The Vitamix 750 is a Beautiful Work Horse for the Home Kitchen

If you pride yourself on your home culinary skills, you have a blender, but is it the best blender? I’m here to tell you about one of the best blenders on the market, the Vitamix Professional 750.

The Vitamix 750 Professional Series Blender sitting on a white painted wooden surface with a blue background.

This beauty is my ideal blender. I personally own the Bed Bath and Beyond Vitamix exclusive that’s a step down from this one and use it, on average, once every day. Some days it doesn’t get used, other days it goes through 5 batches of a variety of recipes.

Truth be told, if I could do it all over again, I’d spring for this one. I love mine, but every now and then I find myself wishing for the extra features the 750 offers.

Vitamix 750 Professional Series Blender on a white, isolated background.

The 750 Professional Series in Black direct from Vitamix

I’m comfortable making this claim for a few reasons. We happen to have a Professional 750 to test here at Foodal, so let’s cover the various reasons why I would have picked this blender over the one I have at home now.


A Work Horse Blender

I don’t think it’s possible to go wrong with any Vitamix blender, but the Professional 750 holds up to some serious household use.

The commercial-grade motor boasts 2.2 horsepower with an output of 12 amps. It features a 6-foot-long power cord to reach a grounded 120-volt outlet.

A close up of the base of the Vitamix 750 Professional Series Blender on a blue background.

The G-Series base platform is built solidly and sturdily, and it’s hefty coming in at 12 .5 pounds. It’s the same base as the one I have, and I can tell you it’s not lightweight, but it’s not unmanageable either.

Basically, for me this means the blender is always out on the counter. It only gets put away when the Crock-Pot needs that spot.

Long Lasting

My favorite thing about Vitamix is their use of quality parts.

The blending blades are no joke. Laser-cut from food safe stainless steel, they pulverize anything you throw at them. I’ve used mine nearly daily for a year and the blades still look brand new. No rust, no dulling, just outstanding results every time.

A close up of the hammermill blade assembly found on the Vitamix 750.

Admittedly, on the incredibly rare occasion, a tiny chunk of a frozen strawberry or raw carrot might get away. I’m still unsure how this happens as the rest of the mixture is creamy frozen goodness with no stringy fibers or bothersome seeds.

Stunning Beauty

I like clear counters and generally keep small appliances stored away. There is a space under the cabinets on the countertop, but as I mentioned, my blender might as well be as permanent a counter fixture as my microwave.

Oblique view of the Vitamix 750 Professional Series in Brushed Stainless Steel Finish

750 Professional Series Blender in Pearl Gray direct from Vitamix

Had I known it would be out on display all the time, I would have sprung for the pearl gray finish so it would be a closer match my existing stainless steel appliances. It’s a small detail, but this finish is gorgeous sitting on the counter. Not only are you paying for quality parts, but you’re paying for a beautiful piece of equipment as well.

Alternatively, this model also comes in a black finish.

Appearance sounds like a frivolous thing, but I rely in large part on my appliances to decorate my kitchen, and the 750 makes an impression on whoever enters the room. This might be something you want to think about too.

Low Profile Blending Pitcher

Here’s where users will be split in their opinions: Low Profile versus Standard Pitchers. The Pro 750 includes a low profile version.

Personally, I love the BPA-free Eastman Tritan Co-polyester low profile model. It tucks under my kitchen cabinets when on the counter with a comfortable amount of clearance. It’s the first full sized blender to do so, and that’s a good match for me.

A close up of the container of the 750 Pro on an isolated white background.

Second, the low profile has a wide pitcher base, rather than the narrow base of most standard pitchers. I prefer this when scraping out cashew butter or making creamy smoothies, but the design does incorporate more air bubbles into the blended products.

So. Many. Air bubbles.

Standard pitchers are narrower, which creates a tornado vortex that doesn’t incorporate as much air into the blend. Due to the nature of the beast, all smoothies will have some air incorporated, but the standard pitcher design will have much less. This is a make or break deal for a lot of users, and it’s the only reason for return I’ve uncovered among users of these G-Series models.

The downside is that standard, or classic, blending pitchers rarely (if ever) fit under the kitchen cabinets when sitting on the counter. That was one of several things that annoyed me about previous blenders that I owned.

Top view of the lid for the container/pitcher.

If you like your smoothies and soups to resemble juice rather than a milkshake, I’d suggest checking out the ever popular Vitamix 5200. It’s going to deliver smooth concoctions without a lot of air bubbles.

Speaking of soup…

5 Preprogrammed Blending Settings

I like pre-programmed machines that take most of the responsibility for creating consistent results, so I can spend my limited and valuable time putting away ingredients or wiping down the counters while the machine does its work.

The 750 Pro includes 5 programmed settings that will automatically and accurately blend smoothies, heat up ingredients and blend them into soup, churn out frozen desserts, and even do its own dish washing.

Close up of the control panel of the Vitamix 750

The control panel is analog in nature. It has two switches: one for pulsing and one for on/off. There’s a dial control knob in between the two switches. Turning the knob to the left lets you choose the desired programmed setting: smoothie, frozen dessert, soup, puree, and a cleaning cycle.

Turn the knob to the right and you have 10 variable speeds to choose from. This gives you control over those finer blends, such as nut butters, non-dairy milks, and dough. A cookbook is included with all Vitamix blenders, so you’ll have a rundown on the basics available when you want to make one of these recipes.

I use the smoothie function regularly and by following the recommended layering instructions for adding ingredients, it works like a charm. I do often find myself wishing my slightly lower-tier model had this cleaning cycle function, and regularly long for a soup function to just pop cooked veggies in and let the machine do all the work, heating it until piping hot as well.

Dimensions and Specs

As mentioned, weighing in at 12.5, this is a hefty small appliance. The dimensions are 17.5 by 9.4 by 7.7 inches with the blending pitcher. It’s not a small footprint on the counter.

What’s Included

  • Motor Base
  • Low-Profile 64 ounce blending pitcher
  • Cookbook
  • Getting Started Guide
  • DVD
  • Low-Profile Tamper Base

If there is a problem with any of the parts, Vitamix offers a 7-Year Full Warranty. For the rare customer who has had to take advantage of the warranty, the process has been reported as pleasant and the user has been pleased with the outcome.

Care and Cleaning

Caring for your blender is easy as it’s a solidly built machine that doesn’t easily leak or make messes. If something does wind up spilling, wipe the base down with a damp cloth.

Usually, I immediately rinse the container and lid with hot water as soon as I’ve poured my smoothie.

Every few uses I fill the container halfway full of warm water and a drop or two of dish soap. The 750 Pro has a programmed setting for cleaning, so place the lid on top, set the dial to it, press start, and let the machine do the cleaning for you. I really like this feature because it’s timed just right. Rinse and allow to air dry when the cycle is complete.

Occasionally I use a kitchen brush (so my fingers don’t go anywhere near the blades) to scrub-a-dub-dub with soap, especially after making cashew butter. The oils really stick to the pitcher and under the blades, and the self cleaning doesn’t always do the trick – be sure to clean out those sticky ingredients right away. When I do this, I also scrub the outside of the container with soap and water.

Techniques, Tips, and Tricks

A low-profile tamper is included in the box. If you follow the layering instructions recommended for smoothies as described in the Getting Started Guide, you most likely will not have to use it. Frozen and heavier ingredients should be loaded furthest from the blade.

But every once in a while a load chunk of frozen melon or a spinach leaf will raise above the blender vortex, and the tamper tool comes in handy to push it back down towards the blades.

The Getting Started book, recipe book, and the tamper that comes with the Vitamix 750 Professional Series Blender on a white painted wooden surface.

A little tip: I take my favorite recipes and rewrite the ingredients in the order as dictated vy Vitamix on a Post-it note over the ingredient list. That way, the ingredients will collapse on themselves instead of getting stuck above the blades.

My best tip: DO keep the lid on when blending! I can’t stress this enough with the low-profile blending pitchers. Again, because of the design, it throws ingredients up along the sides and on the lid more so than the narrow pitchers, especially when making single serving recipes. It’s alright to remove the circular cap, but keep the lid in place.

A little trick when making nut butters: I like to use as few ingredients as possible in mine, so I dry roast my cashews beforehand and toss them in the blender with a touch of salt. It gives a butter the consistency of paste without any added oil, which I like because I use mine in smoothies and to melt into sauces.

For a smoother, creamier butter, add refined coconut oil or your choice with a neutral flavor to make a nut butter that has some added viscosity. Regardless of which method you use, the low-profile tamper will be required, but it does the trick of tamping down the nuts perfectly.

The Next Best Thing: BlendTec Designer 725 vs. Vitamix 750 Professional

The BlendTec 725 Designer Series upright blender is the closest thing offered by any other brand. This top of the line blender also features a wide base blending pitcher, stainless steel finish, and six preprogrammed settings (everything the Vitamix includes, plus a salsa setting!). The 8-year warranty is a pretty attractive deal as well!

Foodal’s Rating

  • Power
  • Performance
  • Settings
  • Build Quality
  • Warranty
  • Future Proofing
  • Value


One of the most powerful personal blenders on the market, the Vitamix 750 Professional Series Blender can power through anything you throw in it. From smoothies to soups, this one won't fail you. Why do we love this brand? Besides the power, construction quality, and amazing 7-year warranty, they keep parts on hand for years - often decades. So even after your warranty expires, replacement parts will likely be available. This amazing blender may outlast 3 new refrigerators (sadly) and the birth through college graduation of your children. This is one of the few companies that "make them like they used to."



Before You Go

If you’re at the point in your life where you want high-quality appliances to make incredible recipes, you want a Vitamix. If you want a model that does it all, I would absolutely point you towards this one. I enjoy the analog look but love the pre-programmed functionality and convenience.

Vitamix 750 Professional Series Blender on a white, isolated background.

Get more information and pricing directly from Vitamix

If you have any questions, please ask in the comments! I’m a huge fan of this product, and we are happy to answer any questions for you.

If you’re still in the market for other blenders, read these reviews from Foodal to see which one might be the right option for you:

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