13 of the Best Vacuum Sealers to Preserve Food at Home

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Fed up with throwing money in the trash by way of spoiled food? Then you need to check out what a vacuum sealer can do for you.

A collage of photos showing different models of vacuum sealers.

Atmospheric air, the stuff we breathe, is comprised of 21 percent oxygen. And oxygen is the catalyst for the process of oxidation, the breakdown of cells. In food, this process speeds spoilage.

So, the solution to keep fresh foods fresh and extend the shelf life of dry or frozen goods is to remove as much oxygen-containing air as possible. That’s where the vacuum sealer comes in.

A good one is indispensable to maintain outstanding freshness for deli foods, produce, and proteins. And they can easily triple the shelf life of dry goods and frozen foods, if not increase it even more. Plus, they also retain the bright, natural flavors of foods.

An ideal way to take advantage of sales, bulk bargains, and harvest crops, they’re also perfect for those looking to preserve large catches of fish and game.

Plus, they provide convenient individual portioning so you can meal prep for the week, and can also be used for sous vide cooking or to package up camping provisions.

With a vacuum sealer, freezer burn becomes a thing of the past, produce and deli foods last much longer, and your bank balance will be a little plumper thanks to the savings.

They’re also handy to preserve, waterproof, and reduce the bulk of non-food items. You can keep important documents safe, or create compact, waterproof pouches for camping and backpacking.

Economical and easy to operate, a vacuum sealer is a great way stock up your pantry and freezer – and to prevent your earnings from being trashed!
But before you buy, there are some important features to consider. Join us now for a close look at 13 of the best vacuum sealers.

13 of Our Favorite Vacuum Sealers

Conventional Models

  1. Top Pick Up Front: Weston Pro-2300
  2. Avid Armor A100
  3. Crenova VS100S
  4. FoodSaver V2244
  5. FoodSaver V4440
  6. Geryon E5700
  7. Gourmia GVS435
  8. NutriChef Compact PKVS18SL
  9. NutriChef Food Preserver PKVS30STS
  10. VacUpack Elite Vacuum Sealer

Chamber Models

  1. VacMaster Chamber VP112S
  2. VacMaster Chamber VP210
  3. Waring Commercial WCV300

But before you buy, there are also some important purchasing considerations:

Why Invest in a Vacuum Sealer?

Reduced Oxygen Packaging

Vacuum sealing is a form of Reduced Oxygen Packaging, or ROP. This method reduces the amount of oxygen in a package by removing air and creating an airtight environment.

Once the air is removed, a hermetic seal is applied to retain the vacuum.

A hermetic seal provides an airtight closure and prevents the ingress of oxygen, moisture, humidity, or any outside contaminants from entering the sealed environment.

An excellent way to extend the freshness of perishable foods, a vacuum seal helps to slow down deterioration. By reducing atmospheric oxygen, an anaerobic environment is created that limits the growth of bacteria and other pathogens, and also prevents the loss of volatile components through evaporation.

Storage Benefits

As a storage method, suction sealers will help to extend the shelf life of refrigerated foods, dried goods, and frozen foods, and is often used in combination with other storage methods.

This makes suction sealers an economical method of food storage, as airtight sealed foods will last 3-5 times longer than those packed away traditional methods. Texture and appearance will remain intact for longer periods as well, making this an excellent way to take advantage of sales or buying in bulk.

Vacuum Sealing the Leftovers | Foodal.com
Photo by Mike Quinn. © Foodal / Ask the Experts, LLC.

Vacuum sealed, freshly frozen produce, fish, game, meat, or poultry will last for months without freezer burn.

It’s ideal for sealing up leftovers or casseroles in individual portions, making it a brilliant solution for busy weeknight dinners. And it’s also the method of choice for preparing foods sous vide.

Another benefit is that when air is vacuumed out, it reduces the volume of foods such as cereals, grains, nuts, cured meats, coffee, and so on – which means these products will take up less space in your fridge, freezer, and kitchen cabinets.

Dry foods of a hygroscopic nature, like brown sugar, won’t become hard because they can’t absorb moisture from the air.

And items high in fats and oil such as fish, meat, and game last longer since there’s no contact with oxygen, which can cause such items to turn rancid.

Due to the hermetic seal, insect infestation in dried goods is virtually eliminated.

And proteins such as meat, fish, or poultry can marinate in minutes, as the oxygen-free environment opens fibers and allows marinades to penetrate quickly.

13 of Our Favorite Vacuum Sealers

Conventional Models

1. Top Pick Up Front: Weston Pro-2300

With a powerful motor and pump for fast processing times, Weston’s Pro-2300 is a conventional countertop model that makes it ideal for high-volume use.

Bags of fresh veggies including corn on the cob, asparagu, and sliced bell pepper get bagged by the Weston Pro-2300.

A favorite of homesteaders and survival preppers, its powerful double-piston pump delivers 28 Hg of vacuum strength and the fan-cooled motor is designed for continuous, repetitive use without overheating.

The extra-long heat bar measures 15 inches and accommodates a variety of bags, and it effectively creates a wide, 5-millimeter closure for a secure, dependable seal every time – even with moist foods.

“Automatic” mode has easy one-touch operation, and the “Manual” button can be used at any time to regulate pressure for packaging soft or delicate foods by immediately initiating the seal process.
The Weston Pro-2300 Vacuum Sealer on a white, isolated background.

Weston Pro-2300 Vacuum Sealer available on on Wayfair

Bright LED lights illuminate the control panel to allow monitoring of the packaging process and a clear, transparent acrylic lid assists with perfect bag alignment.

Constructed of commercial grade stainless steel, it has outstanding durability and is quick and easy to clean with a soft, damp cloth.

Favorite Features
  • Detachable power cord has a convenient storage compartment
  • Fan-cooled motor prevents overheating during repetitive use
  • 2-year warranty to be free of defects in materials and workmanship
  • Operation manual is concise and well written

The Weston Pro-2300 is a top of the line performer with the power and components for reliable, repetitive use that make it suitable for processing large volumes of food.

Use it to preserve the flavor and freshness of harvest crops, bulk foods, catches of game or fish, and dry goods for the pantry and freezer. Reliable and hardworking, the Pro-2300 can be counted on for heavy performance without burnout.

Read our full review or check prices and read customer reviews on Wayfair now.

2. Avid Armor A100

Avid Armor makes a heavy-duty countertop model that features tough stainless steel construction throughout, variable settings, and a clear lid for easy bag loading.

The soft touch digital control panel has standard vacuum and seal functions, plus some extras for added convenience.

A smart “Pulse” function is manually operated to prevent crushing delicate foods, and the “Impulse” mode closes bags without suction. Plus, an “Accessory” mode is available for processing canisters, and “Marinate” is used to quickly tenderize and infuse foods with flavor.

Avid Armor A100 Vacuum Sealer Machine available on Amazon

The A100 makes a wide, secure closure of 5 millimeters, eliminating the need to double seal. The heat bar is extra wide at a full 12 inches, and a built-in cooling fan keeps temperatures cool while processing bulk supplies.

Favorite Features
  • Makes an extra-wide closure
  • Wide 12-inch heat bar
  • Includes suction hose for use with canisters, 30 BPA-free pouches in various sizes
  • Includes maintenance kit with replacement chamber gaskets, heat wire, and Teflon tape
  • User manual is clear and concise

Solid and reliable, the rugged construction and user-friendly design make the Avid Armor system a solid option for daily use in the home kitchen.

This is a wonderful choice to take advantage of sales and seasonal harvests, and to preserve catches of game or fish.

Read our complete review or check prices and read customer comments on Amazon now.

3. Crenova VS100S

The Crenova is another top choice, thanks to its reliable packaging performance, convenient settings, and easy operation.

With soft-touch digital buttons, the LED-illuminated control panel is intuitive and easy to use. A “Pulse” function manually controls the volume of air removed, so it’s perfect for protecting crispy, delicate, or soft foods such as chips, fresh berries, or muffins.

“Vacuum” is an automatic function used for solid foods or those with added moisture, and it automatically closes the pouch when finished. The “Seal” function is used to close plastic bags with the heat bar, and it forms a secure, 3-millimeter airtight closure with a maximum width of 11 inches.

Crenova VS100S Vacuum Sealer available on Amazon

The combined stainless steel and polymer construction gives the Crenova tough durability, and makes cleanup swift and easy with just a damp cloth.

Favorite Features
  • Includes 5 medium and 5 large bags
  • Pulse setting protects soft foods from crushing
  • Makes a strong closure
  • Easy, reliable operation

Ideal for preserving dry or wet foods, marinating, and creating individual portions for the freezer or sous vide cooking, the Crenova’s dependable performance and compact convenience give top value for day-to-day use in the home kitchen.

Check prices and read customer reviews on Amazon now

4. FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealing System

Another popular model for the home kitchen, the FoodSaver V2244 has a small countertop footprint and weighs only one pound. Lightweight and portable, it’s easily tucked away into a cupboard or drawer when not in use.

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer V2244 System available on Amazon

Operation couldn’t be simpler, with just two settings. The “Seal” option, with crush-free technology, does a good job of processing delicate foods such as berries or bread. “Vacuum Seal” is used for packaging foods dense enough to keep their shape while being depressurized, such as dry goods, meats, and some veggies.

Motor operation is strong and quiet, and an extra wide heat strip gives a secure, airtight lock on pouches of any size. Plus, all included FoodSaver pouches are BPA-free, and can be boiled or microwaved.

The drip tray is removable for easy cleanup, and the tough polymer housing unit may be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Favorite Features
  • Includes a roll of pouches, 1-quart and 1-gallon pouches, and accessory hose
  • Excellent user manual with well-written instructions, food prep guides, and tips
  • Pouches are safe in boiling water and microwave
  • Easy, quiet operation

Simple and reliable, the FoodSaver V2244 is a handy option for taking advantage of sales, bulk shopping, and preserving harvest foods. Or, use it for portioning the week’s meals and sous vide cooking – you’ll love the convenience and high-quality performance.

Read our full review or check prices on Amazon now.

5. FoodSaver V4440 2-in-1 Automatic System

The FoodSaver 2-in-1 combines the convenience of a handheld retractable unit and the production capacity of a full-sized countertop model.

Human hands in a kitchen environment using the FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer V4440 2-in-1 Automatic System to seal up steak.

Thoughtfully designed for fast and easy use, the V4440 features a built-in roll holder and cutter to create your own custom-sized pouches. It has an auto bag sensor that senses, grasps, depressurizes, and closes a bag as soon as it’s placed in the heat-bar chamber.

“Marinate” mode uses a sequence of suction pulses and rests to fully infuse foods with maximum flavor quickly – in only 10 minutes, compared to several hours for a traditional marinade.

A simple slide switch allows you to select between “Wet” or “Dry” foods for the perfect airtight closure every time, and it has 3 handy closure settings. “Crush Free” protects delicate ingredients, ‘Seal’ is used for standard vacuum bags, and “Mylar” is used to reclose Mylar pouches such as potato chip or coffee bags.

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer V4440 2-in-1 Automatic System available on Amazon

A retractable handheld unit works on FoodSaver canisters, containers, and zippered bags. And a pull-out drip tray catches any liquid spillage, and makes cleanup fast and easy.

The stainless steel and polymer housing provides long-lasting durability, and it’s easy to clean with a soft, damp cloth.

Favorite Features
  • Includes a roll of bags and a variety of loose bags
  • User manual is clearly written and helpful
  • Crush-free setting keeps delicate foods intact
  • Marinate mode is quick and efficient
  • Removable drip pan makes cleanup quick and easy

The combined features of the FoodSaver 2-in-1 provide top-notch convenience, and it comes with the reliability of this well-known brand.

Consistent, fast results make it one of the best models for home use.

Read our complete review or check prices and read customer comments on Amazon now.

6. Geryon E5700

The Geryon is another excellent choice, and there are many fans of this fully automated compact model.

With a small footprint, it gives dependable, money-saving performance for daily tasks. Keep cheese, deli meats, produce, and sandwiches fresh, and create individual or family portions for the fridge or freezer, and sous vide cooking.

Soft-touch digital buttons and clear LED indicators provide quick and simple operation, and the stainless steel housing is durable and easy to clean.

The “Gentle” cycle is used to prevent crushing delicate foods. “Normal” is for those foods that will hold their shape while being depressurized, such as dry goods, meats, and dense vegetables.

“Dry” and “Moist” settings are selected depending on the moisture content of the foods being packaged.

Geryon E5700 Vacuum Sealer available on Amazon

“Vac Seal” provides automatic processing, and “Seal” can be used as a manual option to halt suction and close the pouch, or simply to heat-close pouches while prepping.

Favorite Features
  • Powerful suction capacity of 12 liters per minute
  • Includes air suction hose, 5 medium bags, and a continuous roll of bags
  • Fully automatic, easy operation
  • Makes a strong, airtight seal
  • Gentle cycle to protect soft or delicate foods

Small and powerful, the Geryon’s reliable performance and affordable price make it ideal for daily use in the kitchen.

Package dry goods or bulk foods, harvest goods, and fishing and hunting catches, and take advantage of money-saving sales. This model provides smart, budget-conscious value in a small package.

Read our full review or check prices and see all customer comments on Amazon.

7. Gourmia GVS435

The Gourmia is a multi-function conventional vacuum sealer that provides effortless, automatic operation. Or, use the manual function to customize

settings for the best results with whatever is being packaged.

The Gourmia GVS435 Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer on a marble kitchen counter.

With a powerful piston pump and motor, the Gourmia depressurizes at a rate of 12 liters per minute for fast processing cycles.

Simple soft-touch controls allow for manual or automatic operation, and LED lights illuminate the control panel for easy status monitoring.

“Vacuum and Seal” automatically processes and closes the pouch when complete, and “Manual” can be used to close pouches without suction.

“Pulse” controls the closure pressure and is used to gently package soft or delicate foods, while “Dry” and “Moist” are used for low-moisture and high-moisture foods respectively.

The “Pressure” setting has a “Normal” option for foods that require a higher level of pressure, and “Gentle” is used for soft or delicate foods.

And a “Canister” mode is available for suctioning canisters, jar lids, wine stoppers, and zip bags.

Gourmia GVS435 Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer available on Amazon

The housing unit is constructed of durable stainless steel and is quickly wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Favorite Features
  • ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratories) Certified for safety
  • Includes accessory port for a hand-held suction hose
  • Convenient niche on the bottom stores the power cord neatly out of the way
  • A hose port can be used for canisters and zippered bags
  • Reusable pouches and a detachable bag cutter are included
  • Operation manual is well-written, clear, and helpful

High powered and versatile, use the Gourmia to preserve and store fresh foods and dry goods, for sous vide cooking, or to package a sportsperson’s catch.

This model offers good value in a dependable machine for retaining fresh textures, flavorful products, and a long shelf life.

Read our full review or check prices and read customer reviews on Amazon now.

8. NutriChef Compact PKVS18SL

A popular model, the NutriChef Compact is a fully automatic system that does a great job of preserving the freshness of foods, in a compact countertop size.

A central control panel and soft touch digital buttons provide fast, simple operation, and LED indicator lights clearly illuminate which mode is selected.

NutriChef PKVS18SL Compact Vacuum Sealer available on Amazon

Operation is simple and straightforward. The two settings in “Food” mode are based on the ingredients being stored. “Dry” is used for solid foods and “Moist” is selected for naturally moist foods, or those made moisture-rich with added liquids – such as poached, simmered, or steamed items.

The “Mode” button also has two settings. “Normal” is the default, and “Gentle” can be used for soft or crumbly foods to prevent crushing.

“Vac/Seal” is for auto processing, and the “Seal” button can manually control the degree of suction, or be used to close bags without suction.

The housing unit is available in brushed stainless steel or black ABS polymer, both of which are easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Favorite Features
  • Suction strength of 12 liters per minute
  • Includes air hose for canister use, wine stopper cork, 5 medium bags, and an extra-long roll of bags
  • Gentle cycle to prevent squishing delicate foods
  • Operation manual is clear, concise, and helpful
  • Produces a strong, secure closure

Lightweight and compact, it fits on any countertop and easily tucks into a drawer or cupboard for storage when not in use.

Affordable and reliable, we like the NutriChef because of its dependable, user-friendly operation, powerful performance, and quick cleanup – a great value for everyday kitchen use.

Check Prices on Amazon Now or Read our Full Review.

9. NutriChef Food Preserver PKVS30STS

Another NutriChef model, the Food Preserver combines easy-to-use operation and multiple functions in a sleek, compact design.

A step up from basic models, this unit has a robust air pressure flow of 24 liters per minute, and an adjustable suction speed that provides plenty of power to preserve large amounts of food – but it also has a light touch for bagging crispy, delicate, or soft ingredients.

NutriChef PKVS30STS Vacuum Sealer available on Amazon

For added convenience, a built-in bag storage niche with a bag cutter allows you to create custom sized bags. And the included storage bags are washable, reusable, and safe for the microwave.

Three food settings – “Dry,” “Moist,” and “Pickling” – can be used for packaging dry goods or naturally moist foods, and for marinating proteins or vegetables.

The simple digital touch control panel is lit with LED indicators, and the stainless steel and ABS polymer housing unit gives an attractive appearance and easy-to-clean durability.

Favorite Features
  • Plenty of suction at 24 liters per minute
  • Includes 5 bags, a roll of bags, and wine stopper with suction hose
  • Built-in bag storage adds convenience
  • Bags are reusable and microwave safe

Compact and portable, the NutriChef Food Preserver provides great economy and daily convenience.

The powerful motor allows for extended use to package and store fresh and dry foods, create individual portions or meals for the freezer, and sous vide cooking. Solid value in a countertop model.

Read our review or check prices and customer reviews on Amazon now.

10. VacUpack Elite Vacuum Sealer

The VacUpack Elite vacuum sealer has the unique quality and hallmark features of European construction along with the design and detail expected in the North American market.

The Italian-made Elite features a cool-running motor and piston pump with a moisture trap filter for safe, dry operation. It generates a powerful 26-27 Hg of vacuum pressure, and has the resilience to process 35-50 filled pouches before needing a short cooldown break.

Vacupack Elite Vacuum Sealer

A generously sized heat bar measures 12.5 inches, and its distinctive crimping assembly, along with 4 temperature settings, make the Elite truly versatile – reliably sealing pouches of wet ingredients as easily as ones filled with dry foods.

The control panel is conveniently laid out on the rear, over the pump and motor, and provides soft-touch digital buttons with corresponding LED lights that illuminate to display the current cycle.

One-touch operation is available for both automatic and manual settings. The Elite will process bags to preset levels for you, or you may control the amount of air expulsion yourself and heat-seal the bag at any time to prevent crushing soft or delicate foods.

High quality, commercial grade stainless steel gives the two-piece housing unit rugged durability, and both the interior and exterior may be cleaned easily with just a damp cloth.

Favorite Features
  • Tough stainless steel construction is durable, attractive, and easy to clean
  • Includes air hose and sous vide bags
  • Online instructional videos provide clear demonstrations of functions and features
  • 2-year warranty to be free of manufacturer’s defects, plus a 5-year service contract

For those who appreciate top quality construction and components plus easy, reliable operation, the VacUpack Elite is a top contender.

Using hands-free automation or full manual controls, the Elite’s cool-running motor and variable temperature settings for the crimp-action heat bar give it some significant credentials. Process large batches of dry food or moisture-rich ones and you get the same reliable seal every time.

Well-suited for serious fisherpeople, hunters, gardeners, jerky masters, and even light commercial users, it offers no-nonsense reliable performance when you need it most.

Check Current Prices on Amazon!

Chamber Models

11. VacMaster Chamber Vacuum Sealer VP112S

VacMaster’s most popular chamber model, the VP112S has been redesigned with a heavy-duty chamber and lid for even more consistent performance during repetitive processing.

The VP112S features the advanced chamber technology that allows liquids and high-liquid foods, like soups and stews, to be easily packaged. And the updated model also has a marinating cycle, to infuse proteins with deep, rich flavors.

VacMaster VP112S Chamber Vacuum Sealer

The dry, 2-cylinder piston pump is maintenance free, and provides ample suction for 30 to 60-second process cycles.

The low profile lid is see-through for accurate pouch placement, and a pouch clamp holds the bag in place while depressurizing. The lid has been designed for countertop-friendly use and neatly hinges back over the rear of the machine – providing easy access to the chamber while maintaining a trim size.

The digital control panel is also redesigned in this model for easier, more intuitive use, with adjustable levels for “Vacuum,” “Seal,” and “Marinade.” This ensures the best possible flavors, a secure closure, and less crushing of delicate items.

The wide heat bar measures 12 inches across and produces a mid-sized seal of 4 millimeters. It’s also removable for fast and easy cleanup, and takes a maximum pouch size of 12-by-14 inches.

The rugged stainless steel body provides long-lasting resilience for daily use, and is wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Favorite Features
  • Includes 40 assorted chamber pouches
  • Makes a strong, wide seal
  • Wide 12-inch heat bar
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Fast processing times

Powerful and user friendly, the VP112S makes a great addition to home kitchens or small commercial operations, and it’s excellent for sous vide cooking, and for hunters and fishermen.

Weighing 57 pounds, you’ll need a permanent spot to keep it in, or use a wheeled cart to make it portable.

Check Prices on Amazon Now!

12. VacMaster Chamber Vacuum Sealer VP210

VacMaster makes several sealers for home and commercial use, and the VP210 is a top contender for residential use in chamber models.

With features that external systems can’t provide, it easily packages liquids and moisture-rich foods, and has the power plus performance that make it suitable for home or commercial use.

VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer available on Amazon

Chamber models create a much higher level of vacuum suction than external models (27-29 Hg compared to 24-26 Hg) because the air is suctioned out of the entire chamber, not just the bag. This equalizes the air pressure inside and outside the bag, so liquids aren’t squeezed and remain in place as the air is expelled.

The control panel is easy to operate and offers customizable settings for a variety of packaging options. It also has a digital time display, and a large pressure indicator dial.

The VP210 uses a dry, maintenance-free pump for years of smooth operation, and provides strong suction and closure with a 20 to 60-second cycle time.

A 10-inch heat bar is removable for easy cleanup, and it closes pouches with a double wire for an extra-secure closure.

A clear lid permits viewing while your food is being processed, and the stainless steel body gives rugged resilience.

Favorite Features
  • Makes packaging liquids, like smoothies or soups, a snap
  • Includes filler plates, maintenance kit, and 75 assorted pouches
  • User manual is comprehensive and well written
  • Dependable and quick for high-volume processing

The VP210 excels at keeping food fresh and packaging liquids, making it ideal for the home kitchen, a small restaurant or deli, and recreational sportspeople.

However, at 72 pounds, it’s definitely not portable. And if you don’t have a dedicated location to keep it in, you might want to consider picking up a sturdy trolley with casters to use and transport it.

Read our full review or check prices on Amazon now.

13. Waring WCV300 Commercial Vacuum Sealer

Waring Commercial also makes a chamber sealer suitable for home or commercial use – or anywhere packaging liquids and moisture-laden foods such as fresh meat, sauces, soups, and stews is required.

Waring Commercial WCV300 Vacuum Sealer

With a 2-gallon capacity, the chamber uses an 11-inch bar to double seal pouches, ensuring a long-lasting, complete closure, and 2 large pouch clips hold the bags securely in place when processing.

Both the chamber and housing are constructed of strong stainless steel for easy cleanup and long-lasting durability. And a see-through lid permits monitoring of the process – handy for when you want to stop depressurizing to prevent crushing delicate items.

The large, clear touchpad controls are user friendly, easy to clean, and include adjustable time increments for the “Seal” and “Vacuum” settings. A large pressure gauge is easy to read.

The “Marinate” mode fast tracks the infusion of flavor in proteins and veggies, and tenderizes as well. Reducing the air pressure opens pores and cells, so tasty liquids are absorbed more quickly and easily, allowing natural enzymes to do their work.

Favorite Features
  • 100 1- and 2-quart pouches included
  • Pouches are safe for boiling, freezer, and microwave
  • Made in the USA
  • NSF approved
  • Lightweight for a chamber model

At only 26 pounds, the Waring offers a degree of portability many other chamber models lack, but still provides the superior suction and ability to package liquids and moist foods that conventional models can’t handle.

A solid choice to process large volumes of food, and for daily use in the home kitchen or small commercial establishment.

Check Prices on Amazon Now!

Purchasing Considerations

Processing Styles

For home use, there are a couple of different styles to consider. Here’s a brief look at each one:

External Suction Systems

Economical and compact, the external suction system is the most common for home use, with several reliable models in the market to choose from.

These work by laying the open end of a filled pouch on an internal tray. When the lid is closed, the open end is pressed shut while the machine draws the air out.

However, this type of system is unsuitable for suction sealing liquids, as they will be dispelled along with the air.

And for foods where you do want to retain inherent moisture – like fish, poultry, or meat – it’s a good idea to freeze them first in order to retain their juices.

These models also require the use of specific textured bags to create the vacuum, which are more expensive than those used in a chamber system.

External suction models are good for occasional or seasonal use, but if you plan to vacuum process frequently, a chamber system may be a better investment.

Chamber Systems

Once used only in commercial applications, today’s home chamber system models are convenient and compact.

These vacuum sealers differ from suction models in that the entire bag is placed inside a chamber. Once the lid is closed, air is then pumped out of the chamber. And when the vacuum cycle is complete, a heat bar seals the bag.

These are ideal for sealing liquids like soups, stews, and other high moisture foods, as the air isn’t actually sucked out of the bag itself.

Another nice feature of chamber systems is that you can use a variety of vacuum bags, which are considerably less expensive than the textured ones. This is because the entire pouch sits in the chamber, making standard flat or non-textured bags suitable.

And while the initial cost is considerably more than for suction systems, if you do a lot of vacuum sealing, the savings on bags can quickly accumulate to cover the additional cost.

Several chamber models, like the VacMasters or the Waring Commercial, also have an external suction option, giving you the best of both worlds.

Features to Look For

Before making your purchase, consider the following features to determine which will best suit your personal needs:

1. Size

Overall size is a factor if you plan to keep it on the countertop, as are weight and portability if you will need to move it for storage.

2. Manual or Auto

Dual settings are convenient, with an automatic mode being excellent for one-touch operation, and manual settings for custom seals.

3. Sealers

Retractable handheld sealers are a nice option to seal canisters, containers, or zip top bags.

4. Easy to Clean

A removable drip tray and seal bars are handy for cleaning and sanitizing.

5. Bag Storage

It’s also nice to have a built-in bag cutter and storage for bag rolls.

6. Efficiency

Look for a fan cooled motor for continuous use.

7. Ease of Use

Control panels should be displayed well and easy to access.

8. Prep Your Protein

A marinate cycle is a handy option for quickly tenderizing meats, poultry, and fish.

9. Take a Peek

A transparent lid is a helpful feature that lets you check the product’s progress.

The Final Seal

Vacuum food sealers are a simple and easy way to keep deli items, produce, and proteins fresh for longer periods of time, and to extend the shelf life of dry goods and frozen foods.

Close up of a vacuum sealer being used to seal brisket slices in a plastic bag.

With food lasting longer, you’ll be saving money and won’t have to shop as often either – which is smart and convenient! Sealers also help to preserve your own backyard harvest, and to pack away leftovers.

Do you have any tips or tricks to share, or questions about home use? Let us know in the comments!

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    • Hey Darko, fresh cruciferous veggies like cabbage give off gases when stored, which can cause them to go bad quickly.

      For that reason, blanching is recommended for these vegetables before sealing.

      Separate the leaves, blanch, cool, and dry completely before layering in bags and sealing.

      Hope that helps, thanks for asking!

  1. I bought the Avid Sealer because I needed a reliable and solid sealer to manage all of our packaging for our home farm.

    We raise chicken and turkeys and have a big garden so I freeze a full year’s worth of meat and vegetables. The sealer worked great right out of the box when I used it the first time. However, it stopped vacuuming the air out of the bags when I went to use if for the end of the year harvest.

    I was in a bit of a panic because we needed it for our turkeys and I sent it back to Avid for repairs explaining that we needed back in less than two weeks. The company told me they could turn it around in a couple of days so it was likely that we would have it back. The sealer was returned the day before we needed it and was working great.

    I was so happy and relieved. I am not sure why it stopped working but was glad to have a company to work with that kept it’s word.

  2. Hi Lorna

    We process our own venison and beef – along with seasonal fruits and veggies, jams, soups, casseroles, etc.
    Question is, we don’t want to have to freeze the meats before sealing. What vacuum sealer do you recommend? I’m thinking we may want a lite commercial model? Appreciate your thoughts.

    Thank you.

    • Thanks for your message, Christy. I’m sorry but we’re not sure exactly what you mean – all of the products recommended here that are available on Amazon have overwhelmingly positive reviews, and I think you’d be hard-pressed to find anything on Amazon that lacks any negative reviews whatsoever if it’s a product that has sold well. At any rate, this is not the only metric that we take into consideration. Hope you find our assessment helpful!

  3. I don’t trust Amazon reviews after the following happened to me. I left a product review that was not flattering to the product. I returned the product with no hassle at all. But a couple of days after I left my review I was contacted by email by the seller and they asked me if I would consider giving them a 5 star rating. If I did they would give me a $50.00 Amazon gift card. I did let Amazon know and I told the seller that my review was my opinion and it would stay as is. I wonder how many people would have changed their review and taken the bribe!

  4. Lorna, would like to enquire what’s the best vacuum sealer for sealing coffee products that can accomodate the recent eco-pouch-like bags, made of high grade organic fiber materials for packing.

  5. I have 2 vacuum sealers in box and never opened. Food Saver V4400 and an Enzoo. I’m debating on which one to keep. Any suggestions?

    • Hey Caroline – according to the Eco Pouch manufacturer, they have all the qualities of regular pouches, such as burst pressure, clarity, durability, and strength.

      Any standard sealer should be able to process them just fine.

      Thanks for your question!

  6. It depends how you want to use it Tina…

    They’re both popular with online shoppers, but the V4400 offers a few more features. Such as a handheld device to seal FoodSaver containers and bags and settings like “Marinade” to quickly tenderize cuts of meat and “Crush Free” for delicate items.

    If you want a more “bare bones” model, the Enzoo has all the features needed to reliably deal with the basics – and it’s more economical.

    Hope that helps, and thanks for asking!

  7. hi,
    i want something durable and can seal beans and lentils by kilos, no meat, would like to know what vacuum sealer would fit my needs

    • This is meant for sealing items that may have a bit of excess moisture that you wish to remove, something like a steak perhaps (as opposed to something liquid, like a sauce).

    • Most types of bags not designed specifically for vacuum sealing actually won’t work, since they are porous and allow for the exchange of oxygen. But in terms of embossed vs. other types of bags that are intended for this use, you’ll have the most luck with a chamber sealer rather than a machine that uses external suction.


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