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The Bottom Line

The Baratza Esatto Scale is an innovative grinder attachment designed with precision in mind. Those who have been around espresso for any amount of time know that consistency is the key to that perfect shot.

The Esatto helps you remove one more variable in your quest for espresso nirvana by measuring the exact quantities of coffee grounds produced and improving your extractions – each and every time.

It also works quite well for other brewing methods where you may desire an extraction with repeatable results.

The Esatto Coffee Scale available on Amazon

This device is compatible with all of Baratza’s Conical Burr Grinders including the Encore, Maestro, Virtuoso and Preciso. Designed with the utmost in precision in mind, this weighing machine can dose the exact amount of coffee required, as programmed by the user.

Packed with features and designed with durability in mind, this accessory makes a great addition and gives some of the same capabilities as the larger Baratza Flat Burr Grinders such as the Vario-W and Forte.

This unit is NOT compatible with either of those units or the regular Vario.

Build Quality

The Baratza Esatto Scale was designed with the utmost in durability in mind. The outer shell is made with an easy-to-clean stainless steel exterior that is resistant to rusting and staining. The exterior portion of this device also features ABS plastic finishes.


Simple Installation

This weighing machine was designed with simple installation in mind. The device is not only compatible with a number of grinders, but its also easy to install to these machines as well. Users just need to remove the rubber feet on the bottom of the grinder.

Then unscrew the back of the Esatto to integrate the grinder with this scale accessory. When its been added, it only adds about an inch to the overall height of the unit, so that grinders can still be short enough to fit underneath most kitchen cabinets.

Included Coffee Container

The Esatto comes with an included coffee container. This bin is made of durable ABS plastic and is anti-static, making it a great place to store your ground coffee.

This container is tinted and is smaller than standard coffee containers and is designed to replace your grinder’s existing bin.

This will rest on top of the Esatto’s weight sensor for accurate measurements.

Easy to Use Controls

The front panel has easy to access, very straightforward push button controls. Here, users will find three different weight presets that can be individually programmed to produce the exact desired amount of coffee.

With these controls you can adjust the grind weight using the up or down button on the front of the machine.

Here, the weight can be adjusted in 0.1 gram increments; which can be controlled with the digital display screen. Expertly engineered and assembled, there is a minuscule 0.2-gram margin of error with this machine and the control buttons on the front of the device, users will be able to get this type of precise control.

The feature packed product is a small yet useful addition to your brewing equipment. It easily attaches to get the precise extractions that you need with your grind extractions.

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With tons of features and a professional grade features, it is no wonder that the Esatto was the 2011 Winner of the New Product Award for the Coffee and Tea Preparation and Serving Equipment (Consumer ) Category from the Special Coffee Association.

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