper Brew Group

A nine pound professional quality nickel plated copper and brass E-61 brew group makes up the heart of the Rocket Giotti Evoluzione V2.

The folks at Rocket Espresso Milan found that they could improve their legendary 1.8 liter nickel plated brass brew boiler (version 1) by changing the material to pure copper and wrapping it with a modern thermally efficient insulating blanket that dramatically improves its performance while adding almost no manufacturing costs.

The boiler boasts thick lead free brass end plates that assist with heat retention – this is a feature only found on Rocket Espresso machines.

A new 1200 watt element was also added to the version 2 model; this element is made from a special material that lasts up to five times longer than normal heating elements.

Hot water is constantly circulated between the boiler and brew-group to ensure proper brewing temperature; please see our Espresso Machine Buying Guide for more information on how heat exchanger and thermosyphon systems operate.

The patented E-61 brew group is standardized throughout the industry ensuring that replacement parts will always be available leading to a very long life for all machines designed around this robust system.

Silent Rotary Pump

Thie Rocket Espresso Giotti Evoluzione V2 model has been upgraded to feature a quiet, commercial grade rotary pump with external pressure adjustment controls.

This allows home baristas to minutely adjust pump pressure while viewing the dedicated pressure gauge.

The Version 2 was re-engineered to increase efficiency and reduce pump noise creating a near silent machine. Many of its direct competitors are very loud and obnoxious.  The Sarai Commercial Grade Pressure Stat assist the pump in maintaining a very stable temperature.

Pressure Gauges

Two large black gauges allow the home barista to easily observe the pump and boiler pressures leading to the perfect extraction.

Rocket Evoluzione V2 Giotto Espresso Machine Controls |


If you want a top of the line heat exchanger espresso machine, this one is great option and should be added to your short list.

  • Espresso Performance
  • Latte Performance
  • Build Quality
  • Ease of Use
  • Warranty
  • Value

With commercial quality components and a sculptural like finish, the Rocket Espresso Giotti Evoluzione V2 is perfect for any home, office, or small restaurant wanting to upgrade their equipment or start out with one of the best. Why drive a Pinto when you can drive a Ferrari for not much more money?

Rocket Giotto Evoluzione V2 (HX) Espresso Machine available on Amazon

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