The Baratza Preciso: Espresso Grinding on a Budget

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The Bottom Line

If you are in the market for a compact, yet powerful coffee and espresso grinder, then the Baratza Preciso Coffee Grinder is just the machine that you are looking for.

Baratza Preciso Conical Burr Grinder Review |
Most professionals know that the right grind can easily help deliver the perfect espresso shot and this grinder can easily help users get the exact grind consistency that they need.

While the exterior of the machine may be small, it does not impact the power behind the grinder as this machine is still able to handle medium to high capacity output.

The Baratza Preciso Conical Burr Coffee Grinder is available at Amazon

Thanks to the included micro adjustment feature, baristas can divide the machine’s standard 40 macro positions into 11 different steps for the utmost in customization options.

Features such as this paired with a high powered motor and ultra durable stainless conical burrs make this appliance a leader in the prosumer category of home espresso grinders.

This small, light, budget-friendly machine is so powerful it can deliver a double shot in just 14 seconds, making it a great addition to any home kitchen. Although powerful, the Preciso is designed to operate with an ultra quiet sound.

If you are searching for a budget grinder specifically to pair with an espresso machine, the Baratza Preciso is one of the most recommended due to its ability to adjust to the exact grind that is needed and its hundreds of steps make it easily repeatable. Read more about stepped vs steppless in our Guide to Grinders.

This powerful coffee bean grinder is recommended for home use.

Build Quality

An aluminum frame provides structural rigidity while an ultra stylish stainless steel exterior casing covers the outside.

The exterior is made with this stain resistant stainless steel as well as a durable and easy to clean black plexi material. With these exterior components, the machine is easy to clean and care for and is resistant to staining from acidic liquids.

Inside, the device’s grinding burrs have been crafted from an ultra durable stainless steel allowing the Preciso to grind up to 500 lbs of beans before burr replacement is required.

The machine features an extra large bean hopper made of a durable molded plastic with UV protection allowing the beans to stay fresher longer.


Top Loading Bean Bin

The Baratza Preciso Grinder is outfitted with a top loading, large bean hopper. This hopper was created with long term storage in mind. When entirely filled, this bean hopper can hold up to a pound of beans.

Despite having a large capacity, this hopper was designed to be short and low, a characteristic that keeps the entire device at a low overall height allowing you to fit it under most cabinets.

The hopper comes with a tight fitting lid that helps keep air in so freshness is locked in and the beans won’t go stale during storage.

Made of durable molded plastic, this bean hopper is also designed to resist cracking and breaking as is UV light resistant which also helps maintain the freshness of the beans. The brand new Baratza Shutoff Hopper is also compatible with this machine.

Precise Control Mechanism

As the name suggests, this appliance was designed to deliver precision with every use. Some of the many unique features of this compact unit are the control buttons on the front of the machine.

These push buttons feature both a pulse button and time feature. This makes it easier for home baristas to keep consistent quantity while creating multiple grinds.

Direct Portafilter Grind Capabilities

With the Bartza Preciso, users can grind directly into their portafilter basket. This is all thanks to the machine’s included PortaHolder device. Those who prefer a standard bin will find that there is one also included on this machine.

Anti-Static Design

With many espresso grinders in this class, there are issues with static control within the bin. However, the Preciso’s bin was constructed of anti-static material.

This is important to you because when grinds are stuck to the sides of a bin, they become stale and eventually fall off into freshly ground coffee and can result in off flavored brews.

44 MM Hardend Steel Conical Burrs

The Baratza Preciso Grinder features ultra durable conical grinding burrs. These burrs are 44 mm in size and designed with performance in mind.

These conical grinding burrs are made of a durable hardened steel material that was created to withstand consistent use without staining, rusting or damage.

These burrs were designed to keep the grind consistent and they were specifically formulated to operate at an exact speed that won’t cause issues with friction or overheating.

These European crafted burrs ensure consistency with less fines helping you to perfect your espresso brew or coffee extraction. They were are also designed to produce results faster than other burrs grinders while still maintaining the low temperatures required to lock in the flavor of the beans.

Micro/Macro Grind Options

Micro/macro settings allow for the utmost in grind customization. With these features more custom settings can be achieved than in any other grinding mechanism in this class.

Building off the Baratza Virtuoso’s 40 steps, the Preciso adds 11 micro-adjustments through a ring mounted control mechanism below the device’s hopper.

These micro-steps are crucial to dialing in the perfect espresso; as most barista’s know, grind size is crucial to the flavor of an espresso pull and even a small adjustment can make a huge difference in taste.


The Baratza Preciso is equipped with a button timer is on the front. This means outside timing mechanisms are not needed for those who want to time their espresso shots.

Quiet Performance Sound

This machine is not only powerful, but it is also quiet as well. It not only operates at quieter speeds, but its has been designed to be heavy enough to prevent extra movement and shaking during the grinding process. This means there is less noise while in operation.

Gear Reduction Motor

This machine is also outfitted with a specially drive train. 480 watts high torque DC motor powers a redesigned 2nd generation gear box and spins the hardened conical burrs at 450 RPM. This slow speed protects the quality of the beans during the grinding process.


For those who want to get better control of their dosing, the Baratza Esatto Scale offers weight based dosing similar to the Vario-W and the Forte’s built in weighing systems.

An improved hopper featuring a “shut off” hopper is also available as a separate purchase. Found stock on the Forte model, the shut off hopper allows the user to quickly change bean types without creating a mess.


  • Height 14”
  • Width
  • Depth 6”
  • Weight 8 pounds
  • RPM 450

Foodal’s Rating

  • Usability/Adjustability
  • Construction
  • Grind Speed
  • Warranty/Parts Availability/Support
  • Price for Performance


The feature packed Baratza Preciso may look small, but this machine is full of features that are designed to deliver a truly powerful performance.

Check prices and read customer reviews and comments on Amazon now!

With commercial grade features all tightly packed within a compact package, this product is sure to fit the needs of all types of consumers.

Need some help selecting a Baratza model? Read Foodal’s Guide to Baratza Grinders. Want more options? Check out our in-depth buying guide for more tips or read more reviews.

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