The NutriChef PKVS30STS Vacuum Sealer: Performance in a Small Package

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The NutriChef PKVS30STS vacuum sealer is a compact countertop model that provides a fast, economical preservation system to extend the life of food, or to quickly marinate foods for flavorful, juicy results.

NutriChef PKVS30STS Vacuum Sealer available on Amazon

Perfect for daily tasks, it has more advanced features than the basic models and offers plenty of power to quickly process foods – and the wide heat bar ensures a secure closure every time.

Easy to operate, it’s a smart way to store bulk foods, deli items, dry goods, seasonal produce, and to take advantage of meat sales. Small enough to store in a drawer, its compact profile belies the high-capacity volume and reliable processing of this unit.

Let’s have a closer look at this little dynamo’s features.

Operational Settings

The control panel is located top and center for fast, convenient operation. Soft-touch digital buttons make program selection hassle-free and bright LEDs illuminate to display which program is in use.

To adjust vacuum strength, the ‘Mode’ button is used to select between a ‘Normal’ setting, which is used to exhaust bags completely, and a ‘Gentle’ setting for use on crumbly or delicate foods to prevent crushing.

The ‘Food’ button has two settings as well, for dry and moist foods. The default setting is ‘Dry’ and can be changed to ‘Moist’ for foods that have a high moisture content – this provides a longer time on the heat bar to ensure bags are securely closed.

‘Vac/Seal’ is the automatic setting and will exhaust air from the bag and heat-lock it once a predetermined vacuum level has been reached.

A diagram showing the operation of the Nutrichef Automatic Handhel Vacuum Sealer button controls.

The degree of suction can also be manually controlled with the ‘Seal’ button. Press it at any time to stop suction and immediately close the bag. Or, use it to seal bags that don’t require any vacuuming at all.

A ‘Canister’ button is used for packing foods in zippered bags and canisters, or with a wine stopper. Use this function with the suction hose attached to the ‘Canister’ port on the righthand side of unit, just back from the release buttons.

The ‘Pickling’ button is used to quickly marinate foods and uses a predetermined cycle to infuse foods with flavor and moisture in just 20 minutes.

And a ‘Stop’ button can be used to immediately stop any function.

Once processing is complete, press the ‘Release’ button to open the lid and remove the bag.

Construction and Details

Operation begins by opening the lid and laying the open end of a filled pouch along the heat bar, taking care to lay it flat with no wrinkles.

Press down the lid with both hands, one at each end, until you hear the latches locking into place. Then make your selections to begin processing.

The PKVS30STS also features a convenient roll storage niche and bag cutter located under the lid. Simply pull the roll to the desired length then move the cutter from one side to the other. Seal one end then process as usual.

The internal chamber is constructed of a resilient ABS polymer and the housing unit is made of durable, brushed stainless steel. Both materials are stain-resistant and make cleanup quick and easy with just a damp cloth.

A wine stopper and suction hose for use with accessories are included, as are five bags and a bag roll.

The included bags are reusable and are made of food-grade, nylon coated polyethylene that has been FDA tested and approved. And, they’re simmer and microwave safe as well.

The heat bar creates a 3-millimeter-wide seal and air flow is exhausted at a rate of 24 liters per minute.

The NutriChef measures approximately 15.5 x 8 x 4 inches, can accommodate bags 11 inches wide, and weighs just over 7 pounds. It comes with a 1-year warranty to be free of defects in materials and workmanship.

Favorite Features

  • Robust suction rate of 24 liters per minute
  • Includes a starter kit of 5 bags, a roll of bags, and a wine stopper with suction hose
  • The built-in bag storage and cutter adds convenience
  • Its small footprint makes it easy to store

Foodal’s Rating

With lots of power in a compact size, the NutriChef PKVS30STS is a satisfying performer that provides high levels of convenience and economy for daily tasks.

  • Vac Performance
  • Ease of Use
  • Construction Quality
  • Warranty and Support


Like the Geryon E5700, the Nutrichef's lower score doesn't make this a bad little machine when considering the price. When compared to heavyweights like the Weston Pro-2300 and chamber models like the VacMaster 210, it falls a bit short. But is also costs 1/6 and 1/15 of those models. It is what it is. A decent little vacuum sealer that doesn't take up much room, can be stored in a drawer, and is perfect adequate for most households.

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The strong motor and fast suction rate make it a good choice for extended use as it quickly packages fresh or dry foods. It’s also fantastic for keeping the flavor and fragrance of expensive spices and fresh herbs longer along with freezing fresh veggies and protein.

And it’s great at creating individual portions for busy weeknights, meals for the freezer, waterproof packets for camping, and sous vide cooking. Solid value in a countertop model.

Check prices and read customer reviews on Amazon now!

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