13 of the Best Wine Openers and Corkscrews

Opening a bottle of wine isn’t exactly rocket science. But choosing the right wine opener minimizes the hassle of broken corks, stuck corks, or simply not having the strength or dexterity to use the darn thing.

Vertical close-up image of removing the cork from a bottle, with text in the middle and on the bottom of the image.

In this roundup, we’re going to focus on the four most common types of wine openers: double hinged, twist, lever, and electric.

All of them have the same basic cork removal technology, in that a worm – also called a coil, screw, or spiral – is inserted into a wine cork via a twisting motion (either supplied by you or the opener), and then some type of leverage is used to pull it out.

Voila, wine that’s ready to pour!

The most wonderful thing about any and all of these wine openers is that even the most expensive of them generally only costs about as much as a decent bottle of wine, and most run in the bottom-shelf range. That means if you don’t like one, you’re not out much to give it away and try another.

But you’d probably prefer to buy just one and stick with it. Right?

Luckily for you, we’ve done our best to take the hassle out of that process! Our top picks should help you to choose an option that you’re happy with.

Here’s a quick preview of the top picks we’ll cover in this roundup:

Before we get into our roundup of top picks, let’s quickly review the available styles in a bit more detail:

Vertical image of removing the cork from a glass bottle.

Double Hinged Openers are the most basic, and they are the type most servers use to open your bottle at the table.

They’re a great choice for anyone, but especially if you have a lot of vintage wines with more delicate corks, because you have more control over the pull.

This option is also commonly referred to as a wine key.

Twist Openers are very similar to the double hinged type. But there’s less of a learning curve when you get one, and they are easier to use in general because they center the cork for you.

These are suitable for use on either natural or synthetic corks.

Lever Openers are less common, and more expensive, but many people like that they involve no twisting – a boon for carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers.

They are not as durable as other types, though, and will last longer if you primarily use them on natural corks.

Electric Openers are the easiest to use, since all you have to do is center the opener and press down or push a button. These are particularly good for anyone with hand strength or dexterity issues.

Now, let’s take a look at the top picks!

Double Hinged Openers

1. Pulltap’s Classic 500

Pulltap’s Classic 500 Corkscrew is sure to make an excellent choice for your home.

Pulltap’s Classic 500, available on Amazon

Extremely popular among professionals, this was the first of its kind to use double lever construction. This model does very well in expert testing, and receives high scores in both ease of use and durability.

Besides the classic black and stainless option, this opener is also available in blue, white, gold, granite, maroon, orange, red, light green, dark green, violet, and an all-black version, among other colors and custom options.

Left-handed models are also available, with a counter-clockwise spiral for lefthanded use.

The Classic 500 is well-liked by users, with good performance ratings overall. This opener measures 4.72 by 0.58 by 0.59 inches, and easily fits in an apron pocket or the back pocket of your jeans.

Like most waiter’s corkscrews, this is an all-in-one tool with an integrated bottle opener and serrated foil cutter that tucks into the handle. It also includes a pop-top opener, easy to use if you flip it around.

The nonstick teflon-coated worm slides easily into any type of cork, with very few reports of corks breaking or shredding.

Pulltap’s genuine corkscrew is made in Barcelona, and it’s been imitated frequently over the years. Many of the knock-offs will also do a decent job of removing corks, and they may come at a discounted price – but buyer beware – be sure to look for the certificate of authenticity when making your purchase. Some imitation products are also engraved with the Pulltap brand name to appear genuine.

Find it now on Amazon.

2. Truetap Waiter’s Corkscrew

The Truetap brand tends to be less pricey than the Pulltap brand. Other than that, the Truetap Double Hinged Waiter’s Corkscrew is modeled after the Pulltap described above, and they’re similar.

Truetap Double Hinged Waiter’s, available on Amazon

We read a number of positive comments regarding both of these corkscrews from those who work in the restaurant industry praising them for their longevity. Most say they only had to replace theirs because they misplaced it (or it was picked up by a coworker), not because it broke.

Some pros in restaurant settings use the “two bin” system, making sure they always have a backup, just in case. Another popular feature with those professionals: these corkscrews come in a variety of colors. That enables them to buy one that stands out from the crowd, so they know it belongs to them.

For owners at home, that means you can choose a color or finish that is as professional or whimsical as you’d like. Pick a favorite, or choose one that compliments your decor.

This stainless steel opener with a nonstick worm is available in burgundy, black, green, lime green, blue, copper, gold, gray, metallic red, natural, navy blue, pink, purple, red, sky blue, white, and other colors. Some have contrasting colorful worms.

It measures 0.75 by 3.5 by 7 inches.

Check current prices and read customer reviews now on Amazon.

3. OXO Waiter’s Corkscrew

The soft, non-slip silicone grip on the OXO Double Lever Waiter’s Corkscrew might make it easier for some people to use, and it’s more comfortable with repeat uses.

OXO Double Lever Waiter’s, available on Amazon

The OXO also differs from the Pulltap and Truetap openers in that its foil cutter is smooth, rather than serrated, something that some users prefer. It also has an integrated bottle cap opener.

This black and stainless steel option measures 0.625 by 1.5 by 5.25 inches.

It’s available from Sur La Table and Amazon, or you can purchase it directly from OXO.

4. Trudeau Corkscrew

Comparable in price to the OXO model, the Trudeau Turbo Double Lever Corkscrew has a couple of interesting features to recommend it.

Trudeau Maison Double Lever, available on Amazon

Its dual lever splits the effort normally required to pop corks by 50%.

The integrated blade is serrated, which stays sharp and easily removes foil. The spiral features grooves for easy insertion into natural or synthetic corks.

It also has a more traditional-looking knife-like foil cutter – think tiny Swiss Army knife rather than tiny sickle.

It measures 5 inches in length, .5 inch in width, and 1 inch in height. It is made of stainless steel.

Particularly popular among aficionados with wine cellars in their homes, you’ll appreciate its good looks paired with durability and ease of use.

Available in stainless steel and black on Amazon.

Twist Openers

5. True Twister Easy-Turn

Our top recommendation in the twist corkscrew category is the True Twister Easy-Turn Corkscrew.

True Twister Easy-Turn, available on Amazon

It’s relatively inexpensive, does very well in testing, and is highly rated by owners. It comes in black or blue, with a silver handle and black nonstick worm.

The True Twister is a two-piece unit that includes a self-bracing frame and a worm with handle. Place the base over the neck of the wine bottle to create a stable, centered connection, and twist the handle.

With a self-centering worm, there’s no tugging or pulling on the cork required. Keep twisting, and it will slide up and out of the bottle.

This is a very basic model, and it does not include a foil cutter. It measures 1.25 by 3 by 6 inches.

Users love that basic vibe. And since it includes a bracing frame, it’s much more user friendly than twist options that include nothing more than a coil with a handle at the top.

Many say it’s a welcome relief to use this after more expensive types of lever openers either failed, or just wore out their welcome due to their complexity.

Made of stainless steel and plastic, we saw no significant complaints about breakage.

Check prices and read customer reviews on Amazon now.

6. HiCoup Wing

Another good choice in this category is the Wing Corkscrew Wine Opener by HiCoup.

This one-piece gadget is very straightforward: just set the base on the top of the wine bottle with the two levers pointing down, and screw the handle so the worm enters the cork.

HiCoup Wing, available on Amazon

As it does, the handles rise. When they are positioned up as far as they’ll go, just take one in each hand and push down to pull the cork out.

I must confess, I bought one of this style of opener when my husband and I got our first apartment in the 1980s. It gave us many years of happy service until it was supplanted by the Oster Electric, which was a Christmas gift we thought we’d never use – until we did, and loved it.

We’ll discuss the Oster in more detail below.

The polished worm on the HiCoup model is long enough to pull out any size cork, and the handle serves double duty as a beer bottle opener. Rust-proof and stain-resistant, this chrome and black metal gadget is also dishwasher safe.

The HiCoup would make a lovely gift, and your purchase includes a wine stopper. It measures 2.1 by 5.6 by 9.5 inches.

It also comes with a lifetime guarantee, and its sturdy metal construction almost ensures you’ll never have to take advantage of that. HiCoup is a company that prides itself on excellent customer service, and they will happily provide a replacement or refund, no questions asked.

Check current prices on Amazon now.

7. Brabantia Classic

This is another product that offers a unique take on the twist style. The Brabantia Classic Corkscrew Bottle Opener looks like a tube with a handled worm inside. Just set it on top of the bottle, turn the handle, and it removes the cork.

Brabantia Classic, available on Amazon

This type operates just like the True Twister, but with a more solid, modern, and non-traditional look.

Users say the more solid body makes it easier to grip the opener, and the large handle makes it easy to turn – even for those with hand strength issues.

It also has a built-in foil cutter, but that gets mixed reviews for its usefulness; some say it’s simply not sharp enough.

The Brabantia Classic comes in black or white, and is made of plastic and stainless steel with a nonstick-coated metal worm. This has a “super grounded” tip that’s guaranteed to leave no cork residue behind. And the body is extra wide, to fit all standard bottles.

A ring at the base of the opener centers the worm above the cork for easy removal, and the spiral is fully covered by the plastic exterior for storage, so you won’t have to worry about scratching other items, poking fingers, or damaging your kitchen drawers.

This product comes with a five-year guarantee from Brabantia. It measures 1.85 by 2.95 by 6.89 inches.

Read customer reviews and check prices on Amazon.

Lever Openers

8. OXO SteeL

OXO took an already good idea and made it better with their SteeL Vertical Lever Corkscrew.

This option from OXO does well in testing, with a comfortable grip that feels very secure, thanks to its rubber coating.

OXO SteeL Vertical Lever, available on Amazon

Pop out your corks with a simple pump of the lever. The nonstick worm is guaranteed to glide and release easily, for smooth operation.

It’s also a top pick among satisfied owners, who say OXO’s reputation for producing high-quality kitchen implements is evident here. It’s made from stainless steel and soft, non-slip black rubber with a die-cast zinc handle.

This opener includes a cutter that stores on the handle and an extra worm. It measures 2.6 by 7.3 by 7.7 inches.

OXO doesn’t offer a specific warranty, but their Better Guarantee applies to any defects in materials or workmanship under normal household use. See product packaging for more detailed warranty information.

Check current prices on Amazon or purchase it directly from OXO.

9. Metrokane Original Rabbit

The original brand of this type is the Metrokane Rabbit Vertical Lever Style Wine Corkscrew, which is the reason this type of wine opener is sometimes referred to as a “rabbit” generically across brands.

Metrokane Original Rabbit, available Amazon

The previous option from OXO is very similar. This model also includes an extra coil and a foil cutter, although the cutter does not store on the body of the Rabbit.

With an ergonomic handle, this product is made from hardened polycarbonate metal and nylon. In a “single pull,” (perhaps slightly more complicated than this, as you’ll see shortly) the cork is removed and then automatically released.

That is, when it functions properly.

Actual use of this product involves closing the ears over the neck, then raising and lowering the ears to operate. Is this really three motions or one? That’s for you to decide.

Marketing copy for this product sounds promising, as it is touted as having the ability to remove a cork “in three seconds flat” and has been “tested for 20,000 cork pulls by an independent laboratory.” But it’s unclear exactly how many of those tests were entirely successful…

Somewhere in there it has “31 different moving parts,” and it’s described as “an engineering feat built for speed.” But should speed really be the number one quality you’re looking for when attempting to open a bottle of pricey vino?

The Rabbit was very popular when it first debuted, earning a lot of expert recommendations, and we believe it’s worth a mention here as a popular choice. However, over time, problems began to surface that sometimes make this a lower-rated product with individual users posting reviews to various retail sites. Nonetheless, it’s still highly regarded.

The main issue seems to deal with durability, with people saying that it broke after just a couple of uses, or within a few months after purchase. Whether or not this was due to user error remains to be seen. Others say it feels very flimsy and wobbly on the bottle neck, and shreds too many corks.

Rabbit does offer a 10-year warranty and gets good reviews for honoring that warranty, but a lot of people who gave this as a gift, only to have it break on the recipient, aren’t happy.

This product also gets at least a few bonus points because it can be matched or selected to contrast with your other barware. It’s available in silver, black, or a festive red, and measures 2.7 by 7.8 by 8.9 inches.

I was given a Rabbit as a gift a few years ago. Like others, I did not personally have a stellar experience. It did seem flimsy and wobbly to me in comparison with other models, which made it challenging to secure. But of course, I was used to using different types of openers.

The coil often just slipped right back out of the cork without completely removing it, or tore a hunk out of the cork, despite the Rabbit’s claims to be able to overpower “the most stubborn, dried-out natural corks and synthetic closures.” I tossed mine and went back to my simple wing-style opener instead.

Normally, we wouldn’t include a product unless we recommend it wholeheartedly in a roundup such as this one. But I believe this case is unique because Metrokane is so closely associated with this style of wine opener, and this is practically guaranteed to be a product that you come across in your search and may wish to consider for purchase.

The extensive warranty will help to make up for any disappointments here. But our recommendation is this: if you want to try a lever style corkscrew and your heart isn’t set on the rabbit style or a certain color, go with the OXO – it costs less, too. Or perhaps check out the next option on our list.

Read more about this product and check current prices on Amazon.

10. Metrokane Houdini

Maybe you’d prefer their new and improved version?

This upgrade from Metrokane known as the Houdini offers an improvement on the classic Rabbit, with downturned ergonomic handles, all-metal gears – and a lower price.

Metrokane Houdini, available on Amazon

It also comes with their five-year warranty and uses the same basic opening mechanism. An extra spiral and matching foil cutter are included. And it comes in silver, black, or red.

The Houdini measures 5.5 by 7.4 by 8.8 inches.

Find it now on Amazon.

Electric Openers

11. Oster Cordless

There are a few good choices in the electric category, but the one that rises to the top in every expert test we evaluated is the Oster Cordless.

Oster Cordless Kit, available on Amazon

To add a personal anecdote paired with hands-on testing to the mix, my daughter gave one of these to my husband for Christmas a few years ago. I eyed it skeptically for a while, because I’d always used a manual one, but the second I tried it I was hooked – and immediately declared it a “couples” gift…

My old wing-style opener hasn’t been taken out of the drawer since.

The cylinder on the Oster is narrower than what you’ll find on some other models, making it easier and more comfortable to hold, a security enhanced by the rubber grip on the back. Its total dimensions are 5.51 by 5.32 by 14.96 inches, including the charging base.

It also can open several bottles in a row without its charge lagging – Oster says it can open about 30 bottles on a single charge, but I’ve never needed to put it to that particular test.

Remove the foil with the included cutter, then place the base of the opener on top of your bottle, and press the lower switch to operate. It will remove the cork, then stop when it’s done. Lift up the opener, and press the upper switch to release the cork.

Cordless, with a sleek, black plastic charging base, this silver and black plastic model looks nice on a countertop or to the side of your bar, as long as you have room for it and access to a power outlet.

An LED light on top of the unit lights up to indicate when it is fully charged, and a power light on the base unit indicates when charging is in progress.

In the kit, a power adapter and user manual are included, along with an aerating wine pourer and two vacuum stoppers, and this product comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

Full disclosure, I can’t use the cutter. It never works for me, perhaps because it’s the type you need to squeeze to operate successfully and I’m not famous for my manual dexterity. My husband loves it, however, as do many other owners.

For smooth operation without any shredded corks, this product comes highly recommended. In the way that electric knives were once perceived as sort of a party trick gadget when they were pulled out to carve the holiday roast during their heyday, this electric model will impress your guests – as long as you remember to charge it.

A full recharge will take 6 to 8 hours, so if you need to pop open a bottle in a pinch, you might still be reaching for that old-fashioned model in the drawer unless you prep in advance, or you’re willing to wait.

Read customer reviews and check current prices on Amazon.

12. Cuisinart CWO-25

Another worthy choice among electric wine openers is the Cuisinart CWO-25, from another trusted brand in kitchen appliances.

Cuisinart CWO-25, available on Amazon

At an affordable price comparable to the Oster model described above, it also does well in professional testing – with experts at one notable test kitchen saying it felt steadier than the Oster.

That’s because it’s wider and has a fully padded handle that offers a good grip. It measures 3.5 by 4.75 by 10 inches in a stainless steel finish that wipes clean easily.

It can open more bottles on a single charge as well – Cuisinart claims 50 can be opened in a row before you drain the battery.

A foil cutter is included, and it stores in the charging base. This model is also well-liked by owners at the retail review sites we evaluated. Just place it over the neck and press “Remove” to uncork, then press “Eject” to release the cork.

The stainless steel design looks elegant and wipes clean easily. And it powers through synthetic or natural corks without breakage.

We did see a few complaints with both this model and the Oster saying that they broke within a year of purchase, but those are in the minority. This product comes with a 3-year warranty, as well as a 5-year limited warranty on the motor.

Charge it with the included rechargeable NiHM (nickel metal hydride) battery pack in the base. You’ll need to plug it in when it’s time to recharge the batteries, but you can place it anywhere for use since there’s no need to go searching for an open power outlet. You can even take it on the road with you.

A blue light indicates when the opener is charging. The light will remain on as long as the product is sitting in the cradle – it doesn’t turn off to let you know when charging is complete.

The manual explains that a full charge will require approximately 12 hours – not exactly quick once the batteries do die, but it’s still nice to have the added convenience of a mobile electric unit.

Using this product with care is advised – despite the rounded base, it is still possible to accidentally start the process at an angle, and this will not result in removal of the cork.

Returning the product to the charging base for storage every time after use is recommended, according to the user manual.

Find it now on Amazon.

13. Cuisinart EvolutionX RWO-100 Cordless 4-in-1

Another option from Cuisinart with updated technology, the EvolutionX Cordless 4-in-1 electric opener has all the bells and whistles.

In fact, they describe it as their “Wine Center.” It does come with a higher price to match, so watch for sales.

Image of the Cuisinart Evolution X Cordless.Cuisinart EvolutionX Cordless 4-in-1, available from Wayfair

This cordless opener can reportedly remove up to 50 corks at a go, according to the manufacturer, for 20 minutes of continuous operation. And you can recharge it fully in 2 hours.

It also includes a foil cutter, aerator, and vacuum preserver – and all of these attachments fit right in the base for compact, convenient storage.

Just place the opener on top of the bottle after removing the foil and apply pressure – it will stop automatically when the cork is removed, and then eject the cork automatically. If the corkscrew jams, press the “Reset” button.

To use the aerator, just press it into the neck and pour.

Want to save some leftovers? Just press down on the included bottle stopper after securely placing it in the neck, and the opener will instead automatically remove air from your bottle for storage. A ring-style arrow indicator is also part of the stopper so you can indicate when your bottle was sealed.

This black and silver plastic model measures 1.95 by 3.5 by 8.14 inches. An LED display has a blue battery light indicator to show the battery power level,

The rechargeable lithium ion batteries should not be allowed to fully discharge between uses, and the opener should be stored in its cradle. A three-foot detachable USB cable is also included.

The EvolutionX Wine Center comes with a 3-year warranty. It’s available from Wayfair.

Winning Wine Openers

No-hassle wine uncorking merely adds to the pleasure of enjoying a nice glass of wine any time the mood strikes – and opening that bottle smoothly and professionally can look pretty impressive to your guests.

Horizontal image of removing a cork from a glass bottle.

Any of these wine openers is a good choice regardless of how often you drink wine, or what type of wine you like. If you want to know more, read our more in-depth article about each of these four types, and how to use them properly.

The only caveats we would add would be any serious hand strength or mobility issues with your wrists – in that case, go with an electric model.

Otherwise, choose the one that you think will best fit your wine vibe, and enjoy!

What’s your favorite? Any top pick models we missed here? Let us know in the comments below!

And while you’re shopping, don’t forget the other accessories you’ll need for the best wine experience, for proper serving and storage at the appropriate temperature, to ensure that your vino is always good to the last drop.

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15 thoughts on “13 of the Best Wine Openers and Corkscrews”

  1. I have yet to invest in an electric opener, but it would make a good luxury gift. I prefer the lever corkscrews to the rabbit ones, especially if you have nails and a good corkscrew is worth investing in without a doubt.

    I used to work at wine fairs and had to open a lot of bottles very quickly and keep the corks intact to re cork them if necessary, so always keep extra corks in case any get damaged while being opened.

    • I myself only ever use the corkscrew and I am doubting that I will ever feel the need to spring out on an electric opener as it seems like a lot of money to spend on making a task easier that I do not actually find difficult, but you saying it would make a good gift reminded me of a friend who would absolutely adore me if I bought them this for their wedding that is coming up next month so it’s made it onto the list of things I am considering buying now.

    • Electric corkscrews are all cool and stuff, but I feel that they aren’t as satisfying to use as a corkscrew. Drinking wine is all about that satisfying experience in my opinion. I haven’t got any experience with the rabbit style openers, so I am going to stay with the tested and proved corkscrew.

  2. I swear you guys always know what I’m in the market for! My corkscrew was a cheapo one I bought years ago and it finally broke last week. I prefer the rabbit style openers because they’re so easy to use. That oster electric opener looks so slick! I don’t know if it’s in my budget but it would be great to have. I am a frequent wine drinker and would love one as a gift.

    • You are lucky yours broke and did not harm you in any way, i almost pierced my hand and thigh through using the one i have, i guess that’s when the zeal for wine ended but i can feel it coming back, the above tips are a life saver 🙂

  3. Alright, after looking over Amazon last night I went with the precision kitchenware corkscrew. It had good reviews and looks like it will get the job done. It’ll definitely be nicer than my flimsy old one. I’m excited to get it in the mail on Monday 🙂

  4. I rarely buy wine these days….am i trotting off to the land of the vine-less/wine-less? I should go back to the land where wine flows freely. As the above poster suggests, an electric opener looks like the best safest bet out there, {after several instances of spilling wine on my best dress or the couch whilst trying to uncork back then when i was flowing with wine in the cabinets 🙁 }

  5. About two months ago when I went to a birthday BBQ, I was handed a box of goodies and in that box contained a good ole corkscrew bottle opener. It’s a quality one too, because it can efficiently and effectively pull the cork out of the bottle with minimal effort, which I am grateful for.

  6. Something I love about you is that you ALWAYS compare the pros and cons of all the different products out there on the market. One thing that makes making purchases hard in today’s society is comparing all the different kinds/brands. I love how you always do that for us all in one simple article. Once again I thank you!

  7. There are so many new wine opener products on the market now. It’s really an exciting time for wine lovers who are entrepreneurial enough to create some of these gadgets. I have the classic rabbit corkscrew that fits my needs. I’ve been tempted to upgrade to an electronic appliance for myself, but I’m unsure if it is necessary. I do believe I may have to get an electronic one for my mom who has loss hand strength with age. Thanks for the shopping reference article.

  8. For years I have used the traditional screw bottle opener. A few years back I purchased an opener that is like a levy. You do did to screw the opener into the cork and then push down on the level and it is open. I really like the ease of this opener as opposed to the screwer we used before.

  9. My husband and I recently began trying new wines. We’re certainly not experts or anything, but researching and finding a nice bottle of wine is an enjoyable thing to do together.

    I’ve always used the old-fashioned corkscrew, but these options are quite interesting. They are nice looking too.

    I’m not going to let my husband see this page. He loves his gadgets. He’ll hone in on electric, and he’ll soon be looking for one with a remote control!

  10. I’ve always been content to use the old fashioned cork screw myself. Modern ones are mostly made of plastic handles or cheap steel–they both break easily. A good corkscrew made from sturdy carbon steel and a hardwood horizontal handle will do just fine, thank you.

  11. I actually purchased a METROKANE 6015 RABBIT 6-PIECE KIT for my grandparents to make it easier on them. Well turns out they were intimidated by the darn thing!
    I came here looking for alternative and I am thinking about going electric. However perhaps I will go to the store with them and see if they like it or if the store staff can teach them usage.

  12. I never gave too much thought to wine openers since I’m not too much of a wine kind of girl, but I guess in case a special occasion comes around it’d be pretty handy to have a nice bottle opener laying around the house. The electric ones are the most relevant, in my opinion.


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