Find the Best Rack for Properly Storing Your Wine

If you have more than a passing interest in wine, you probably already know that it needs to be stored properly to preserve its flavor.

Vertical image of assorted bottles on wooden shelves, with text in the middle and on the bottom of the image.

That’s what wine racks are for.

Designed to hold your precious vino in a horizontal position to keep the corks damp so they won’t dry out, wine racks come in a wide variety of sizes, configurations, and materials.

Most households only need a rack that holds from six to about 24 bottles, depending upon how much you imbibe and like to keep on hand. More serious collectors will also have more serious storage solutions: think wine cellars and built-in coolers.

A small, freestanding wine cooler is also a nice alternative to a storage rack, although it costs more, and you need to be sure you have the right space for it.

In this roundup, we’ll look at the three most common types of wine racks – countertop racks, wall-mounted racks, and freestanding racks – and recommend a couple of good choices in each category.

We’ll also keep in mind that these storage options are usually positioned right out where everyone can see them, so trust us, these choices will be as pleasing to the eye as the wine is to the palate.

Here’s what we’ll be covering in this review:

Keep reading to find the perfect storage and display option for your home.

Types of Wine Racks

There are three basic types of wine racks: countertop, wall-mounted, and freestanding.

Within these categories, there’s a nearly infinite variety available made from a variety of different materials, although wood and metal are the most common.

No one particular material is preferred over another; what’s most important is that the rack will accommodate the quantity that you want to store, and that it fits your available space.

One caveat: most wine racks will only hold standard, 750-milliliter bottles. They will not hold anything larger, or accommodate most champagne bottles, though there are some exceptions. We’ve included a few below.

Here are our recommendations for the best wine racks in each category:

The Best Countertop Versions

Let’s start with the smallest models first. These are a nice addition to any kitchen, even if you only drink the occasional glass of wine at dinner.

iDesign Stackable Tabletop 3-Bottle

If you just want to keep a few bottles handy, or would like to store some vino in your pantry or fridge horizontally without it rolling around, the iDesign stackable 3-bottle rack is a good choice.

Made of clear plastic, it’s designed to hold three side by side. At 4.63 by 12.5 by 8.63 inches, it does so without taking up a lot of space.

Horizontal image of a clear plastic bottle holder, with two wine bottles on it.

iDesign Stackable Tabletop 3-Bottle Holder, available on Wayfair

Aesthetically, it’s pretty simple: it’s not a work of art by any means, but it also won’t detract negatively from most decorating schemes. It’s just an unassuming plastic cradle.

Users say it feels sturdy and they like it as an organizational solution for storing wine, soda, or even water.

Buy extra units and you can stack them to hold even more.

Find it now on Wayfair.

Mercer41 Everaldo 6-Bottle Tabletop

A six-pack seems like a good amount to keep around for all but the most occasional wine drinker, and this rack from Mercer41 offers an attractive way to display it.

Horizontal image of a 6-compartment metal holder on a countertop, holding two drinks.

Mercer41 Everaldo 6-Bottle Tabletop Holder, available on Wayfair

It’s made of wrought iron with a gold finish, and its space-saving design resembles a honeycomb. Each six-sided section offers geometric interest, and the pyramid shape of the arrangement is sure to be a welcome addition to your decor.

It measures 9.6 by 9.6 by 7.5 inches, and holds both standard 750-milliliter and larger 1.5-liter bottles.

This product is available from Wayfair.

Sorbus 3-Tier Stackable

Sorbus makes a wide variety of wine racks, and this stackable rack, which holds up to 12 bottles, is one of their most popular. It holds four per tier, and you can add or remove the tiers as needed.

It’s made from metal and comes in three finishes – silver, gold, and copper. The inserts are circular and hold everything securely.

Sorbus 3-Tier Stackable Rack, available on Amazon

Users say it’s a great value for the price, and looks elegant on a bar or table.

It measures 15.5 by 6.5 by 2.75 inches.

Check current prices and read customer reviews now on Amazon.

J. K. Adams Ash Wood 12-Bottle

I have to be honest: to me, this wine rack from J. K. Adams looks a bit like it’s made from a set of Lincoln Logs. Not that there’s necessarily anything wrong with that…

However, it’s also one of the most versatile, sturdy countertop options around.

J. K. Adams Ash Wood 12-Bottle, available on Amazon

It’s infinitely expandable, too. In addition to this version, 24- and a 40-bottle racks are also available.

You can start with the smaller rack and add on, or just start with the larger set and add on by buying additional building sets as necessary.

What’s really unique about this wooden rack is that you can build it in almost any configuration. If you have a narrow space, build up rather than out. Want to put it in a corner, a closet, or under a stacked cupboard? It can be built with “steps” to fit under uneven surfaces.

Each of the square storage slots is four inches in diameter, so in addition to the standard 750-milliliter option, it can hold larger bottles as well. The total dimensions of the unit will depend upon your selected configuration.

Assembly is required, and you’ll need a soft rubber hammer to put it together, but most say it’s very easy and results in a sturdy, stable unit.

J. K. Adams racks come in natural ash, gray ash with black pins, and oak with black pins. The natural ash can be stained or left as is.

Check current prices now on Amazon.

The Best Wall-Mounted Options

The great thing about wall-mounted wine racks is that they take up absolutely zero counter or floor space. That makes them a good option if you’re space-challenged.

They can also function as wall art.

Like countertop versions, these are meant to hold smaller quantities of wine – trying to pack too many bottles on would simply make them too heavy for safe mounting. However, we saw several comments from people who bought multiples of these racks to create “wine walls.”

One other thing we noticed: Many people use these as towel racks too, and some are even sold as combination wine/towel racks. Keep that in mind if you’re seeking a unique way to hold your clean towels for display in addition to your bottled beverages.

Brashears 4-Bottle Wall Mounted

This attractive hanging wine rack is made of metal with a distressed brown finish. Each arch for holding the bottles (or towels) features a pretty cut-out shape.

Image of a wall-mounted brown rack with four compartments.

Brashears 4-Bottle Wall Mounted Rack, available from Wayfair

Owners say this wall mounted four-bottle option from Brashears is perfect for a smaller space, or to complete the decor of a bar area. Some say they bought two, so they could mount one on either side of a larger, central decorative piece for a symmetrical look that doubles their storage space.

Its total dimensions are 28 by 8 by 5 inches, and it does not include mounting hardware.

This option is available from Wayfair.

Mango Steam Wall-Mounted with Shelf and Stemware Glass Holder

There are a few wall-mounted models that will also hold stemware or other types of glasses, but most of these also require upright storage, which can dry out the corks.

However, this black metal wine rack from Mango Steam holds five bottles horizontally, as well as six stemmed glasses underneath. A shelf tops it off, so you can store stemless glasses or other barware as well.

Mango Steam Wall-Mounted with Shelf and Stemware Glass Holder, available on Amazon

Owners describe it as “classy looking” and say it’s easy to install. It includes mounting hardware and an installation template.

Its total dimensions are 17 by 10 by 9 inches, but you’ll need to allow enough clearance at the bottom for your stemware to hang down.

Find it now on Amazon.

Sorbus Wall-Mounted Wine/Towel

I mentioned earlier that a lot of people use these hanging racks for storing towels – this one even has that suggested usage in its name.

This Sorbus wine rack holds six bottles horizontally (or rolled towels, of course) in a sturdy, attractive wrought iron holder.

It’s supposed to include mounting hardware, but we saw a couple of comments that it was not included, or that the customer got only one screw instead of three. Be sure to check the packaging for all necessary parts upon receipt.

Sorbus Wall-Mounted Wine/Towel Rack, available on Amazon

It’s longer rather than wide: 43 by 6 by 7 inches. A few owners say it was longer than they expected, so be sure to measure your available space before you place your order if you think this is the best pick for you.

Check current prices and read customer reviews now on Amazon.

True 9-Bottle Wall Mounted

This nine-bottle wine holder from True has a unique design. Instead of a curved cradle to hold the bottles, it has a flat, open, rectangular base for each one.

This gives it a modern, minimalist appearance that reviewers really appreciate.

True 9-Bottle Wall Mounted, available on Amazon

Owners say it holds their vino securely and is easy to hang. It’s made from black wrought iron and includes mounting hardware. And it measures 4 by 10 by 38 inches.

This model is available from Amazon.

The Best Freestanding Models

The advantage of a freestanding rack is that you can generally store more in it than you can with other types because the floor supports the unit.

These also have small tabletops that you can use to display a few attractive glasses, store your corkscrews or aerators, or use as a serving area.

Some even offer storage for your glassware.

Like the other types we’ve looked at, freestanding floor models come in a variety of styles, colors and finishes, so it’s easy to find the right fit for your decor.

Winsome Wood Vinny Storage Unit

This Winsome Vinny storage unit is an attractive, versatile way to store up to 24 bottles of wine.

It also has slots above the storage area for up to 24 stemmed glasses, however, Winsome notes that those must be “slim” glasses.

If you plan to store something wider, say for red wine, holding 12 is probably more realistic.

The Winsome Vinny is made from solid wood, and owners say it feels very sturdy and stable. Two finishes are available, and you may select espresso or natural.

Winsome Wood Vinny Storage Unit, available on Amazon

The unit is designed with larger slots in the back slats to support the bottom of each bottle, and smaller notches in the front to securely hold the necks. This keeps them from slipping out if the unit is bumped.

Its minimalist design is unobtrusive, leaving the focus on the contents, not the cabinet. That’s a plus if you don’t want it to clash with your current decor.

Its dimensions are 31.5 by 16.2 by 35.6 inches.

If you’d prefer even more storage, the Winsome Wood Napa Wine Rack is a similar option that holds 28 bottles.

With a natural finish, it’s designed vertically so it doesn’t take up a lot of floor space, and its total dimensions are 18.5 by 10 by 37 inches.

Both of these racks require some assembly, but even owners who admit they’re not particularly handy say that it’s simple and straightforward to put together.

Find the Vinny now on Amazon.

Mango Steam 32-Bottle with Glass Table Top

If you love the look of your favorite bistro, you’ll appreciate this freestanding rack from Mango Steam. It features 32 storage slots, with a style that you might find in an upscale French or Italian restaurant.

It’s constructed of steel, with a black tempered glass top. The individual slots are diamond shaped and slightly forward-slanted to ensure that the corks don’t dry out.

Mango Steam 32-Bottle with Glass Table Top Rack, available on Amazon

The glass top is a nice touch for decorative items, barware, or for setting out an open bottle or two at a party for people to serve themselves.

It comes in black and pewter and measures 26.75 by 21 by 9 inches. Assembly is required but owners say it’s easy to do. Each foot can be leveled individually for stability.

This also comes in a 23-bottle version that measures 26.75 by 16 by 9 inches.

Read reviews and check current prices for the 32-bottle option now on Amazon.

Union Rustic Orion Bar Cabinet

For a storage option that looks more like a piece of furniture, the Union Rustic Orion Bar Cabinet is a good choice.

Doubling as a cabinet to store your stemware and glasses, it holds up to eight bottles in an open storage area on the right of the cabinet, in square slots.

On the left, two doors open to reveal a cupboard with two shelves and hanging racks to store your barware. The top can also be used as a place to display decorative items or serve your guests.

Horizontal image of a wooden cabinet with multiple styles of storage units.

Union Rustic Orion Bar Cabinet, available on Wayfair

This storage unit is made from high-grade MDF manufactured wood and laminate, and the legs are powder-coated steel. It is available in four finishes: teak, dark walnut, slate gray, and reclaimed barnwood. Its dimensions are 34 by 16 by 36 inches.

The cabinet does need to be assembled, and this will require a wrench and a screwdriver. Working with a helper to put it together is recommended.

Find it now at Wayfair.

Storage Tips

Unlike most beverages, wine doesn’t keep well unless it’s stored properly.

To begin with, your bottles should always be stored horizontally so the corks stay wet. That keeps them from drying out and potentially ruining the wine, or resulting in a shredded cork. Of course, that’s not a consideration if you primarily buy screw-top bottles, which are becoming more common.

Light and temperature are important too. Keeping wine in a room that’s too cold or hot, or – the horror! – leaving it where it can be hit by direct sunlight is a sure way to ruin the flavor.

The best location for storage is a cool – not cold – and dim area of your home. Experts say that temperatures between 45 and 65 degrees are ideal.

That doesn’t mean you have to hide your vino in the basement or a dark closet though. Before shopping for your storage rack, just take a look around your living area to find the best spot.

A wall or corner of your kitchen or dining room, or a spot on your counter that doesn’t get direct sun, are good choices for any type of rack. Do be careful if you cook a lot, though. If your kitchen regularly heats up above 70 degrees, that can affect the flavor of the wine.

Keep in mind that most of these guidelines are for long-term storage – think weeks to years. If you’re buying a crisp white on Wednesday to drink with dinner on Friday, it doesn’t really matter where it’s kept for that short period of time. But do keep it out of the direct sun, regardless.

Properly Storing Your Wine Will Keep It Fine

As you can see, the options for storing your wine are as endless as the varieties of vino available. It doesn’t matter if it’s red, white, or bubbly, keeping it properly stowed will prolong its life and preserve its flavor.

Horizontal image of two rows of bottles with colorful tops on a brown surface.A storage rack also can transform your stored reds, whites, and rosés into art, enhancing your enjoyment before you even take that first sip.

Complementing your collection with the right corkscrews, available in four basic styles, and glasses will elevate any meal into a fine dining experience.

Did you find your perfect pick on our list? What features do you look for when it comes to the best storage options? Leave us a comment below!

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  1. My Uncle loves wine. He has a large stash and is always adding more to his collection. This would make a really good gift idea for him. I’ll have to use this list when I am looking for one closer to Christmas. I really like the one that has the glasses on the top of the rack. Thanks for the article.

  2. Thanks for sharing this! While I do buy wines occasionally I never have more than five bottles lying around, so I personally have no need for a wine cooler. A cheap wine rack seems like a nice idea though, especially the wall-mounted one, it can make for a nice functional decoration in the kitchen!

  3. Great post. I have recently (within the past year) started collecting wines. I normally keep them on my pantry shelf but I’d love a place to display them in my house. I know wine isn’t supposed to be stored right side up for too long. I will look these up when I’m making my wishlist for christmas!

  4. I definitely like the rack that holds glasses as well. My main thing has been to open a bottle and then a guest helping themselves to a glass and pulling them out of the cupboard and smashing them. The rack with space for glasses is perfect for hosting.

    I’m more of a freestanding rack person as I am a bit nervous of wall mounted fixtures, especially with glass, but the smaller ones make great gifts and one I would like myself!

  5. I have so much wine in my basement as me and my husband love to do our own wine! It is all organized downstairs but I have been dying to find the perfect rack for our dinning room – quick access when the company is over. I found a few of your suggestions to be absolutely beautiful and I cant wait to choose one out with my husband 🙂

  6. I once had the misfortune of turning grape wine into vinegar. Simply put, it wasn’t stored properly. This was a lovely article explaining details to look for. With so many selections, it’s easy to get lost.

  7. My parents do not drink wine but my mom won some furniture back in 2009. She got a decorative wine wall covering and a nice table with drawers and in the center is a butterfly rack for wine. I think its for a kitchen but it was sitting upstairs and now is in my sisters house since my parents have no need for it. One of my relatives never owned a wine rack just had it all on a shelf.

  8. I never knew there was so much to consider when choosing a wine rack. I only ever buy a bottle at a time and it tends to go straight in the fridge if it is white and in the cupboard if it is red. I didn’t even know that wine is not supposed to be stored in an upright position for too long either. The options in this article look really impressive, especially the ones with dedicated space for glasses. These would add the “wow” factor to any kitchen.

  9. For myself aesthetics are pretty important. I like having the right functionality for wine storage but if it doesn’t fit in with my decor I’m not going to invest money in it. For better or for worse I need it to be both functional & beautiful.

  10. The Kamenstein Butterfly Wine Rack is gorgeous. I would love to put that in my wine cellar/basement. It would be great to organize and display the better wine bottles that we own. I’m sure my relatives and guests would be so impressed when they come over for our dinner parties. Haha just have to place it out of reach to avoid curious children.

    • Ha! I agree, Jen. I love the butterfly one. I like the way it looks, it’s functional, and I don’t really need anything bigger than that. Very nice. The one that hangs on the wall and holds 9 is kind of cool too.

      This was an interesting read. The more I learn about wine, the more I find that I have a lot more to learn.

  11. Wall-mounted racks, I feel, offer a little more advantage than the traditional racks because they conserve space and are never cumbersome or annoying to deal with. Just make sure that your wall-mounted racks are reinforced with steel if you are thinking about installing the wooden kind.

  12. These look pretty nice. We’ve always wanted a nice wine fridge (to be able to store at the right temperature despite not having a cave), but a wine rack is a good cheaper alternative — and much more aesthetically pleasing, too! Though of course, it loses its purpose when most of the wine stored is sealed with plastic tops or screw tops, instead of corks (it becomes more and more common!). Still, it still looks so nice. 🙂

  13. I’m about to step into unpopular opinion territory, so I apologize now before you get in deep. I would also like to point out that if any of you have a wine snob gene in your body, however recessive, this will probably trigger you.

    For many years now, people on budgets have been drinking boxed wines as a cheap method of getting trashed. Box beverages have come a long, long way in quality though, to the point where their affordable nature and ease of storage make them a great choice for those who like a good glass but don’t want the trouble.

    If you think you’d never like a boxed wine, I should point out that any mixed drink with wine in it you’ve had at a bar, or at a casino had a large chance of being a boxed beverage.

    It’s good wine. You can get five liters of Franzia red for about $20 USD in just about any place where alcohol is sold, and it’s one of the cheaper choices. They also have a wide range including zinfadel and merlot. If you don’t like Franzia, there are the Black Box wines which are much better vintages but at a higher cost.

    The best part, though, is that the boxed beverage sits in a cabinet with an easy to use spigot. They’ll take ages to spoil even once opened, and don’t require fancy storage techniques.

  14. Some people clearly have a lot more bottles on hand than I do. I only need a smallish area for storage. I still really like the look of some of these. I need to get one. Maybe I’ll get one for Christmas this year.

    I collect glasses more than anything, but I could also use a place to store my bottles. One that has storage for both would certainly be nice. I’m not entirely sure where I would put it though. The kitchen seemed like an appropriate place when I first thought about it, but I think the kitchen would be too warm.

    I keep drooling over these, especially the really nice looking ones.

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